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Alexander Technique Studio of Mountain View
Beautiful, upright posture without tension. Centered, powerful presence. Ease. Poise. Confidence.
Beautiful, upright posture without tension. Centered, powerful presence. Ease. Poise. Confidence.

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People have been asking, how can I find out if the Alexander Technique can help me before jumping in to a full class?

Here you go - a special, one time introduction. We will focus on Freedom from Back and Neck Pain.

Bring your friends and family. If you're taking lessons, here's a nice way for them to try it.

Wednesday 9/13, 6:00 - 7:00 pm
$15, at Breathe Holistic Health in Los Altos.

Please RSVP via the link, IT IS THE ONLY WAY to reserve a place.

Sign up here:
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Seven Tips for Lightness and Ease - Day 7. Feel Lighter Now!
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Lovely post from my colleague, Imogen Ragone. Reading it brought me home to my bigger Self. Recommend!
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Come to a movement-based class to free your body and improve posture.

The August series starts next Wednesday! Here in Mt. View

Come join us! Class size is limited to six. Call or email to inquire or register.

When: Wednesdays, 12:00 – 1:00 PM
Aug. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Where: Pacific Ballet 295 Polaris, Mt. View 94043
We are in Studio 4 – entrance in back
Free parking in the lot

Fee: $100 for the month of August (5 week month; 4 week months are $80). Paid at the first meeting, cash or check.

Bring a yoga mat, wear comfortable clothes. Sneakers, socks, or barefoot is fine; no heels.

Students say:

“Thanks for the instruction and help! I tried to tune my walking posture during my hiking trip on the past weekend. It works great to keep myself from stressing my neck and back!” ~ Bonnie

“Thank you for an amazing class yesterday. This morning as I walked my dog I felt super confident!” ~ Carmen

“Dana has given me more than good, relaxed posture--she has given me tools to feel confident and beautiful in my performance.” ~ Syeda Huq, Actress

We’ve looked at activities as mundane as sweeping the floor to walking and hiking, job interviews with poise, and confidence in social situations. And of course, sitting at the computer with ease - yes, it is possible.

The August session starts next Wednesday, Aug. 2nd.

Give me a call or email!

650-964-4308 phone only, no text

Dana Ben-Yehuda is a movement and posture coach. She is a Certified Alexander Technique practitioner and competitive ballroom dancer. She has been in private practice for over 15 years, helping people improve posture and release excess tension. Mental stress and physical pain are often eased. Some people regain an inch or more in height.


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Tip of the day - take a breath out of time and breathe!

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Thinking about the profound connections between heart, mind and body, ever since reading James Doty's book, Into the Magic Shop. How does an open heart connect to posture without tension? New class series starts in August - contact me.
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There's still time to sign up for 2 more people in the July class. Free your neck and shoulders from tension and feel better at work. Based on the Alexander principles for freedom in movement and better posture with ease, not effort. Class is in Mountain View, Wednesday Noon - 1 pm. Contact me this morning if you're interested.

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Do you try and pull yourself up into good posture, only to feel tight?

Would you like to look better and feel more comfortable in your own body?

Come to a small group class for freedom in movement and better posture. The July session starts tomorrow!

Four meetings: July 5, 12, 19, and 26
Noon – 1 PM
Pacific Ballet in Mountain View, Studio 4
Based on $20/week, paid at the first meeting ($80 for July)
Limited to 6 participants

We will move!
Walk tall and feel better doing it.

Learn a process you can take home and use to release stress and tension - your neck and shoulders will thank you.

Movement becomes easier and lighter.
Posture improves and it’s fun.

One man said, “Since I’ve been taking your class, my wife says I look ten years younger.”

Contact me right away. Class is tomorrow, RSVP required!

Class is based on #Alexander Technique principles for freedom in movement.

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Kids. Posture. Parents. It's an endless battle. How can you use bad posture to your advantage? With thanks to my loving Mom who laughed and said, post it!
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