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HIMSS' EHR vendors group released a white paper, Supporting a Robust Health Information Exchange Strategy with a Pragmatic Transport Framework (available at

It was followed by this kind of a commentary: "Oh yes, right, an announcement and a white paper will power the languishing HIE market into action. Right, and President Obama will show up next week and do my laundry.Honestly, folks, I’m an analyst with health IT background, not a developer or CIO type — so I’m not qualified to say exactly what technologies will work. But I do know posturing when I see it, and that HIMSS press release is rife with quasi-visionary statements. More pointedly, the paper does little more than point to some successful projects and say “See, aren’t they great?”In any event, I have little confidence in any announcement that proposes to offer the solution, or even the outline of the solution, to any of life’s big problems: say, the national debt, the struggle for world peace or linking a bunch of fragmented, siloed regional clinical data-sharing projects into a workable whole."
(See the whole thing at

If you did, or are willing to, take a look at the HIMSS EHRA paper (it's "only" 33 pages) -- what's your take on it?

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