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+Phillip Colla hits it out of the ballpark. Rad!
Blood Red Moon Lunar Eclipse Sequence
This is the first of several lunar eclipse sequences I shot earlier this week. They are difficult to assemble with the moon in exactly the proper place in the sky throughout the entire eclipse, but I am finally done with this first one. More info is available here: Cheers and thanks for looking! 
#lunareclipse   #eclipse   #astrophotography   #nightphotography   #landscapephotography   #joshuatreenationalpark  
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not my photo, please click through and +1 and comment on the original in the photo viewer
A foggy morning, and the "main" camera is on vacation! Had to use the good old D700 while wandering through the fog this morning, before it burned off. Around 8am it was mostly gone.

Live and Death - these are two Coast Live Oaks, one alive, one dead and burned, in the chaparral hills of 4S Ranch, San Diego.

For #treetuesday +Tree Tuesday curated by +Christina Lawrie +Allan Cabrera +Ralph Mendoza +Kim Troutman +David R Robinson
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+Alexander Strunk the best camera is the one that you have with you. Did you make a photo with your cellphone?
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Alexander S. Kunz

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Bliss! Not one but two lovely new  #ambient  releases by Ishq aka Matt Hillier, one of my favorite ambient musicians. Over the years, he has mastered what I would call "the opposite to dark ambient" - it has a sweet and slow melancholy, but none of the droning darkness. Instead, this music conjures up images of airy lightness. Enchanting, mesmerizing, peaceful light.

"Seascapes" and "Blue Infinity" are both landscape themed again (like the two previous releases), and tightly limited to only 90 copies each. I can share this with you because I already secured mine. ;)

Stream and download at or get the physical copies at while they're still available.
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I actually like the combination of download (unlimited) and physical release (limited), +Robert Mann. True connoisseur collectors like moi ;) can get the ltd ed CD, those who only want to hear the music can just get the download and save on shipping and rack space. :)
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#music   #ambient   #darkambient   #drone   #soundscape  

This is a bit of a weird one maybe and the first two tracks certainly don't work for me AT ALL but the rest is pretty, erm, cool... the title pretty much tell you what to expect.
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Alexander S. Kunz

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One of my recent personal favorites, now on Seen.By... yay! :)
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Alexander S. Kunz

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Pop culture and the stranglehold of social media on creativity

Before photography became my primary creative outlet (which was around 2006/2007), I was making music on the computer. First on the Amiga, through Aegis Sonix and the countless Soundtracker clones to Octamed Sound Studio; then on the PC, with Jeskola…
Before photography became my primary creative outlet (which was around 2006/2007), I was making music on the computer. First on the Amiga, through Aegis Sonix and the countless Soundtracker clones ...
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(this is just a link, commenting is possible on the blog post)

Alexander S. Kunz

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Another one from yesterday morning with the dense fog. I wasn’t up early enough to take full advantage of it, it burned off really fast. This little Coast Live Oak is one of the survivors of the 2007 fires that charred the chaparral hills around 4S Ranch.

I also added this to the “California Trees in Squares” gallery* on my website, which is something like an ongoing challenge/project: I decided that the gallery should always only contain nine photos (and boy, I haven’t updated it in a long time), so when I want to add a new one, I have to remove an older image.

I’m telling myself that one fine day, art buyers from all over the world will track that gallery all the time to make sure they don’t miss an update, and have the entire collection in print. What would we be without our dreams? :)

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Square is perfect!

If my screen were 3D I could walk into this scene.  There should be a name for a scene that invites you to step into it.
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Alexander S. Kunz

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For those who missed it yesterday - my monthly print promo. Thanks for looking!
The print sale for April features “The Purity of Light”, from my Arbres Monochromatique gallery. It’s an image that I made in April 2012 at Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve West in San Diego’s beautiful back country. The fresh green grass was high in Spring as the afternoon sun was shining bright through the gnarly …
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nice shot in trees black and white!
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Alexander S. Kunz

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Each month, I'm running one limited time print promo. This is the image I picked for April. It's called "The Purity of Light". More information about the promo can be found over on my website: or you can go directly to the promo page on Fine Art America:

If you like the photo, you can help me spread the word by re-sharing it. Thanks for looking!
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Thanks a lot everyone, for the nice comments, plusones, and the reshares! Now, if only one of these prints would sell... :)
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Alexander S. Kunz

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My stream is messed up. A couple of days ago my friend +Peter Tellone re-joined and I added him to my circles. That was on April 11th. His posts don't show up in my stream at all. I have to visit his profile to see what he's posting, and I miss everything.

That makes me wonder what else I'm missing from people in my circles... sigh...

Help! +Google+ Help 
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+1000 +Michael Russell 
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"If I knew how to make a good photo, I'd do it every time" (Robert Doisneau)
My name is Alexander S. Kunz (pronounced like "koontz" except that the "oo" is short) and I am a fine art landscape & nature photographer. I was born and raised in Germany and now live in the greater San Diego area in California together with my wife Shuwen Lisa Wu and our beloved dog, Toni.

More information can be found in the About Me section of my homepage. This is also the place where licensing and prints are available.

If you like what I share here you can tip me on my web site, I have a "tip jar" there. :)
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