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Let's see how this will impact the near future:

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Should I do more of these sketchnote brain dumps?

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10 Ways to Stay Creative
Have you ever been in a creative slump?

Have you felt like inspiration and motivation completely escaped you?

There's good news! Not only can you get it back, but you can keep it for good!

How to Stay Creative

1) Try more than what is asked of you. 

2) Take a time out. 

3) Do something new. 

4) Be open to criticism. 

5) Be a curious person. 

6) Notice details. Creative people are detail people. 

7) Write down your ideas. 

8) Enjoy what you do.  

9) Hang out with other creative people. 

10) Don’t give up! 

How do you stay creative?

See it here:

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Some of photo manipulation works are featured on the abduzeedo design inspiration series:

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15 Daily Habits That Will Make You Happy And Successful

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Forget Walter Mitty... This guy's gallery on instagram will blow your mind with his super inspiring travel photography!

#travel #photography #inspiration 

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Ideas are great but also get shit done:

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True Facts by TRUTH FACTS:
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