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And the journey starts again
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Sorry for the lack of updates (again).
I feel like i am apologizing all the time, this needs to stop.

Lots of things were going on, which consumed more time than i would have wished and expected.

Today a went to my device box and went through it and i have discovered some treasures.

Even some own hardware is in work ;)

I am going to send 3 devices, a OPPO Find7, OPPO R7Plus and ZUK Z2 PRO to +Dheeraj CVR to play with them.

I am planning to do a bringup for the OnePlus 5 really soon, also i have just published an update for the Find7 and am building, testing and uploading a new build for OnePlus3(T) as well.

Another thing to notice, we welcome another guy to the team, helping us out (i hope), +Nicholas Pace did some builds for Nexus 6P (angler).

Also +Javi Ferrer has some surprises stashed away, not sure when he is going to unleash them to the world.


Google+ notifications are overflowing my account, so if you want to have a fast reply, please link my name to your posts / replies.

Thanks for being a part and staying with us in these busy times.
The future will surely look brighter from now on :)


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Sorry for the long delay, we finally found some time to work on the S3.

Uploading the build right now and adding it here once done.
In the meantime while waiting, how about some Netflix?

// edit
there you go
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I have just created a translation project for Device Control at Crowdin.
Before it was coupled to the custom rom i am developing, now it is standalone.

That said, if you want to help translating Device Control, please have a look at

Every translator will also get mentioned inside the app :)

Thank you really much!


Regarding the work flow.

1) A translation gets submitted (by you or others)
2) People look at the submitted translations and vote for them.
3) If a submitted translation has enough votes (at least 3 votes), it will get submitted and will be found in Device Control.

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Remix OS 2.0 from +Jide Technology got released today for free for any PC to try.

Already installed it natively, rooted it and got it some Google Apps.

Native installation besides my Fedora installation, i just needed to set up a own partition for Remix and tell grub to load the ramdisk and kernel and done, pretty straight forward.

For rooting and installing google apps, i needed to mount the system.img as ext4, replace the su binary with SuperSU's and start up the su daemon with hooking into the setup script of Remix.

Some GAPPS packages got disabled by default, which needed to get reenabled via terminal (pm enable, as example)

I love Remix so far and look forward to see more from it :)
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Ist mir heute zum ersten mal aufgefallen 😜

OnePlus 2, OnePlus X, R7Plus
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Sorry for the lack of updates, life is stressing me out these days.

To share a quick overview what happened to the "Next" version of Device Control since the last time i posted, i got a NVIDIA Shield Android TV and experimented a bit with it, which resulted in initial support for Android TV.
I still need to get used to the new design guidelines and what is possible with Android TV, but i am optimistic to catch up with it pretty soon.

Some features got readded as well, like the app manager. I am still thinking about how to organize everything and i have added i/o scheduler changing as initial feature.

Also i have finished porting Android M (6.0) to my device i am using as daily driver, means the Next version will also fully support Android M.

Another thing to mention, it will also work without root, but the functionality of the app will be very limited without root. At least viewing device informations and basic functionality should be available.

More to come and i hope i have more time soon, so i can finish recoding Device Control and promote the new "Next" version to a release version soon.
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What do you think about that, instead of the default dexopt dialog?

I hate seeing that dialog, so i thought why not trying to easen the pain a bit? :)

Sorry for the bad quality, the colors are missing as the OnePlus Two camera could not handle the contrast it seems :P


A quick update, since todays build we are shipping a new kernel for i9300/n7100.

Please let us know about your experiences with this kernel :)
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