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Alexander Williams

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I just went to record a bit of actual gameplay from Atlas Reactor and realized that I am so incredibly out of practice at doing video and audio production for gameplay videos that the end result was absolutely horrific. No question, bar none, without hesitation, the worst thing that I have even considered putting out in public at any level or time.

Seriously, that bad.

Things that absolutely have to happen before I give that another try:

* Remember to put on the headset for audio, because having the audio reinforced from the speakers through the microphone makes it almost impossible to level it appropriately.

* In fact, record my commentary in an entirely separate audio track because that will let me do things like audio ducking and general audio cleanup individually on the game background and my voiceover. (Which will involve running Reaper to capture the input from the microphone and letting OBS only do audio capture from the game – making everything just a little more complicated and that much different from doing a live broadcast of gameplay, for good or ill. Why OBS doesn't give me the option of recording vox and game as seperate tracks, I'll never know.)

* Make sure I'm familiar with the actual playback tools in the game, which I absolutely had never touched before tinkering with them for the recording – and it's worth noting that the Atlas Reactor match playback tool has a weird set of playback options.

* Actually get back into doing some practice of talking to the microphone, which I am terribly out of practice with just in general.

Hopefully I will get an AR video out sometime in the next couple of weeks, one that I wouldn't be completely embarrassed to have people see and enjoy. If you're interested in checking out the game before then and maybe even hunting me down in game to kill me horribly – which wouldn't be hard – follow this link and you can have a free seven days of access to every single Freelancer/character in the game to figure out what you like before you start grinding the Flux to buy the ones that you enjoy.

No surprise, I'm the short irritable sniper.

Catch you later – hopefully with a little better action to report.
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Alexander Williams

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I've been strongly supportive of the idea that one should read news with the greatest of skepticism. There is no reason for anyone who wishes to be informed about the nature of reality to simply blindly accept someone else's unqualified description of that reality.

The obsession with "fake news" by organizations who have gone out of their way to generate of news that is fake for decades is almost comedy. Almost.

If you ever wondered what thinking critically about the news would look like, Ken White has taken care of that little problem. Read this and be illuminated.
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Alexander Williams

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Honestly, the right thing for Trump to do in this situation is to say not only "I hope they're going to give us their tickets," but to add "because there are plenty of hard-working everyday Americans who have actually done something useful for this country who would love the opportunity to attend the inauguration."

If you're going to go for populist demagoguery, go in all the way. When your ideological opponents go out of their way to look completely unconnected to the public at large and seemed devoted to the opportunity to stab themselves in the dangly bits at every opportunity – it's unseemly to stop them and the best of strategies to enable them.

I really do wonder if the Democratic establishment knows how ridiculous that they're making themselves look outside of the urbs? This is normally where I would say "they have to!" But I've learned that they don't have to. I have learned by association with people in the field of journalism, in the field of entertainment, and we have of the rare politician that they literally don't have that level of self reflection. It does not exist. In those rare few in whom it has not yet been extinguished, one can reasonably state that it will be given a few years of association with others in the field.

I would really love for the Trump administration to get their hands on a few of the seats that Democrats are making a big deal about not filling and then deliberately, consciously, aggressively go out of their way to show that they've put "everyday Americans" into those seeds, Twitter about those people, use YouTube to put up personal interviews with those people sitting right in those seats, put up live feeds streaming to YouTube and Facebook of the inauguration focusing on real people, not politicians, experiencing an event that they would have never been able to get to before. Play up the common man accessibility and use the infrastructure the Internet provides to sidestep the whole "journalists reinterpret what actually happened" architecture explicitly, stating repeatedly that this is just representative of what the administration wants to do to improve access to all parts of the government and its functioning. A deliberate deconstruction of the political elite and politics by elite.

That's what I'd love to see, simply because it would be entertaining. Watching the bulk of the political establishment continue to go absolutely nuts along with mainstream media – that would be a glorious thing indeed.

I don't expect to see it, which is sad.
President-elect unconcerned about lawmakers skipping his inauguration.
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Alexander Williams

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In microcosm, what we have here is a sterling example of why LinkedIn and the obsession with "improving your business" advice has been for some time a complete waste of your time.

Also it's hard to find a better example of two headlines juxtapositioned which answer one another perfectly.
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Wait, what, a logo change?
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Alexander Williams

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One more thing that I need to do to truly improve the quality of my life and everything around me. Frankly, any excuse to use pork belly in a recipe is a good excuse. Simply combining that with bacon?

