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Alexandru Rusu

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În timp ce tu abia îți duci zilele de azi pe mâine și mănânci parizer cancerigen pentru a-ți plăti taxele sau ratele, în timp ce românii mor pe capete și cu zile în spitale prost dotate și fără med...

Alexandru Rusu

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Hi! Thanks for the invitation to take part in actively growing this community!
I've been a software developer for a long long time (both web and desktop applications) and I have seen most of the evolution of the Internet.
I see this community's focus is "passive income" - however, as a senior and seasoned web developer, I can assure you it won't really be "passive"! :-)
I say this because The Web is always evolving, spreading, growing. There are entire businesses popping up every day and many others gone the next - any source of income from online activities simply cannot ignore this evolution and must account fo far more variables than just the simple on/off switch of the ISP.
I hope we will, together, find those key-variables, account for them and create business strategies that will at least require less intervention, if not account for every long-term change (I myself cannot believe that the "plug-and-pray" approach of passivity is a good start for any serious long-term online venture).
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+Alexandru Rusu ,
You touched on one of my hobby horses and that is that passive income systems is  not sit on your backside systems. All it is, is systems which handles the mandarin tasks which allows you to leverage your time to focus on growing your business.
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Alexandru Rusu

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"Cum adică, vrei toate salariile? Toate?! Toți angajații?!" "Da. Toate. Nume, prenume, salariul net pe ultima lună." "Nu se poate. Unde ai mai pomenit...

Alexandru Rusu

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Descarcă online o bibliotecă de 800 cărți electronice în română gratis, dezarhivează, contectează-ți ereaderul la PC și transferă-ți biblioteca virtuală cu cărțile electronice pe care dorești să le citești și tot ce-ți rămâne de făcut este să lecturezi!

Alexandru Rusu

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Destiny is the excuse of the weak and the creation of the strong
I'm a strange mix of software-developer-martial-arts-practitioner-guitar-player-poet-crazy-genius kind of guy, I love challenges, things I'm not supposed to be doing and some adrenaline rush here and there!
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"Cum adică, vrei toate salariile? Toate?! Toți angajații?!" "Da. Toate. Nume, prenume, salariul net pe ultima lună." "Nu se poate. Unde ai m


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