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Alexander Hofbauer
Nerd, Techie, Enthusiast. Android lover (obviously).
Nerd, Techie, Enthusiast. Android lover (obviously).

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While I do understand that our fragmented laws significantly hinder development in the EU, I'm still glad that I live in Austria when it comes to entertainment.

Take "The Evil Dead" for example. This movie was confiscated in Germany and is still kind of illegal. In France it is rated "12".

So a movie that could be legally seen by teens in France was illegal for grown-ups in Germany? Ridiculous.

Being able to download everything illegally off the internet, Germans who want to own an uncut copy of a PC game buy in Austria. Both countries are full members of the EU.

No, I really don't want a common, homogenous content law if there's the slightest chance that Germany and their stupid censors have a say in it.
Bookmark this for the next time you're planning to post a snarky "this item not available in your country" comment so that you can redirect your anger at where it belongs

Talking to the Italian press, Oettinger went on to explain that “in general we do not accept geo-blocking,” The Commission was certainly pressing forward for a common digital market in some sectors, such as e-commerce. “But some sectors are special: The film sector, TV and sports.

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Because multithreading is hard, mkay?
Some jobs obviously can only be done sequentially, one person at a time.

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Google Authenticator got updated.

All my Google play jokes killed in a single upload.

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Of all the features CyanogenMod might offer over stock Android, this is the greatest in my opinion.

After getting used to it I really noticed the difference, and I'm greatly missing it on my Nexus 9 at the moment.

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Mo-vember ;-) 

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Nothing to add.

"Imagine the ridiculousness if Google removed all search results about Amazon devices because Google doesn't build a YouTube app for Fire."
J.B. Queru

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Should you care about photography and composition, here's a rule of thumb you can't go wrong with when taking great pictures for the interwebz.

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My Nexus 4 now had two sleeps of death in a row. Yes, right after hard resetting and rebooting it went to take another little nap of what-the-heck-not-again. With the power button only sometimes working, hard resetting takes about a minute of fiddling around to finally work.

New Nexus 5 can't come fast enough.

#nexus4 #nexus5x
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