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=== What CRITERIA are you using to Circle people or Uncircle later?? ===

I know this has been discussed before, but it's always good to get new input/feedback/different ideas from people, and also help those who are new to G+!!!

Before you answer, you may (or may not), read MY OPINION on the subject, which I added below as the 1st Comment on this thread (I did it this way, instead of writing a really long post).
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WARNING - This Comment is pretty long, but IMHO, it's very much worth reading!! (and so are people's comments below)

I joined G+ on July 15th, but wow... it seems like it has been MUCH longer than only 43 days ago!!!

So at first, I obviously started Circling people like crazy so that I didn't have an empty Stream.

Then later, I got into the Hangouts and Circled people that I met there.
Then I began adding comments to people's post, and sometimes Circled those other people also commenting there.
Then there were those who Circled me, and just to be nice, I Circled them back.

The list has grown, I have meet people I like, and I have meet people that... hmmm.... let's just say, I am not too "fond" of.

So in my opinion, after you've been on G+ for a while, you become one of the 3 types of people below:
-- People who have already figured their own way of organizing their Circles.
-- People who would like to organize theirs, but are not sure how.
-- People who don't even care about organizing anything, and will add just about anyone they find here.

I already have my own ideas… but appreciate people's input on theirs.

I have Circled lots of people, but right now I am in the process of doing some "clean-up", and I agree with those you are using the following Criterias …. which I am also adopting….

I will most likely not Circle you, or Uncircle you if:
(depending on the situation, you'll need at least a few of these to "qualify" for the "no cicle / uncircle")
-- You don't have a decent Profile that you took some time to write
-- You have no Posts of your own, or you rarely post
-- You never Comment on anything I post, or other people's posts
-- You join a Hangout and not talk at all, or mute your video even though you do have a webcam. If you don't have one, then get with the program and buy one for $20. (or just don't join the Hangout).

Of course there are exceptions for remaining in my Circles:

-- I am your fan and no matter what you do, or don't do… I'm keeping ya!!!
-- You're someone I personally know (family, close friend, etc…)
-- I am just giving you a 30-day probation

Here's the people I enjoy following:
-- You make me laugh!!! This is really important to me, I love people with a great sense of humor (that's why I married one!)
-- You are creative/sharp/witty with your own posts or your comments of other people's posts
-- You post interesting things to read (posting silly pics "may" fall into the category of "make me laugh" above)

And here's the people I DO NOT enjoy following:
-- Posts too many sex related posts or pics ALL THE TIME (or depending on the post/pic, sometimes all it takes is ONE)
-- Posts any type of dead animal photos (gruesome or too close-up), animal cruelty photos (I don't want to see it, even if it's to bring awareness… I just *CAN'T*) - I respect people who enjoy Hunting, but then respect the fact that if you post pictures or talk much about it, I will Uncircle you.
-- Swears on posts. Seriously… I am not a Saint and I verbally do use the "F word" occasionally in life. But when I write, I just don't, and try my best to show good manners, unless you just did or said something that made me EXTREMELY upset. Remember, I am not a Saint… and I can be mean if I want to. (roaaaar!)
-- You are creeping me out (as in stalking, talking in a weird manner, etc…)

As for the people who post TOO MUCH*… as in every minute or every couple of minutes. It really depends. I will not condemn those who do that because maybe you're posting too much of stuff that I actually like! Who knows!! But I might just put you in your own Circle, and only check on you once in a while, which will somewhat limit our interaction. (thanks to the "Plus Minus" Chrome Extension, I can see *ALL my Circles on my Stream, except for the one you are in!

So there it is…. If you cared enough to read through all this, then maybe you have a true interest in getting to know me as a person. Thanks!! Hope we can build some useful virtual relationship.

Remember one thing… You NEVER know why some people come in to your life, no matter if it's in the real world, or in the virtual world. I have occasionally made stronger friendships with people that I met online, than I have in real life.

Be happy and enjoy life!
Wow, a long read, so commenting now and gonna read it all..:)
I have occasionally made stronger friendships with people that I met online, than I have in real life. Same here!

My circle methodology is currently in flux, but if someone's profile and/or posts do not catch my interest almost immediately, I won't follow at all. Most folks will get circled on a probationary period so that I can evaluate how we we really get along, and I rarely remove anyone unless they do nothing but post gifs all damn day.
This is slightly off topic, but I'd like to be able to create subcircles and move people around by dragging them into and out of circles. Does anybody know if G+ is working on that?

