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Terror in London
I was walking in Westminster bridge just a month ago.
That is so unbelieavable.
That someone may think its worth taking others lifes in the name of his faith.
And that his faith actually don´t back up his actions!
Will this nonsense ever ends!
My soul and prays are with the british today.

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Dohlmabace Palace
Istanbul - Turkey
The palace that broke the Otoman government and helped the collapse of the Sultans was an attempt to make Turkey more european.
Enjoy your evening!

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Blue Mosque
Istanbul - Turkey
Maybe one of the prettiest, Sultan Ahmed Mosque was built on the site of the palace of the Byzantine emperors.
Istanbul is History in layers...
Enjoy your weekend!

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Cuba Libre!
Hotel Nacional - La Habana - Cuba
Los "cocotaxis" a frente del Hotel Nacional.

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United States Capitol
Washington DC
Americans decided to shake the world today,
I can only hope for the best.

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Rebooting Year
Niagara Falls - Canada
2016 was an year to revisit old friends and places that meant a lot to me.
Was also the year to learn from my mistakes and embrace new working challenges.
All and all it ended up pretty well, great job, lots of challenges, friends and family and my wonderful and beautiful wife.
I hope you all had a wonderful year too and thanks for being with me along the road!

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110 years of the 14 bis flight
Still a debate of who did the first flight, Santos-Dumont or the Wright Brothers.
For brazilians Santos-Dumont was the "father" of aviation.
in fact, the difference is that the Wright Brothers used a catapult in 1903 to do their flight and Santos-Dumont flew on the14 bis by its own means 3 years later.
For me all those "crazy" inventors have their place in History and whenever I fly in a modern jet aircraft I know I have to thank that "shorty" brilliant guy for it.

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Ok, not my best work ever, but I manage to took an image of the supermoon tonight in São Paulo.
Enjoy your evening and have a wonderful week!

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Our Lady of Aparecida
São Paulo - Brazil
The basilica is a gigantic shrine to the tiny clay statue that is venerated in Brazil, Today is a national holiday to her.
Pilgrims come from all over the country to visit the place.
Interesting how people beliefs stand the time.
I think it´s a basic need of the Humans, like eat, drink, sleep.
He needs to believe in something that makes him goes on.
Maybe that´s make us Humans after all.
Today is also celebrated children´s day in Brazil.
This make me wonder on what used to be my beliefs when I was a child, do I still follow them or got lost on the way?
Let Our Lady of Aparecida guide us all!
Have a wonderful day!

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Haghia Sophia
Turkey - Istanbul
You that once was a cathedral, than a mosque, now a museum, have seen it all.
I would love to visit you again someday!
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