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Alexander Hofbauer

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A little bit of wild garlic.

Also, re: It's this time of the year again" ;)
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Want. Nao.
One phrase in this "review" stands out to me, "The machine will have the same video and processing power of the PS4 and XBox1."

I don't think we've ever seen a time where the GPU power of the leading game machines that have just reached the market, is already met by existing chips we can buy today, or within this quarter, before.

Now either this is because GPU / system design really isn't "breakthrough" anymore, or because hardware designs are turning into small incremental changes over time and not huge changes, or maybe because the same GPU company designed the PS4 and XBox1, or maybe because the consumer offerings are just that good.

Either way, this trend means that by the end of this year, you will be able to buy a new box with far greater power than the PS4 and XBox1.  For something like the SteamBox, that means that game designers can push way beyond what you could do on the "traditional" platforms and get your game to people easier then just the PC platform delivery system.

Anyway, enough random thoughts, all I know is I am loving the SteamBox.

And the SteamController?  Well, I originally had my doubts, but it's really growing on me.  The key is that you can just remap any button to any action/key, so if you get frustrated with one configuration, just change it.  It also allows you to play games that don't have game controller modes, with a controller.  Which is a huge win and something that hasn't really been done before.

Oh, and for games that already support a game controller, the SteamController is really nice, no problems at all.  In fact, I've found the ability to remap buttons makes it even nicer than a normal controller for these games.

The true test is, when the kid picks up a controller to play a game, he picks the SteamController, not the PS3 or xbox controller.

Now, it's raining hard, really cold out, nothing else to do except go play some more games.  All in the name of "testing"...
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Alexander Hofbauer

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Summary: Lately Gnome developers seem to rush out half-done features driving off even their core users.

You know, I've been a user of gnome-shell since it hit Debian in a usable version.

Whatever the #Gnome devs shipped in the past, I admired their work a lot. Believe it or not, I know how to use it productively and I do every day. Well, until I saw the new client side decorations (CSD) of Gnome.

I've been putting the close, minimize, maximize and menu to the left side of the window decorations since the first time used a Linux desktop environment about ten years ago. Once I started using gnome-shell I dropped min/max, they were no longer necessary. Still, close and menu were on the left side. With the new CSDs that's no longer possible for Gnome apps.

Why did you rush to bring a feature to 3.10 that's not even half done, neither design nor implementation, when there was no obvious reason to do so?

Consider me disappointed. A lot.
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Alexander Hofbauer

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Dear +Steam, you should know by now that your servers are being hit very, very hard every time you do sales. Every frecking time.

So, please, stop timeouting on me, shut up and, for mammons sake, take my money (and credit card).
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I had better luck this time paying via paypal, it cuts out a step the Valve servers can fail on.
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Alexander Hofbauer

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Today's tour on our motorcycles: Ramssattel, Feistitzsattel, Pfaffensattel, Semmering – and back home. With Dad. Love our mountains.
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A few words of warning: Don't buy #Philips TVs.

They may look great, promise you a heap of features. In fact their software is so unbelievably buggy, I'm lacking words to describe it (as a software developer I actually know quite a few of such "terms").

Really, I'm no expert on (Smart-)TVs, and maybe they're all equally bad, but random reboots can't be the norm, right?
You know, if a cheap 150€ no-name device is able to e.g. show EPG data, one can expect no less than that from an expensive "Smart" TV. I could go on and on, but I guess you get the point.

So again: Don't even think of getting a Philips TV. But, in case you believe me to be a liar, opinionated, or ignorant (pretty much all apply actually): just head over to their support forums [1] and read for yourself. They are far more revealing than every (probably paid for) review out there.

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Like usual: skip the smart part and prefer a dumbTV that has great picture values, and connect any android usb stick or device to the hdmi port.

i wrote that a couple of times for exactly the reasons you mention here (=

oh, but good to see in austria, they not only have kangaroos but also crappy smart tv's just like over here...
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#Lenovo ships some #Thinkpad notebooks with an #Intel SSD 520 [1].

