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Imagine a movie:

The camera leaves the Sun, and starts moving towards the edge of the Solar system. Kind of photon's point of view.
And this photon looks back towards the sun.

The main idea of the film is that nothing really happens on the screen for at least 45 minutes.

Well, there should be some pleasant soundtrack. From time to time planets rush by (with some quick artificial whizz with Doppler effect).

Then, after 43 minutes and 16 seconds the camera arrives at Jupiter, which hangs in this void space. The travel to the next planet - Saturn - takes another 36 minutes!

And that is the fastest possible speed in the Universe! Seriously!
The space is huge and empty.

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"A system consists of a sea of method and data slots in a multidimensional space"  ❤
Does anybody have access to the pdf? I'm at home now. Thanks for help!

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A study of programming languages regarding (resolved) defects on GitHub. The conclusion is pretty obvious:

Better language follows functional (not procedural) style and provides managed memory. It has strong and static type system.

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"Сухой Закон" в США

Запрет создал организованную преступность. До сухого закона в Америке существовали многочисленные разрозненные банды, но именно запрет сплотил их, обогатил и дал возможность обычным преступникам вмешиваться в деятельность государства. Для преступников Сухой закон был сродни золотой лихорадки. В одночасье можно было разбогатеть или все потерять. Качественный состав преступников изменился. В лидеры стали выходить люди, которые умели не только хорошо драться и убивать, но и могли договариваться, налаживать нужные связи, принимать нестандартные решения и смотреть в будущее, т.е. по сути являлись успешными предпринимателями
Все это приучило американцев к другому типу отдыха, когда можно было не просто посидеть и послушать музыку, а оттянуться на полную катушку.

Запрет сделал курение национальной привычкой. Во времена сухого закона количество курильщиков возросло в три раза.

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Smart headhunder does his A/B testing =)
I totally trolled a high-frequency trading headhunter!

Like many Google engineers, I regularly get recruiting e-mails from high-frequency traders.  After one I got back in October, +Jade Wang suggested an alternative pitch which these guys should be using which I thought was just so good, I had to actually suggest it to the guy.  So I replied as follows:

This morning my girlfriend suggested an alternative pitch that you guys should use that I think would be a lot more effective:

"You know those highly-paid douchebags on wall street who make all their money gaming the stock market?  We want you to make robots that replace them and put them out of work.  Robot douchebags."

Seriously, geeks love that kind of language.  Making robots is awesome!  Taking down arrogant rich guys, also awesome!  And this pitch completely turns the tables on people who would never do HFT because they see it as just skimming money off the stock market -- now you're offering them a chance to destroy the people who skim money off the stock market (by doing it better).

As for me, I have my own plans to pursue, and they don't involve algorithmic trading.  Sorry.

Now, I didn't expect him to actually use it.  I mean, it's ridiculous, right?  Amazingly, though, shortly thereafter, some of my coworkers started getting this:

Hi [name],
I wanted to reach out to you regarding a number of searches I am working on for my client(leading quantitative trading company in US that manage several billion of dollars).
Cutting to the chase you know those highly-paid douche bags on wall street who make all their money gaming the stock market? I would be interested in speaking to you about making robots that replace them and put them out of work; I guess these would be called robot douche bags.
I would be keen to discuss more about the compensation and types of roles(programming tools used) within the company at a convenient time, to give you a quick idea they are able to cover outstanding stock and offer extremely attractive packages including base, sign-on and guaranteed bonus all delivered in cash rather than stock options.
Let me know what number I can reach you on at a convenient time?
Many thanks,

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