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If you're wondering what Google's execs had in mind with the redesign, you can hear directly from +Bradley Horowitz and +Vic Gundotra in this reporter's roundtable.
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posted this earlier, "Google+: that bad relationship where the object of your affection is terrible to you & your friends say leave it but you think it can change"

I have to say that, to me, this redesign implementation is a disaster and may finally be the thing that makes me stop holding out hope for the product.
The biggest hole, as far as I am concerned, is that the Android tablet Google+ experience sucks, and has sucked for far too long. Now that the "floor plan" is improved in the Web UI, it is time to make the tablet app something that really becomes the centerpiece of the tablet experience.
I don't really want to listen to some video explaining how the new design is great. I just want one sentence, of the form "the purpose of the #whitespace is ..."
+Alexander Howard I'm assuming if there was a straight answer to the question, they would have come out with it already.
+Zigurd Mednieks +Alexander Howard My screen basically looks like someone randomized the z-index of every single div... I'd submit these bugs, but I also can't seem to locate the once handy feedback button
I am no fan of Google+ in the round and the redesign puts me off even more. Claustrophobic much?
+Dominic Campbell I'm used to hanging out on even smaller screens. Does Facebook feel more open to you? What's your favorite social network design for feeling that way, at the moment?
+Alexander Howard true but it feels so bland with little to draw your eye and the (lack of) structure of information and its flow does nothing for me. Facebook definitely feels like they are using space better IMO. Having said that I feel all of them (twitter included) are losing the simplicity and fun to use as they cram more in and increasingly have to bury useful things (eg DMs on mobile twitter is madness). Instagram has done so well for exactly that reason - simple, elegant, fun doing only what we want. Cramming lots into the immediate experience of sites like G+, FB and Twitter is spoiling them IMO. Also - Circles. Don't get it. Too much work for my liking.
+Dominic Campbell Gotcha. The new interface is definitely rocking some grayscale.

In general I find that "simple things, done well" is a mantra that applies equally well to fine cooking, elegant engineering and intuitive user interface design.

I agree that Instagram's minimalism is alluring, particularly on a small mobile screen where pixels are at a premium, even at today's higher resolutions, if you're viewing pictures.

And I also agree that too much going on detracts from whatever individual experience you are trying to have in a given moment, whether it's writing a post, looking at pictures or participating in a Hangout.

Re: Twitter, fortunately we can still choose different Twitter clients. I'm liking Tweetbot a lot. I almost never use
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