What you have here is Gaming Hell, or what passes for it when I run games.

I ran three sessions of Happy Birthday, Robot! between lunch and dinner today, and you can see the players in all three groups in pictures I took because, well, I'm an obsessive Documentarian and nothing good can ever come of knowledge lost in the bowels of the memory hole. I'm sure +Daniel Solis will be proud of me, one day, for bringing HBR to the masses.

And, yes, that's an entire group of five kids in the first session I ran, plus an adult. Not coincidentally, it was the most violent story ever told by the tongue of man. Seriously, they didn't need me to be a negative influence, they're a negative influence on me. In fact, I'm not sure I believe that children writing a story have ever put together a gentle tale of love and birthday cake; I think I just am unable to believe it after being exposed to hatchlings.

No one showed up for Microscope, sadly, so I ended up playing Pandemic (humanity was wiped out, unsurprisingly), watched some Battleship Galaxies (do want) and finished up by losing with honour in Puerto Rico.

Tomorrow, we're up for Twilight Imperum from 2pm on. Yes, I finally get to command a vast space fleet to crushing, terrible defeat. It should be a good day.
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