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Alexandra Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

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Awesome team building fun onboard "Alexandra"
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Departure time, trip duration and more

The 120 foot long vessel Alexandra goes on 2 hour long trips every day from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM. The boarding time is fifteen minutes before departure, at 8:15 PM.

Location, directions and more

The vessel is located in the Marine Yacht Club, close to the Lotus Hotel & Spa. The best way to get accurate directions to the luxurious vessel is to do a search in Google Maps for “Alexandra Dhow”. 
You can also click the following link to get the necessary directions and some additional information.


The cost of this luxurious dinner package is AED150 per person. The dinner package is great for romantic dinners, smaller parties or family dinners.

The price does not only include dinner.

A variety of soft drinks and live entertainment come together with the buffet dinner. 

With the deluxe 120 foot long vessel Alexandra you can also book private events. You can either personally plan out the private event or you can go with some of the following. 

If the private event you want to organize is related to work, you can go with a corporate party, luxurious conferences or even team building events.

Celebrations, such as birthday parties, engagement parties and even weddings can be arranged. The amazing celebration will be even greater in the calm and perfect waters of UAE, on the glorious Alexandra. 

If you are more interested in organizing a private event on the extravagant Alexandra, you should check out the link down below:

How to make a reservation?

The easiest way for you to make a dinner reservation is to use the online form which you can find on this page. You can also call the number +971 52 899 6301. If you prefer email communication you can contact us at web (at)

Private Event Reservations

The best way to book a private event is to contact Timur (050 7705321) or bdm {at}

Late with the reservations?

In case that you would like to make a reservation on short notice, you should call the following number: 052 899 63 01.

What to bring?

If you choose to go on either a dinner or a private event, you should definitely bring the following items.
• A camera to capture the great moments
• A sweater or a jacket if you are going in the colder months

How to get to the restaurant and back?

Transport to and from the restaurant can be easily arranged. If you do not have any means to get to the restaurant, you can always pay AED30 more per person and it will be arranged.

What is Dhow?

Dhow is a word frequently mentioned here. But what exactly is it?
A “Dhow” is the name for the traditional sailing vessels in the Middle East, the Red Sea and even the Indian Ocean.

The origin of the Dhow is unknown, but there is strong evidence that it was invented by the Arabs. Dhow vessels were mostly used for transport and trading. 

They would be full of fresh water, fruits and other food, and other miscellaneous merchandise. Another activity which was performed on Dhows was diving

The small dhows were usually manned by around twelve people, while larger ones required up to thirty people. Apart from these two, there were other sizes ranging between. 

Dhows had an extremely significant role in history for countries like UEA and Iran. Greater trade was made available which sequentially lead to the further development of not only these two countries but also the region.

Despite their important role in history, they have been replaced by more modern vessels in the last decade. 

In modern UAE, there are still numerous Dhow vessels. They vary in size and are mostly used as tourist attractions.

One of the best examples of how Dhows are used today is the magnificent Alexandra. Having cruise dinner, on the iconic Dhow, will surely give be an amazing experience.

The History of Dhow Cruise Dinners

So how did traditional trading vessels become cruise diner vessel?
Somewhere in the 90’s, ingenious and ambitious entrepreneurs got the idea to combine the traditional Dhow with the modern state of Dubai’s tourism.

Larger Dhows were put through the process of refurbishing and decorating. As a final result, the entrepreneurs got floating restaurants which operated in the Dubai Creek area.

Their idea proved to be a hit. Over the course of the following years more and more people have gotten into the Dhow floating restaurant business.

All of their hard work has led to the creation of one of the greatest and highly iconic tourist attraction, Dhow cruise diners.
In the 90’s, when the idea was just taking off, there were very few vessels of this type. As time progressed, their numbers grew. More than 30 Dhows operated in Dubai Creek and around 8 operated in Dubai Marina.

The Dhow cultural experience was enhanced with onboard live entertainment. Primarily belly dancing was the main attraction, but as the business progressed, so did the live entertainment. Dubai Government chose to prohibit belly dancing as the theme for live entertainment. 

Instead of it, the live performance was based on the traditional Turkish dance, Tanura. The dance involves a male dancer who spins in a well decorated dress. His performance leads to a very interesting and astonishing sight.

Dinner onboard a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

As previously mentioned, most of the Dhow cruise diners operated in the Dubai Creek region. The highly competitive location made it difficult for new boats to succeed.

Luckily the opening of the Dubai Marina offered an amazing opportunity for other businesses. 

One of the first boats to operate in Dubai Marina was the great vessel Alexandra. Having started its operations in 2009, the business showed great success. The Dubai Marina soon became one of the main tourist attractions and a great place for business for Dhow operations.

Today there are approximately eight Dhow Cruise diners which operate in the Dubai Marina, one of which being the magnificent Alexandra.
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