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So when you replace tools' icons in GIMP's GTK3 branch with symbolic ones that +Barbara Muraus and +Jakub Steiner did last year, this is what it looks like. The are plenty more icons ready to replace the old ones, I just haven't used them.

Some icons are still missing (newer tools, selection add mode etc.), and most, if not all icons are finetuned for 16×16px size, so they are not pixel crisp in 22×22px size. But that still looks infinitely better to me.
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Ian Hex
That. Looks. Lovely.
WOW That looks soooo much better, wish these were default on GIMP.
Monochrome icons FTW they convey a much more professional look, Inkscape would also definitely benefit from a similar revamp.
Thats brilliant! Really nice and one of the things Gimp was in dire need of. I know the krita devs are kinda casting a stern eye towards their icon-sets too...
I am a big dark theme user so less color always good for me.
Waaaaaay better...! Looking so much forward to it!
+Lennart Östman I exported original SVGs to PNG, then replaced the original files in the theme folder, then recompiled GIMP. It's possible to create a new theme, but I didn't bother to.
Looks great. I think it's definitely time that GIMP shipped with a dark theme and icons such as these. Coming from Darktable, Krita, Blender and the Adobe suite (strictly during work hours these days!) I can say that I really miss something like this in GIMP. 
I really wonder how people can use dark themes and such icons.
Agreed. The longer I spend in the software, the more I need it to have dark themes. It's just easier for me to focus on the work that way. Having said that, in an ideal world there's a light symbolic theme to match the dark one, just because. 
Please, I do not like these new icons. Kindly spare the old icons in GIMP.
The dark theme is okay.
+Joseph Bupe
looks good, but…
i subscribe Josephs comment!
we need no photophop (-like) toolbox icons. These look like from the same icon family. I absolutely love the cute and vivid icon design of Gimp! sustain and grow Gimp instead to compare it with other softwares, please. 
This isn't meant to mimic Photoshop. This is meant to move attention from colorful icons towards actual content. Whether Photoshop does the same or not is simply irrelevant :)
+Alexandre Prokoudine
usually, Gimp loads Big icons. And big, colored icons are distracting, i agree with you. 
Because i use a custom dark theme, i can tell you by experience that this doesn't apply for LITTLE colored icons. 
Also my workspace is arranged to stay focused:
main window, toolbox palette (slim, single column), Docks.

Whether Photoshop does the same or not is simply irrelevant :)

agree. wasnt meant personal. 
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