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Captain Harlock is why I got into space piracy in the first place. I should be so lucky as to ever command a ship so grand as the Arcadia.
This is something you'll love to watch. This is a very good Japanese animation. I watched this cartoon with great pleasure. I hope you like it too.
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The Traveller RPG campaign a friend ran back in the very early 80s is what got me into space piracy. 
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Well, looks like I was wrong – Space Engineers did go ahead and put the first version of the Conveyor system in, though it looks more like some sort of railcar system for loading and offloading ships than it does a sealed system. But we can probably work with this.

Besides, it looks really cool for stuff to go floating straight through space to the pickup when not under gravity.
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Alexander Williams

Video Game Video Reviews  - 
Things you probably won't see in the next Space Engineers REALPLAY:

Gravitationally accelerated projectile weaponry. Of this design.

Mainly because I have my own ideas about grav-class weaponry and the design of effective railgun's would choose gravitation rather than magnetic fields to accelerate projectiles. Because I'm sick.
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Alexander Williams

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Do you like heist films? Of course you do! Do you like pausable real-time heist simulators? Of course you do! Do you like references to Richard Nixon?

Okay, that's a little more questionable – but otherwise it appears that The Masterplan might have everything else covered. The teaser trailer is hilarious, the visual style is amazingly 70s, and the gameplay that they demonstrate looks like an interesting cross between Monaco and Door Kickers, which is a pretty cool place to be.

One more thing to keep an eye out for.

The Masterplan Teaser #1
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Alexander Williams

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There's nothing quite like creating both the video and audio components for a new livestreaming intro. In fact, the fact that it's so brain-searing is part of the gratification.

It's amazing what you can do with a little bit of time stretching, an audio reverse, and an aggressive guitar flanger on things that well and truly are not  guitars. (The flanger is my favourite pedal effect, closely followed by a multi-pulse ping-pong delay. Because I'm secretly from the 60's.)

SE Realplay Intro SL
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Alexander Williams

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I'm not going to lie – this looks exactly like the mustard shelf in my refrigerator. Also the look on my face when mustard is running low or decides not to cooperate.

Of course, my solutions generally involve gravity generators and/or rail guns, but this works too.
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Fascinating Kickstarter of the month: Salvaged

I've really been trying to back off on my acquisition of new games which are not actually out to nor will they be out for months. That didn't used to be a problem – preorders were a relatively straightforward affair and didn't have months of lead time… Most of the time. Kickstarters have really made that far more challenging because there are a lot of really good ideas out in the world and many of them want money to come to fruition. That's the nature of every industry and creative industries most of all.

Thanks to the guys that produced +Frozen Synapse and Frozen Endzone, I got a bit of a heads up via Twitter to a new Kickstarter for a game that looks like it takes inspiration from many things that I enjoy, including FS but also Space Hulk, Aliens, XCOM, and tons of other really influential and exciting designs along with its own unique twist – you don't directly command characters from a first-person or even 3rd person perspective, much like the planning phases of Rainbow 6, you give orders from a top-down, tactical view on your tablet or mobile device. As they put it (paraphrased):

"Imagine that scene from Aliens where Ripley and the Lieutenant are in the APC and the rest of the team is getting ripped apart by xenomorphs and all the command can do is direct and watch the first-person cameras of the soldiers go dark."

Frankly, that's all I needed to see to be in.

These guys have a ton of video, their plans seem to be fairly clear, and this looks like an ambitious project that could definitely come to fruition, so I'm pretty in. Throw in some multiplayer (for those times that you want to run a fire team along with your friend taking on some serious wreckage), maybe the option to actually running desktop dual-screen mode (if, like me, sometimes you just want to use both of your monitors and not have to muck around with a touchscreen or if you don't own a mobile device that's compatible and don't mind switching windows back and forth – which might have its own tension)… There are a lot of really cool possibilities.

Short version: Kickstarter game. Top-down control. Aliens killing you. High-tech equipment. Almost Rogue-like.

They are hoping to get $125,000 + on this one, and I honestly hope that they succeed but that is a lot of money. Still, big ambitions, lofty goals. I've already kicked in my money.
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Alexander Williams

Video Game Video Reviews  - 
Hey, +Bruce Pringlemeir ... Space Engineers tonight or are you working?
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I can turn it on, or do you want to turn your world on? Not working, but cant be up late, been awake since 6am Monday
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Reasons to play the latest builds of Space Engineers, #237542-13:

Building a large, exposed platform with a large nuclear reactor on it and watching it get hit by Cataclysm-scale meteoroids.

Not only Kender can enjoy this sight.
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Alexander Williams

Video Game Video Reviews  - 
Tonight's video game notes and more, because the fear and terror should never end!
The latest round-up of sales and reviews of games around the infoverse for The Media Outsiders
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A little bit of a hole in the wall, I'm not going to lie, but you'd have to be living _in_ India to be able to get this much really good food for so low a price. We ordered enough food that the crew on duty were mildly concerned that we might have simply popped over from alternate universe of starvation, but it was simple the "I need to review this" lot. Four not-ungenerous eaters came out to a total of $60 for two chicken kebab, two beef kebab, an order of chicken korma, one order of garlic naan, two of plain (we like naan where I'm from), four samosas quite a bit larger than two babies' fists put together, an order of palak paneer, and ... some kind of goat thing. That's not an insignificant haul. The kebabs were fantastic; spicy, good ground texture, very nicely grilled. The beef was slightly better in my opinion. The korma was incredible, though probably could have used a bit more heat; the chicken itself fell apart with just a little attention from the fork. The samosas had a flaky, crispy exterior filled (packed to the gills) with ground meat and pea which ran _considerably_ hotter than the rest of the meal. I'm a burgeoning lover of the spicy, but these things ... wonderful, but slow-going. Naan's in the name of the place. The naan deserved to be. On the down-side, the goat curry wasn't all it could have been. Goat is notoriously hard to capture just right for every eater -- or even most -- so it's hard to fault overmuch. And they had no keema naan, which is a sad realization for folks like myself who can't get enough. A solid chicken keema naan will drag me in to a restaurant from half a state away. Overall, this is a very, very solid win for Indian in the Gwinnett Place area. While the decor isn't a place you'll want to throw your next baby shower, if you're looking for the food and nothing but the food, you want it fast, good, and cheap -- this is the place. Order a kebab and an order of naan, strip the stick, make a sandwich, and you'll be having some of the best food in town clenched in one fist and at a very reasonable investment.
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Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
It serves exactly the purpose it was crafted for.
Quality: Very goodAppeal: GoodService: Very good
Public - 11 months ago
reviewed 11 months ago
Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
72 reviews
A fantastic place to find unusual and ultimately excellent beers and ciders on tap. Parking can be a little bit iffy on that side of the square, so be aware you might have to walk a couple of minutes to get in.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
It's IKEA. Combine a three-block warehouse full of Swedish flat-pack furniture, live displays of entire apartments set up to 90cm height with full price and component lists, and an in-house diner offering meatballs and ... really, there's no better, clearer review than Jonathon Coulton's song "IKEA."
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Wendy's is the go-to for an excellent burger for fast-food prices on this side of town. The local crew is pretty consistently cheerful and attentive, even during rush times.
Food: Very goodDecor: GoodService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago