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Magical open source unicorn juggernaut extraordinaire
Magical open source unicorn juggernaut extraordinaire

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It's time we move to newer block chain technology like decred. There are a lot of cloned altcoins out there which suffer the exact same faults. There are a small number of innovative new designs like decred that solve bitcoin's fundamental issues. Sites like bleutrade let you invest in other currencies.

Bitcoin may be struggling from a technology standpoint, but the block chain is far from dead.

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More 3D printable cases for the MinnowBoard MAX / Turbot!

This is a case designed to commemorate Twentieth Anniversary of the release of the BeBox.

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Looks like an interesting project.

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So... I think i've finally finished the internet.

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Classy bastards.

Consequence of Sound: Dropkick Murphys gave a surprise performance at Boston’s Logan Airport — watch.

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Preparing to start getting #Haiku onto the #RaspberryPi2 w/u-boot. #MyBodyIsReady

A nice blog of a users day-to-day usage of Haiku.
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