Hold this, I'll be right back.
Time to make some homemade bacon! This method shows you how to make bacon from pork belly on your smoker after curing it.
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Alexander Williams

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This will never not be hilarious.
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Alexander Williams

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I'm not saying The Flame and the Flood is hardcore survival, I'm just saying that it makes Don't Starve look like a children's carnival ride at noon on a lovely summer day, that's all.

And for another 11 hours, you can get it for $6 on the Bundle Stars site ( or for $7.50 from the Humble Store (

PS: The soundtrack is absolutely incredible and really creates a sense of place.
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Alexander Williams

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Sometimes just trying to make a piece look right – not even getting the right content on the page, but just look right – is a lot harder than it has to be.

Notably my last Wargaming post, with the illustrations and references to various things… I've been a long-time user of the Blogger platform. The integration with the rest of the Google ecosystem has made things very, very easy. But over the last several years it has definitely felt like Blogger is not anywhere near the top of the Google/Alphabet hierarchy of interests. In fact, most of the time it feels like they've abandoned it all together as a useful platform.

Hell, at this point you can't even make a direct link from a G+ post to a Blogger article and have it actually resolve the link. Maybe it's a temporary thing, maybe it's just an odd network situation – but this is the sort of thing that should never, ever happen.

I've played around with other blogging platforms over the years; it would be hard not to as someone with even a little bit of technical inclination. For the moment I think I'm going to settle on using Medium as my blogging platform of choice, at least for a little while. The interface is modern, the results look really good, it's very easy to use, and you can even let people see an uncompleted article before it's ready to be publicly published so that you can get feedback and editing information.

This is all part of my new press to actually produce and publish more content of various sorts because of been sort of slack about that over the last several years. It's time to get back on the horse, one way or another. Part of that is no more content pushed directly to Facebook, because it's absolutely not a platform where people will read something longer than a paragraph – and even that is questionable. I'm going to try to leverage Twitter more often to push headlines and drive traffic to actual content created by me, probably on blogs. Twitter is not for communities nor conversations, but it is a really good way to drop headlines for people who want to know when updates have happened. And hopefully I will actually get on producing more content for YouTube, because that always does fairly well – as long as I can avoid being in front of the camera at any point.

More updates as I feel even remotely motivated to make them.
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Alexander Williams

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Thanks to a discussion on the THW NUTS! wargame forum, I felt compelled to write a longer, step-by-step response – but I needed some illustrations.

Luckily, I've been spending a lot of time face down in Fusion 360 of late and didn't mind spending the time to create some quick table pieces which could then be run through the renderer and spit out some pretty good illustrative visuals, I think.

Not bad for an off-the-cuff need.

Incidentally, if you have ever had questions about NUTS! – Final Version's In Sight Tests, this post might actually be helpful. Maybe.
This article is written in response to a post on the THW forums where there are some questions about In Sight Tests which demand an ongoing…
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I love terrible TV series. I also love Kingdom. Luckily, one of these things can take inspiration from the other and turn out some very strange results.

Supertrain nearly sank NBC in 1979, but that's the best reason to go out of our way to resurrect it for our own gaming pleasure.
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Alexander Williams

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Worst TV show ever? Supertrain almost brought down NBC in the summer of '79.

I've always said that mediocre TV and movies make fantastic role-playing game fodder, and I would be remiss in my duties as a writer and creator not to share the story seed that I've created to try and capture a little of the magic and lightning in a bottle that is the original Supertrain.

You can play it straight like The Poseidon Adventure, goofy and star-studded like The Love Boat, or even over the top truly ridiculous like The Big Bus – and arguably just like Supertrain itself.

Let me know down in the comments how your transcontinental ride has gone!
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The Atlanta Botanical Gardens provide an oasis of calm in the center of busy city life. Literal miles of walking paths, some elevated above ground level to give an even more impressive overview of forested greenery, allow for the fascination of every attendee. The edibles garden, in particular, is of note as the Gardens do a regular cooking show with fruits and vegetables taken directly from the garden grounds. Access is a little spendy, but if you think the botanical gardens are likely to be on your regular path of enjoyment, picking up a membership for your family is money well spent.
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Fast good quality eats with an upscale price does not make for happy dining.
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Part museum, part rentable public venue, the Gwinnett Historic Courthouse is a lot more surprising on the inside than you might expect. The collection of war memorabilia spans from the Civil War all the way through Korea and Vietnam, all neatly tagged and well displayed in glass cases. The old courtrooms upstairs provide an excellent place for wedding photography or receptions, and the grounds themselves directly in the middle of scenic Lawrenceville host occasional musical events in the ever present gazebo.
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The Lawrenceville lawn is probably the largest outdoor meeting space with a significant access to nearby restaurants and supplies in the county. The playground is nicely designed, the layout in general is well done, and its nice to see that they've finished it.
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