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Alexander S. Kunz

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"Pyramids of Sand" was my photo of the month in August 2014, from my second summer outing to Algodones Dunes in Imperial County, CA.
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Wonderful BW 
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Alexander S. Kunz

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Marmot Thugs - LMAO! The dude in the middle cracks me up, what a pose!
MARMOT THUGS: Mount Rainier

I was looking through some of the animal entries in the "Right Place and Time​ photo contest that I'm judging and was reminded of this trio of marmots I ran into skiing Rainier last year. Talk about chilling out...

I really hope you guys enter your best pic of the Right Place and Time over here: 

Have a great weekend!


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Joseph Beuys quote. #art #quotes

“Art alone makes life possible – this is how radically I should like to formulate it. Man is only truly alive when he realizes he is a creative, artistic being.” (Joseph Beuys)
Art alone makes life possible. [...] Man is only truly alive when he realizes he is a creative, artistic being.
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Beautiful words,Beautiful photo
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Scripps Coastal Preserve (5 photos
...screwed up the link that I shared before, had to delete. Here it is again. Thanks for looking!
#lajolla   #seascape   #photography
Five color seascape/coastal photos from an afternoon walk at Scripps Coastal Preserve, La Jolla, CA.
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Domelands East Part 2 (7 color photos). #desert #photography #wilderness

Here are the landscape & scenery photos from my recent hike in the south-eastern area of the “Domelands” in the Coyote Mountains Wilderness (part 1 contained some close-up/detail photos), through the beautiful nameless canyon to the wind-carved sandstone…
Seven color photos from a hike into a desert canyon near the "Domelands" in the Coyote Mountains Wilderness, Imperial County, CA.
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...but you don't have the enhanced silhouette with a little dog at your feet, +Lisa See. ;)
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Sunset Cliffs: Hidden Beach (6 color photos). #sandiego #seascape #photography

Some impressions from a second outing to Sunset Cliff’s “Hidden Beach” when the tide wasn’t as low as during the first visit. When I arrived, the leftovers of a storm rained down over the ocean – I hoped that these clouds would stay until after sunset but…
Six color photos from Sunset Cliff's "Hidden Beach", San Diego, CA.
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Excellent Work!!! 
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Rainy afternoon at Tabletop Reef (5 photos) #sandiego #seascape #photography

Somewhat unexpectedly and much to everyone’s delight, a late season disturbance brought some more rain to Southern California. I spent one of the cooler days out in the desert (finding the slot canyon in the Coyote Mountains Wilderness – photos will…
Five color seascape photos from an afternoon walk at Seaside Beach / Tabletop Reef during a late season storm in San Diego County, CA.
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Alexander S. Kunz

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Alexander S. Kunz

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Notes from Thursday's hike with +Alexander S. Kunz and his uber-hiking dog, Toni.
The formation of a slot canyon in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.
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Scripps Long Exposures (3 photos, Feb 2014). #longexposure #blackandwhite #photography #lajolla

Some long exposures from an evening visit to Scripps Coastal Preserve. Unfortunately, the clouds that were streaking so nicely out during the 270 second exposure time of the first image mostly dispersed past sunset. Exposure times for the images below…
Three black & white long exposure photos from Scripps Coastal Preserve, La Jolla, CA.
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+illiana Micalovich thanks! I guess I've always been a creative person and needed some creative outlet. :) And I was always fond of photographing, but what really got me started was borrowing a DSLR from a friend back in 2006. I was just curious about a "real" camera, and was hooked within the first couple of days. I like the combination of the technical aspects of photography as well as the creative part of it.
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Borrego Wind Caves (10 photos) #blackandwhite #desert #photography

On February 20th Joe, Peter and I met for another visit to Anza Borrego. While browsing some of Shuwen‘s older photos I noticed some interesting wind caves near Borrego Mountain Wash, and Joe had noticed the exact same spot while on a recent hike. Funny…
Ten black & white photos from a visit to the wind caves in Borrego Mountain Wash, Anza Borrego Desert State Park, CA.
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Gloomy Morning at Hospital Point, La Jolla (10 black & white photos). #seascape #photography

Early Tuesday morning, I met Joseph and William at La Jolla’s Hospital Point/Nicholson Point. It’s one of the most popular places for coastal & seascape photography around San Diego for sure – but more so in the afternoon and evening thankfully, when…
10 black & white long exposure photos from a gloomy morning at La Jolla's Hospital Point/Nicholson Point, San Diego, CA.
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"If I knew how to make a good photo, I'd do it every time" (Robert Doisneau)
My name is Alexander S. Kunz (pronounced like "koontz" except that the "oo" is short) and I am a landscape photographer. I was born and raised in Germany and now live in the greater San Diego area in California together with my wife Shuwen Lisa Wu and our beloved dog, Toni.

More information can be found in the About Me section of my homepage. This is also the place where licensing and prints are available.
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