No SOPA Markup today - but Scribd is coming out against it all over the Internet

"Scribd will make its first public stance against SOPA and PIPA," relates Michelle Laird, senior director of communications at Scribd, via email an email this morning.

"We want to demonstrate what could happen if either bill passes in Congress. Today, readers visiting Scribd will see documents vanish word for word right before their eyes. A light box will appear to alert users to what's going on, provide a call to action and links to more information including SOPA-related documents uploaded to Scribd like the Tribe Legis memo read over 125K times. In all, over a billion pages and nearly half a trillion words could simply disappear. "

Politico's Morning Tech reports that SOPA is pushed back but "likely to move"

From this morning's newsletter:

"The House Judiciary Committee postponed the third day of its marathon SOPA markup until the next time Congress is in session, which basically means it's pushed back to 2012. It's a move that the bill's staunchest opponents say could give them extra time to drum up more opposition. Rep. Darrell Issa, for one, told MT via statement that the delay offers lawmakers 'an opportunity to consider and address numerous concerns that Internet engineers, cybersecurity experts, human rights groups and constitutional scholars have expressed about the SOPA manager's amendment.'

"Yet Steve Tepp from the U.S. Chamber's Global IP Center balked at the thinking that a delay emboldens the opposition. 'The votes are clearly running 2-1 in favor of the manager's amendment, but the chairman is graciously allowing the markup to continue into a third day,' Tepp said. 'Only in Washington can people say with a straight face that losing 2-1 is a win.'

Both bills are poised to move despite the high-profile protests of key lawmakers and others outside Capitol Hill, Jen Martinez reports." (Registration required.)
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