I must confess that just like I don't add everybody as Facebook friends or Flickr contacts or 500px contacts, I'm careful about whom I add to my G+ circles because I would probably add them because I'm interested in what they do or say and I just don't have time to spend even more time on social media than I'm already spending without cutting into the time I need to run by business and have a life away from the computer.

I know that by limiting the number of people in my circles, I'll be missing out on making some new friends because I too have made some wonderful friendships online.
Pretty much what you said is my method and personal guidelines here. I also check out the pre-made lists now and then for potentially interesting people.

I don't limit my posts too often to a particular circle. It's usually 'My circles' or 'public'. I use them more for keeping track of others place/interests in my world.

I go by gut instinct.

I like both good creators of content, and good curators of it.

I tend to be more inclusive. I like to have a wide variety of content in my stream, but I also want to know something about the poster. I am more likely to follow someone who will venture an opinion or a detail or two :)
Honestly, gut-instinct plays a big part of it for me, as well.
I already did the "cleaning up and out" last weekend, it took an entire day. I did much what you did when I joined Google+ on the July 4th weekend... circle circle circle, now it's much more important to me, to have a)friends, b)funny friends c)nice friends d)intellectual friends, (not necessarily in that order) which most of my friends, are all the above.

I have people who have occasional interesting things so I keep them. I have favorites, and people I know and consider real friends, the rest is, information, conversation and hopefully some fun.

I will not tolerate, sexually explicit posts, either in public or sent directly to me. Not fond of the F word in public. If you make degrading remarks about women, race, color, creed etc. I will block you. Please also understand if I don't know your language, if you wish to follow me, fine, but do NOT be insulted if I don't follow you back... I can't understand your posts.. I have everyone in a circle and choose to post public or extended circles.
I haven't culled my circles.... yet. That may happen in the future, of course, but I have little need to do so yet. I'm pretty careful about circling people to begin with - usually based on some post they've commented on, or I've met in a hangout, etc. - so that may be why I don't really need to cull.
I try to find good hearted people and leave the jerks out ;P
Most important criterion? Their pic :-)
Seriously: you stole some of those criteria from my profile, it seems. Which is ok - they are free. So, we agree on most of them.
I check what they post/comment - if their profile is anything near 'serious' or just 'testing the waters' - those I do not circle.
Need to clean up circles - standard you go into 'following' - might look into some occupational circles, but not needed, so far.
Tried to join your hangout last night, but it was full already. Don't have a cam, so you were spared some embarrasment.
Anyway, good post: useful to see things listed/organised every now & then!
For me, about 12 Circles, largest one has 3,200 (following), smallest just 1, I then promote people into following2 (folk who comment/post well etc), then I have Hangouts (speaks for itself) and then the local people I know and those I know from email addresses/twitter accounts. I then go and FIND PEOPLE and add 105 a time into FOLLOWINg and see what happens.

Biggest issue for me, is trying to read posts, as yet no search. and so I will miss loads. I am now working on smaller circles, like people I like and those who just shine as interesting. Alex, you are in one of those :)
Oh and if you don't talk to me or comment on my posts you don't get added or you get uncircled.
Ah, oops - the animations! LOL
I circle artists and writers and people I like in comment threads. I circle BACK about 12 or more a day that circle me and wait and see what's up. I uncircle if they don't post in English, are right wing religious or political fanatics or post excessive NSFW . ALso someone who only reshares and does so excessively.
+Alexandra d'Avila Bakker I haven't uncircled many people. Usually, I do that for 'cause' just like you mentioned. Way too many irrelevent posts or spam will cause an 'uncircle'.

I have added a few FB friends and friends from another social networking site (Plurk), but I have been much more careful who I add. In the beginning, on FB, I added people for games and have just kept them even though I don't play games there any more.

I have had lots of people add me to their circles in some sort of numbers game, but I frequently don't add them back.

My circles are mostly "interest" circles and real friend circles and family circles. It is important to me to add/follow helpful people who want to improve G+ (therefore you are in a circle). I am still organizing circles and moving people around within those circles.

I am not nearly as active (yet) on G+, but I try to me more thoughtful on posting here rather than the "here I am" or "this was dinner" posts I see on the other social media sites.

