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Alexander Panzeri
People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” George Orwell
People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” George Orwell

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It’s time to change, so this year, you will enjoy the beauty of the moder style and modern technologies.

It’s again a first time, this year I’ve been conviced by colleagues and friends to spend one day to the _*“Les Voiles de Saint Tropez” regatta.
It was risky, I didn’t planned it, I sent the request just a week before and weather could be very bad (see last year).
Ma la fortuna aiuta gli audaci and the result has been:
- 3 days on water
- 4 days in S.T.
- Amazing memories
- One fast session to shoot a King (Juan Carlos) on boat.
- and last but not least: The Girlfriend, Eugenia!

So this year, I selected the Wally+J-Class gallery because these boats are awesome, because thanks to Daniela I shot these boats, because if I didn’t probably it would take another year before Eugenia and I to start this relationship!!!

Last two things:
- Un pensiero spaciale ad Augusta e Carla, perchè loro ne hanno bisogno, noi vi siamo vicini!
- Grazie Daniela, James, Carlo, Cyril, Yann, Martin, Heinrich, Laura, Jef, Michel, Christophe, Patrick, Anne-Gaël, Kathy, María, Umberto, Mauro^2, Federico.

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another reason why space technologies are fundamental for mankind

#esa #ecology #space

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A problem that still need a solution

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It's not a news, but we have to keep eyes open very well...

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I would like have it at home for windows....

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Giovedì 25 Maggio 2017 alle 18:30 presso Park Hotel di cassano d'Adda
verrà inaugurata la nuova Galleria d'Arte.
Io ed Eugenia saremo presenti con un'opera ciascuno.
Ovviamente portiamo immagini veliche.

Oggi è il giorno, oggi solo chi arriverà entrerà nella leggenda...
Oggi è il giorno del Tappone:
Giogo S.Maria

...manca solo il Gavia... e tutti gli atleti che del ciclismo fanno una parte fondamentale per tenersi in salute e allenarsi

#giro #stelvio #mortirolo #tappone

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capisco la logica che sta questi sono Fuori di Melone (per educazione)

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1. a good news the project is still alive...
2. When I participate to #SSBJ #EUROAVIA Munich Symposium (2006) our main problem was the missing of an engine design for civil supersonic and the only engines available for Ma>1 were military
3. I would like it would be RR (also for market image), but GE is the only that have money+time+technology to develop it.
4. If they found the way to reduce SFC the game is done!
5. I hope they will be able to do in few years...

4A. Some math and problem about, you will find here:

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A good thing to go in the future...

#ga #generalaviation #aircraft #jet
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