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Alexandru Marton
Intelligence takes chance with limited data in an arena where mistakes are not only possible but also necessary.
Intelligence takes chance with limited data in an arena where mistakes are not only possible but also necessary.

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Is it just me or does it seem like there's a new company to take on Googles challenge to organize the worlds information (in this case the world wide web).

I'd love to see this come to fruition. It certainly piqued my interest.
#Kickstarter #DestiyNewBeginnings #RomanianStartups

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It seems investors are rushing to the cannabis industry in the US.
Given the need to reform the war on drugs policy and the money that is to be made once cannabis is regulated I'd say these investors are betting on a sure thing.

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Well this is interesting, it looks like a win-win for both Amazon and non software startups. 

Not to mention that it helps Amazon forge relationships with entrepreneurs and might even back some of these companies if it would bolster their profitability in the long term. 
If you're an inventor, then your expertise probably lies in developing hardware and software rather than knowing the ins-and-outs of the logistics business. Amazon is hoping to help these individuals with Launchpad, a system that lets startups harness the company's vast marketing and transportation resources. Essentially, if you run a venture capital-backed startup or have made a splash on Kickstarter, then you can send Amazon a box of devices and Jeff Bezos will take care of the rest. For instance, Launchpad will be one of the first places that you can buy Thync's mood-changing wearable and Eero's distributed WiFi hardware.

It's not the first time that Amazon has made overtures towards the startup community in recent months since it launched a store specifically for crowdfunding successes back in March. Launchpad, by comparison, is designed for even younger firms, and will accept signups from businesses that are up to three months away from being able to launch their first product. In addition, once the first consignment of devices arrive at an Amazon fulfillment center, they'll be enrolled into the Prime program for fast shipping. For inventors who would otherwise struggle to get their creations out to the world, Launchpad seems like an ideal solution although, for now, you have to apply and hope that the company's moderators approve of your idea.

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Great article on what AI would be and what exactly we should (or shouldn't) fear when it comes to future tech and robots.

Hope the article isn't behind a paywall.

-- Killer robots, AI and the path to stranded IT assets -

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Infection can be avoided and most people don't need mms, but I'm sure few will take countermeasures to prevent this from happening.

And avast describes a workaround to protect yourself by disabling MMS:

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I have to say +Netflix did an amazing job with Sense8. From all the "original Netflix productions" (and sci-fi series in general) this one is by far the most amazing series I've seen in quite a while. When's season 2 planned for release?

#Sense8   #NetflixOriginals  

I always thought that there is a lot of talent in Romania. There are a lot of students from our universities that instantly get hired by multinational companies even before graduation.

-- Emi Gal: Romania must overcome risk aversion to become a tech hub -

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I wonder how long before the rest of the world follows suit. And who will be next to do so?

-- How Estonia set the pace on the way to digital government -
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