I have worked with some rather creepy and exotic wild animals, and those posts are only to those interested in such topics. Most of my posts are only to circles, although I have made a few "public" posts recently.

Hangouts are another situation entirely. I hesitate to just jump in to a hangout where unknown (to me) people are talking. I have started a couple just to see how they work.

Also, I'm an old guy and most people here aren't...
Ditto: there should be some GIF blocker, to keep them out of your stream. I now blocked a few guys that post dozens of them - a day.
+Jacques Soudan I agree GIF blocker good idea, or How about putty those folks in a naughty circle..
+Mike Downes Thanks, but I meant something that prevents them from auto-playing - only when I want to watch it, I could start it. This extension still seems to load them.
Guys.... I wrote the post.... posted it.... and ran!!!!! No.. I'm kidding.... I had to walk the dogs.

I just read several Comments and already need to do some replies or comment on some of your comments.... but I am starving!!!!! I will go eat... take a shower.... get comfy and then I'll come back here... Because you know how this is.... if you don't force yourself AWAY from this G+ thing, then you're doomed for the next several hours!!!!

I will just quickly add, before I go.... +Jacques Soudan, I only stole ONE image from your Album, which was your SEX TAPE (hahaha... that got you all fired up and curious eh???)... If you saw anything else that I have which is the SAME as you have, then it's just a mere coincidence because I just met you yesterday!! :o) Plus... I was kind enough to give you credit on what became MY SEX TAPE, and was even honest about it. ;oP - (and for those who, by now, are foaming in the mouth still asking "what sex tape??"..... here's a shortcut so you don't have to go running to my profile!!!

Ta Ta for now!!! Be back later!!!!
Having been here since June 28, I've probably restructured my circling half a dozen times or so since launch . I don't have any hard fast rules to circling, but have established a decent system over my time here that seems to work for the way I use G+. I have over 30 circles I maintain, and I add more as needed to categorize people (not so much to label people, but more to remind me of why/where they're circled). A part of how I utilize circles is secure access to certain areas, albums and information, much like a secure building... ground floor lobby, everyone has access to things, and as they clear certain milestones, get elevated further into things.

First, I have circles for people I already know (Family, Friends, Loose associations etc). They all have their own separate circles. These people compose my inner circles or core of my G+... they get access to the most profile information, and the most photo albums, etc.

Next I have a few outer layers and categories that have less access to things. These are things like my celeb following circle, google community managers and devs, gamer circles, photographer circles, musician circles, people I've randomly met in hangouts, etc. This way I can sort my incoming by those categories if I want, or sort certain content outwards towards those specific circles.

I also have a few reading circles to better sort my stream... Basically, people that don't post as often, but I want to see everything they may post without the noise of other content; they get their own circle, so at a glance I can see their most up to date once a day or week posts.

Then I have a reading circle for the people I'm most interested in getting updates from (people who have proven to be current tech posters, or other people of interest that I most want to hear from and keep up with). This way I can digest the content that's most interesting to me without worrying about NSFW or bazillion cat gif posts.

I will circle someone if they have good comments on posts I'm following, have decent content in their own posts, or I've had good conversations with them randomly in a hangout.

I will only circle someone back if I've met them in a hangout (and they had something interesting to say), or if I've seen that they've produced decent content or comments in other areas. If you just cold circle me and you don't have any content and I don't know you, I just ignore (or in some cases block) those requests. If a profile looks to be an obvious spammer, is completely in a language other than English, or sharing absolutely no content whatsoever, I have no qualms just blocking that account entirely. I'm probably over 50 in my block list and rising, just from random spammers adding me from my public comments on others threads.

Now that there's an actual "ignore" feature, I may start using that over uncircling some people... I don't uncircle all to often... it usually takes some really ignorant or inflamatory posts or constant spam of useless drivel for me to just outright uncircle...

All in all, it's a complicated filing system in my head of how I work the circles... but it works for me and I'm always tweaking and refining it as I go... but the base structure seems to have held up well since I last shook the circle tree, and allows me to just branch out from the middle as needed to better refine things.

I guess I should also note that some overlap happens... like my random hangout circle... some people from there get added to other circles as I get to know them better... they also may find themselves in my gamer circle (or specific circle for a specific game we mutually play), or to my tech, photographer, or musician circles. Some even get brought into my closer circles, as having hung out with them numerous times for countless hours does count for something in my book and I am comfortable sharing more things.

