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Probably best. Although I'd like to block as many ads as possible, it's not good to allow people to do what is described in this article to accomplish that. 
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Apple lead the way, but some will never admit it.

This 3D Touch-style tech could mean Android phones will get pressure-sensitive screens - Digital Trends

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I know dat feature, its really cool
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I've only recently used the option to encrypt my back-ups, seeing as it was an option I thought I may as well use it.
I didn't really think it was that important for me to use it, but Apple clearly think it's worthwhile.

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Tim Cook: The NSA Won’t Be Asking for Backdoors (Anymore) - Mac Observer
Apple CEO Tim Cook said he doesn't think we will hear the U.S. National Security Agency asking for a back door into our iPhones, at least not any more. In an interview on NPR's All Things Considered on Thursday, Mr. Cook implied that even the FBI is coming around on the need for end-user encryption.
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Ok, so I've got my 6s Plus up and running, I love the big screen, and the slightly rounded edges to the glass on the screen, it's much nicer than a totally flat screen on the 5s.
I have noticed that on occasion I'll select an app and it will stall for a few seconds, I'm not sure why this is happening, it's not something you expect from a new iPhone, maybe it just needs to warm up a bit.

Another thing I've noticed is that the touch recognition is super fast, in fact it's so fast that I thought there was a problem with my phone. Sometimes after waking the phone it will show the lock screen and skip almost immediately to the home screen, but I realised that it, of course, only does this when I use a finger or thumb that I've registered with Touch ID. I was quite worried for a minute.

But the phone is really nice to hold and use, so if you're still wondering if you should get one, stop wondering and go and get it.

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+Brian Sullivan
That's almost the same then, but irritatingly not.
If possible, you should get on the 'S' train. I deliberately started that with the 5s, in other words, skip the phones in between the 'S' models.
It feels a bit irritating to watch the new design pass you by, but soon afterwards comes the S version which often gets pretty significant improvements. 
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Alexander Kaymak

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Moon over Kyoto last night. 
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Apparently Siri is having a stupid day. In fact, to be accurate, she's still very dim in general. I asked for Eminem, I have several Eminem albums downloaded onto my device, and I have Apple Music, which is supposed to mean that I have all of them available to me.
+Apple Dystopia has just written a post or two about Apple Music, and I can't disagree. As much as I like the idea, and I like having access to all music (when I can get it to work without cutting out) there are too many problems with it at the moment.
And Siri apparently has no idea how to interact with it properly.
Siri is failing so often to get what I ask for from Apple Music (and failing in general, she often just quits and does nothing after I ask for something), that I'm wondering how it's possible that Apple don't have a better team working on getting this to run efficiently.

I'm disappointed. I may cancel my Apple Music subscription & just stick to buying the few albums I really want. 
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+Ross Green
No, it's just an Apple not paying attention to the Siri program, problem.
I'm not saying it never works, but the fail rate is far too high at the moment. 
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It's not a smart thing to do. Recently Apple have praised Microsoft & even had them up on stage during their most recent event.
Taking a jab at Apple (over comments made several years ago) just because Microsoft is feeling good about its latest devices (which are still to be put to the test), is a really bad move.

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Microsoft exec jabs at Apple, tweets drawing of 'converged' toaster and refrigerator - AppleInsider
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+John Camacho
You're right, it's not a huge jab, it could just be seen as competitive fun. But I enjoyed seeing Microsoft & Apple being on the stage together, and I'd hate to see that sort of thing end because an executive on either side steps over the line with a public comment. 
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I love it. I think we'll see lots more apps that take full advantage of iOS 9 & Watch OS 2 in the near future.
There are so many possibilities, with the new 3D Touch especially.

Fantastical gains iOS 9’s productivity-enhancing features, Apple Watch complication and more - iDB

Link for those without Apple News app:-
Hot off the heels of its big Mac update, developer Flexibits today issued an update to Fantastical for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. The new software takes
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I can finally multitask!
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Alexander Kaymak

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I have been asked to join +Max Buondonno for a technology talk show. I have never taking part in anything like this but as nervous as I am, I would like you to join me in this live performance. I promise there will be an entertainment value, rather I fail epically or we rather we kick some tech ass.
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Alexander Kaymak

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A pretty little flower I just noticed in the garden. #kyoto
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iPhone 6s Plus just arrived at my house. I feel a bit sick, don't really want to open it just yet, I might just stare at the box for a few hours. 
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Only just taken it out of the delivery packaging. Still staring at cellophane wrapped box. 
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Pro Bodybuilding Has Lost Its Way - Bodybuilding

Just wondering what people think about this. Personally I think its definitely lost its way. Many men are turning themselves (with drugs) into a big, lumpy, out of proportion mess. There doesn't seem to be any respect for balance or beauty in sculpting the body anymore.
Of course, it's entirely the choice of each individual, they don't hurt others, but it's a shame that the artistic eye is now largely missing from bodybuilding. 

Here's the link for those that don't have Apple news app to open up the article.
The Olympia only reinforced criticism from Arnold Schwarzenegger of the sport he popularized. But while he implicates the judges for the sorry state of today's physiques, a closer look reveals there is plenty of blame to go around.
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I meet big rammy he works out in Phoenix.
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Always striving to be better than I was yesterday.
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