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10 jQuery plugins for creating floating elements
List of jQuery floating plugins to create floating elements like image, sharing buttons, header, footers, text labels, news, notifications, create floating message and many more...
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Alexander Kovalev

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org.apache.wicket wicket 1.4.17 org.apache.wicket ...
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Alexander Kovalev

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Alexander Kovalev

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Очень интересная коллекция поделок из металла, автор к сожалению неизвестен
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Alexander Kovalev

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does not depend on knowledge of ejb3 or enything else except core java)
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Alexander Kovalev

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When my recent article was republished on dzone Jonathan Fisher added a valuable comment stating: … I think I have something else you should write an article on: “Logging or Commenting?” I see debug statements as “living comments”, one that explain the execution of the program to the next guy, but also provides valuable intel in production. I have seen that practice only once. There was a coding environment with strict coding rules that forbid co...
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Tired of finding the right Google Apps for your rooted Android device? Look no further !
The advantages of rooting an Android device - as well as some of the drawbacks - have been well documented in many a post here at Redmond Pie. But if you have decided to enter the Dark Side, as it were, you'll be more than aware that both management and all-in-one tools can be invaluable in terms of getting the most from your hacking and modding endeavors.
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3th place on last moscow play day
My corp brought more wins than my runner but has problem with kate-darwin and I dont know how to resolve this problem. Any ideas?

NEXT Design: Guarding the Net

3 Accelerated Beta Test
3 Project Vitruvius
3 Mandatory Upgrades
1 Efficiency Committee

3 Akitaro Watanabe ■■ ■■ ■■

3 Hedge Fund
3 Green Level Clearance

2 Ice Wall ■ ■
3 Heimdall 1.0
3 Heimdall 2.0
3 NEXT Bronze
3 Viper
1 Rototurret
3 Ichi 1.0
2 Archer ■■ ■■
3 Howler
3 Chimera
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Certainly you are dealing with your nemesis. The E3 implants that often goes together with Darwin will screw any bioroid you have, and it's difficult to deal with the always raising strength of darwin. The best you can do is pump up your ice walls and make them out of reach, that's the weak point of darwin, it will take them 6 turns to reach strength 6. 3 turns if she has 3 personal touchs installed and only 1 turn if she has surges. Not mentioning possible datasuckers.

My opinion, aggressive secretary and corporate troubleshooters to shoot down that darwin. And maybe Project Ares?
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Надо заметить, что моя жизненная позиция весьма стабильна, и сформировалась не вчера. Мое советское детство было вполне обычным, я вырос в с

Wicket + Spring integration example

org.apache.wicket wicket 1.4.17 org.apache.wicket ...

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The advantages of rooting an Android device - as well as some of the drawbacks - have been well documented in many a post here at Redmond Pi

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Главный герой — профессиональный вор, руководствующийся собственным моральным кодексом, но способный запросто отправить на тот свет любого,

Ubuntu Touch

The new Ubuntu Touch operating system for phones and tablets blows away rivals Firefox OS and Tizen -- and it may even be better than iOS an


Простой и удобный клиент для сайта Поддерживаются следующие разделы сайта: - Посты - Хабы - Q&A - События - Компании - ЛюдиВсе

Google Keep

Quickly capture what’s on your mind and recall it easily wherever you are. Create a checklist, enter a voice note or snap a photo and annota