Anyways, that's the tl;dr of it :)
+Alexandra d'Avila Bakker Sorry, I meant the criteria, in my profile (not images). Interesting to see that they are so similar. I guess that makes G+ more valuable as a network: better control but also, 'better' people here.
P.S. I think my tape is a bit stickier than yours :-)
Great post! The problem that I have is that no one I know is using G+ yet, so I live vicariously through the posts of strangers. I'm into photography and tech stuff, among other things, so I follow various people with those interests and occasionally take a peek at the people they follow. But I'm selective. So everyone goes into my general following circle until I decide to keep them. At that point I have different circles for different themes...arts, tech, etc. I have never felt obligated to circle someone just because they circled me. And if I lose interest in someone I'll unicycle them. No one has been ignored or blocked to date. I do have a few individuals in circles by themselves so i can post just to them. As far as my posting, I'm careful with wording; always mindful that once it's out there, it's out there. And I am never, never (intentionally) rude, even if I think someone deserves it. Haven't had the opportunity to join a hangout yet, though I'm keen to try it. Well, my break is over (I'm working tonight) and I HATE typing on my iPhone, so bye for now. Keep the interesting posts coming:-) Dobre vecher! 
I just made a new circle "Blabbers" for the people that seem to have nothing better to do but repeat the current issues as if their job depended on it. When I want to read catch up with their issues is usally after a nap. I have most people that I don't know personally in one circle that allows me to catch their thoughts and concerns.
Oh wow... sorry guys.. my MIA took longer than expected because I also got a phone call from a friend and could not "be brief" in the conversation (not to mention how long it took me to write THIS comment). You're probably all in bed by now, except for Plussers in other Continents!!

Anyway.... I will add comments on a few of the comments above.. And whoever is reading this, please read, even if the marked name is not yours, because it might have useful info for you too. I may not comment on everyone... so don't be offended.

+Marc Jansen you wrote "but if someone's profile and/or posts do not catch my interest almost immediately, I won't follow at all." - I am glad you didn't specify how MANY posts you look at in order to catch your interest immediately, because I USED to look at the top 2 or 3 posts on a person's profile and judge if I liked them or not. But then, I noticed that sometimes I POST some dorky stuff, even a few in a row, depending on my mood.... and then wonder how many people didn't Circle me because of that. So now, I look at their past 5 posts, then I do a quick mousewheel scroll down their page, and stop randomly at different posts, to give them another chance, in case the top 5 posts were not to my liking.

+Mim Eisenberg I don't know of the ability to do sub-circles yet, but I REALLY want that feature too!!!! Really bad!!! There's a post by +Ahmed Zeeshan where he gives an idea of naming Circles in a sort of nested way... I have not adopted that yet because I didn't put my mind to it properly, but might soon.. Here's the post.

+Jim Weiler I don't have much to comment on your comment, but seeing you here also reminds me of something that I need to edit into my humongous 1st comment above... I have learned with YOU to literally not judge a book by it's cover, and I'm talking about your profile photo. I am not too fond of scary, dark, goth stuff... not saying that all three adjectives describe your profile pic (as of Aug 28th, in case someone is ready this months down the road), but you Circled me first, and I did not Circle you back right away. I guess the photo scared me a bit. But then you started leaving some really funny/clever comments on my posts (I remember the Goonies one). So I really like you now, though your photo still scares me (lol... j/k!!). So I just wish to say to anyone reading, that you have to pay attention to people commenting on your posts, especially the ones who comment regularly, because you may find some jewels in there that could have been overlooked... and not judge much by the photo or name, after all, there are many morons out there, with model-like profile photos.

+Kathy Morlock You're a sweet person who always means well. Right now, you come in 2nd Place (after me of course!!) as the Plusser who is the most fanatic about music here on G+. So we have a big thing in common!! I enjoy being in your Spotify Circle, and you are on mine, which I don't use to post anything, but just to check it for songs when I have my Spotify open. My 2 cents though... make good use of your Spotify Circle, so that non-Spotify users don't get upset at many posts in a row for something they don't have or are not interested in. PS: Thanks for the plug and kind words on your recent post! I will go there and comment as soon as I am done writing this one.

