I finished going through DOOM (2016) single player. I enjoyed the game greatly. I believe it preserved the frantic action of the originals. I felt that the game mechanics was smooth and created engaging experience. Glory Kills added a new twist (my first experience with this mechanics) to the game play. Graphics was excellent and 3d models/animations were awesome. I can not remember another game that made me enjoy watching credits as much! I am not quite sure what weapons upgrade added to the game but I can judge this aspect only after I play the game again.

It is not all peachy, of course, I'd say that plastic look of imps was distracting. Boss fights did not appeal to me at all. And the end... through out the story I was thinking, finally they are making it a story... and then it ended with its open ended finale.

Highly recommend playing the game to every fan of the original.
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