It was a difficult decision to make, but after an awesome 6 years ride with NVIDIA I have decided to move to new adventures. Friday was my last day and since this weekend I cannot be reached through my former work email address.

I consider myself particularly lucky that on top of working for one of the top employers in our field, I also got the chance for the last 3 years to work directly with one of the most welcoming and technically gifted OSS communities.

One cannot really appreciate what the Nouveau project has achieved without looking closely at the driver itself and understanding how a handful of people maintain a graphics driver that supports virtually all generations of NVIDIA GPUs. This is an incredible feat that is sadly sometimes met with skepticism or ungratefulness, while it should simply inspire our respect.

On top of the technical quality of the project, it has been so much fun to work and chat with the Nouveau team. Hopefully this fun will continue as my next work should remain within the same extended community, although I am unlikely to directly work with Nouveau anymore.

So thanks a lot for these 3 years of fun, thanks for relentlessly improving NVIDIA GPUs support on Linux, and thanks for teaching me details about said GPUs more times than I feel comfortable admitting. I will miss working with you all.
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