+Eren Mckay - I'm drinking some Amarula right now. Cheers!!!! Prost!! Saúde!!! So thanks to you and the Hangout we met, if I ever need to join AA meetings... it's all YOUR FAULT!!! lol :o)

+Christina Rollo, what spider???? I had to go to your profile and see what you were talking about, and didn't see anything that would have made me uncircle you, not even the dead baby turtles. I just don't like the more gruesome dead animals photos or too close-up of dead ones, that other people post!! And spiders don't scare me. BTW... I have to confess that I had never looked at your profile until now, and I LOVE IT... because I LOVE LOVE nature, animals, bugs... (forgot to put that on my ABOUT page, but will now).

+Jacques Soudan - Oooooh... stole some "criteria".... That word wasn't there before right?? I thought you were talking about pics... Nonetheless, it was funny to bring the Sex Tape topic back!! lol

+Mike Downes - "Biggest issue for me, is trying to read posts, as yet no search" - Tell me about it!!! Me too!!!!! Sometimes my Stream is like a Pastry shop in Paris.... there's sooooooo much good stuff, that you don't know what to eat first!!!

+miriam dunn - The Language thing is really a big thing... I am Brazilian and will not dare post anything in Portuguese to everybody in general. I have less than 10 known people to me on G+, so I don't have to worry about that right now. I can understand written French more than spoken.. so I am ok with French posts, but if I Circle a German who posts in both languages to everyone, all the time... then he will probably get uncircled. He can post Public in German and maybe create an English Circle or the other way around. +Kathy Morlock also commented about this above, and I am sure that tons of other people also get annoyed at the language non-etiquette of people.

+Larry Champion - You should "jump in" a Hangout more often.... After all.... you can always "jump out"!!! I have met some great people on Hangouts, but I also have been to a few where I had momentarily lost hope in humanity, or wondered in a cocky way, if the only sane person in there was.... you guessed.... Moi!!!! lol

+Brett Bjornsen - WOW!!! Your Circles seem pretty organized to me and you have a good system in place. Can you come organize mine??? And did you see my "Ignore vs. Block" post??? Here:

+Lance Norris - As I said on Miriam's paragraph above... I have less than 10 people known to me (family, friends) who are on G+. And only ONE is actually using it. But who cares?? I have been dealing with family & friends ONLY on Facebook for 3 YEARS!!! Time for a change huh??? I think most of them will take a very long time (years??) to come over to G+ and use it like they use FB. I will be surrounded by cobwebs if I wait for them.... And those people have been in my life for-eva anyway... Time to make new friends!!! And G+ is the place!!!

Wow.... I'm done writing!! MY FINGERS HURT!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you ALL who participated in this thread/conversation!!! I am ecstatic!!!!!

I got to know you ALL better.... and you got to know me!!!!! And this is what this all is about!!!!

My posts here today were GIGANTIC... and some may no even had the patience to read it all.... but here's another thing to think about:

Sometimes it's worth engaging in a single GOOD topic/post that may have "wasted" 1 or 2 hours of your time here on G+, and not wonder what you could have missed elsewhere (other people's topics).

You may get MORE out of sticking to one place once in a while, than hopping around and not getting anything truly meaningful out of it.

Thanks again!!!
Oh... and for those who gave me the sweetest compliments... awwww... thank you so so much!!!!
Hey +Charles Traupmann!!! I just saw your post after I posted my 2nd humongous comment!!!! I hope that because of THIS BIG Topic here where I wrote A LOT... I didn't immediately become the Mayor of your "Blabbers" Circle!!!!! If I did, please allow me to redeem myself... or maybe I am in denial and will end up admitting that I blabber a bit sometimes!!!! But I promise it's good Blabber ok???? :o)
+Alexandra d'Avila Bakker , I did see your ignore vs. block post... I haven't really reached a point that I need to use the new ignore feature. My main reason is, if someone in my circles (that I don't deem block worthy) mentions me, I want to know it (even if I don't really like most of their content, I do want to know when my name gets used). I can simply ignore them by shuffling them off in their own circle, and never clicking on it to populate my stream. As far as the original question posed, I uncircle people if the content provided just doesn't fit with what I want to see (if all the posts are a bunch of "tweets" about your soy grande latte fixation, and I have no other connection - be it via good hangout conversations, RL friend/family/acquaintence) it's a quick route to uncircle-town.