Now, one could think that's a really sound choice for enterprise-grade hardware. I say it probably isn't, if you can bring down a harddrive by writing 20.000 rows to an SQLite file.

I really don't do lots of software development on my notebook where I need to store huge amounts of data, but, seriously, writing to a file that as a result has about 4MB of size, would you call that "stress testing an SSD"? Rather not.

I though some people should know about the inability of two renown manufacturers to get their shit together [2]. I mean such insignificant stuff like replacing hardware that's faulty by design, or at least providing a working firmware update.

Oh and, no, Lenovo, it's not a Linux problem:
Lenovo X230 + Intel 520 180G SSD timeout under heavy load

A shame, obviously they can't do either and I lost my fate in big names.

[1] SSDSC2BW180A3L, firmware LF1i.
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Alexander Hofbauer

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"Die Zukunft des Internets, wie der amerikanische Telekommunikationsgigant Cisco sie sieht: […] Es soll so viele IP-Adressen geben, dass jedem Atom auf der Erdoberfläche hundert davon zur Verfügung stehen."

Liebe +FAZ.NET - Frankfurter Allgemeine, ich ärgere mich auch sehr gerne über Cisco. Im Moment aber eher über diesen Artikel. Profis vom Fach werden mir bezüglich Cisco wohl zustimmen. Profis, zu deren Kreis theoretisch auch Yvonne Hofstetter gehören sollte – als Geschäftsführerin der Teramark Technologies GmbH.

Wie kann es also sein, dass eine Autorin, die es eigentlich besser wissen sollte, Sätze wie "Das vernetzte Ambiente würde natürlich flexibel auf jede Regung des Nutzers reagieren" verfasst, und damit eigentlich impliziert, IPv6 und das so schön medienwirksam gezeichnete Vernetzte-Zukunft-Horrorszenario wären eine Idee von Cisco?

IPv6 ist eine Notwendigkeit.

Dieser Satz ist mir persönlich so wichtig, dass ich ihn allein stehen lassen will. Eigentlich sollte ich ihn noch dreimal wiederholen, damit er sich ein bisschen einprägen kann. Als IPv4 erdacht wurde, war dessen möglicher Adressraum unvorstellbar groß. Unvorstellbar, so dass niemals jemand auf die Idee gekommen wäre, wir würden ein paar Jahrzehnte später mit dem selben Protokoll unsere Mobiltelefone und Autos vernetzen.

Wir, nicht Cisco. Vielleicht auch die Hersteller von Mobiltelefonen oder Autos. Aber sicher nicht Cisco. Mit einer Präsentation. Über die mögliche Zukunft unserer jetzt schon vernetzten Welt.

Cisco ist ein Anbieter von Netzwerklösungen, kein Fädenzieher im Geheimen, keine verschwiegene Verschwörertruppe. Das "Cisco-Szenario", wie Sie es nennen, gibt es nicht, so spannend man es auch als Aufhänger für einen Empöret-Euch-Aufschrei inszenieren könnte.

Ja, wir müssen jetzt handeln. IPv6 hätte schon vor zehn Jahren IPv4 ablösen können, vor fünf sollen, und wäre heute Standard. Mit der totalen Überwachung hat es aber so ziemlich gar nichts zu tun. Diese ist nämlich auch heute schon möglich – mit IPv4 und aktuellen Technologien.

IPv6 macht Überwachung auch nicht einfacher für die Überwacher. Die haben nämlich schon lange genug Möglichkeiten – zum Beispiel bei Mobiltelefonen. Wers nicht glaubt, kann sich ja Interviews und Präsentationen von Harald Welte ergooglen.

Nein, IPv6 hat nichts mit einfacherer, umfassenderer Überwachung zu tun. Die Autorin eures Artikels sollte das eigentlich wissen.
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Alexander Hofbauer

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Lessons learned today:

a) Don't ever use Plesk. Never. No excuses.

b) All legacy installations of Plesk will fall on your head. Guaranteed.
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Same could be said for every software project, because eventually someone will find an exploit.
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Alexander Hofbauer

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I tend to delete pictures I take. Only a few left, found in my Facebook account.
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Making money. And good software.
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