"Yeltsin family" took Putin, having a criminal safe material, and just when it was crying on paper. Put the president of the addict, cleaned the key to this safe, 'unprecedented success. In 1992, the committee of the St. Petersburg City Council has concluded that the documents signed by the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee when the mayor of St. Petersburg, Vladimir Putin, had been taken abroad, the rare-earth metals, oil, etc. in excess of one hundred million dollars. Instead, in St. Petersburg, where he did not have enough food so that it has already been introduced cards, should have done batches of meat, potatoes and poultry. But not received. Commission's report was submitted to the Salie Control presidential administration. However, the investigation died down, but Vladimir Putin was not only dismissed, but got real GDP povyshenie.Dlya change of power in Russia is the direct way to know how well nary.Eto in the West and the East. From here and dance.
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