Also, if someone tends to only re-share things I've already seen (as I tend to go upstream to the source and follow those people anyways), then I'll probably uncircle as well if you don't provide any insightful commentary on those shares. I do keep the re-sharers who at least provide additional content or opinions that I enjoy reading.

I don't see myself using the ignore feature on random people that add me either... I don't politely circle people back if they have nothing to offer my stream... why would I give them false hope by hitting the ignore button. I just take no action on it. Some people may not like not being circled in return, but that's kinda life... I'm a bit of a realist in that regard.

When it comes to circle organization though, it's best that you do what works for you, so it makes sense... some people like to keep it simple. The default circles fit 90% of peoples needs nicely (I just pulled that number out of the air really... so don't quote me on it). There's people you know (friends & family), people you kinda know (acquaintances), people you'd like to know (following). All fairly simple (at least till you start engaging with 100's of people, then a bigger system is probably needed to make sense of it all).

As far as circle organization... my only advice would be, take a look at who you are interacting with here, and in what ways... Have a circle for close friends, family, etc and mirror your circles to match those offline relationships.

A brief overview of my circles (they are a bit more involved and comprehensive than this):

RL Associations (people who I know kinda, or know through RL friends)
RL Friends (people I directly know, and at least communicate with)
RL Close friends (the ones that know where the proverbial bodies are buried)
Family (this can be broken up into close and extended if needed).
I then go on to organize based on topics of interest (my twitter follow list in a way)
News Persons
Google community managers, devs, etc
Celebs (following)
Hangouts (where interesting people I've met in hangouts go - these people also get added to other interest based circles or sometimes get put into a friend category at some point)

Then I set up a couple Read circles... mostly it's people I want to hear from most from certain areas. Obviously I don't need all the Google employees in my read circle, as the G+ community manager is pretty good about re-sharing any of their posts that I might want to catch right away (plus I have a googler circle anyways, to see what they're all talking about directly if I need to)...

So, those read circles are usually "friends, family and associations that I want to hear from the most without clutter" and "top people from my interest circles I want to hear from".

That way, with one click, I get a stream filled with what I need and want to see right away.

If I have more time, I go back and just click one of my larger circles or just click the stream proper. I do mute posts quite a bit (I use it as a kind of "mark as read" button), that way I don't lose track of where I'm at in the larger streams. That's usually reserved for things that I don't really need to follow up on, save, interact with after I've read them. A lot of times, I am only interested in the main post content from someone I'm following, and don't need to be updated on the 100's of comments that flood in after I've read it. There's just not enough time in my day to digest main content as well as running commentary that may or may not be relevant to what I want to see.

Oh, I also have a bookmark circle where I just share to myself (kind of a save till later so I can re-read it when I have more time... I usually include a link to the original post in the share to my bookmark circle so, if I want, I can peruse the comments on the original post or interact with the author more). I don't add anyone to this circle, it's just for me to reference back to occasionally. Once I'm absolutely done, I just delete my reshare from that bookmark circle (or keep it if it's really something I want to keep track of).

Sorry for the even longer post... I get a bit over wordy sometimes when I'm on a roll lol.

Hope that gives you a little better insight.
So +Brett Bjornsen, I did wait till I could sit down and read your most recent comment. Thank you for taking the time to write it. It won't be in vain as I am saving the URL of this post for future use (for other people) as it does contain lots of interesting info and opinions.

I also use the Bookmarks Circle just for myself to save my favorite posts. I guess whoever was the first one to mention this idea... it kinda reached a lot of people here!!

Back to the IGNORE topic... It has been extremely useful for me just to remove that person or people, from my Incoming Stream! They had Circled me, and I did NOT want to see their posts, so they were polluting my Incoming and I was unable to see the other people in there and their posts. So that's what I use the Ignore for.

Thanks again for your input and hope we can exchange more ideas again soon!!! :o)
I grouped my circles mostly based on interests, to avoid clogging people's streams with topics they're NOT interested in. A few other circles are based on how-I-know-the-person, so.for instance, I can post to certain groups of relatives or neighbors.

Mike Elgan posted something interesting today warning that if people post to circles instead of something more public, they potentially prevent their postings from being disseminated widely. While that can be great for things where when you want privacy, it can be bad for times when you want to spread ideas. He suggest G+ modify their settings to permit circle recipients to reshare more if the original poster wants the post to be widely shared. Sounds like a good idea if the original poster can on and off, for each post.
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