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The GIMP 2.8 UI thread is getting tiresome.

“Oh, it’s been exactly 26 years since I started developing flight simulators for the Spanish and Jordanian Air Forces. Just before I went into pioneering computer graphics in Spain and SGI was a little bit more than a startup. But some youngsters think computer graphics were invented yesterday…”


Is there a bad argumenttion parade today? :) I'm game!

"It's been over 30 years since I started eating porridge. Then I learnt how to cook it, and over years became very good at it. There's nothing like boiling milk that you took from the cow at 4am in the morning, then pouring oat in and just standing there and stirring it with a spoon. I'm also an expert in mixing all kinds of jam with the porridge. But some youngsters today think a good porridge just happens."
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Hey 28 years ago UI design was perfected obviously right? Good grief graphic UIs and especially windowed design 28 years ago was very much the exception(In fact nothing I can think of comes close really to today's UIs), not the rule.
+Valek Filippov used to quote an old Russian joke that runs something like "But I've been professionally employed in circus for 20 years!"
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