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Doesn't display unread Gmail count after new Gmail update. 
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Same here. I think it's got to do with that new tabs thing.
Could it be like TeslaUnread (where you have to uninstall it when Gmail updates)?  Uninstall the extension and reinstall it?
+Andy Stetson I'd have to uninstall the whole widget and reconfigure it.. Dashclock has native support for Gmail notifications so I can't uninstall only that extension, unfortunately..
It's likely related to the new sectioned inbox feature. Known issue. 
I don't have a problem but then I don't have the sectioned inbox even with the new version seems you have to enable it somehow like having it on the desktop 
Because DashClock Widget has one of its own, I think it should work according the new version of GMail... 
It'll be fixed in the next release.
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