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Alexander Hansen
Resistance is futile.
Resistance is futile.

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Sikkerhetsselskapet #Mnemonic prøver seg på en gratis tjeneste som stopper deg fra å gå inn på infiserte nettsider.

Tjenesten blokkerer kjente ondsinnede IP-adresser og domener, og gir deg et ekstra lag av sikkerhet ved at adressen sjekkes opp mot selskapets sensornettverk og en database med "farlige" sider.

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Added photos to Cross Faction Meetup in Oslo, Norway.

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Shard fører med seg krig, loggen under er et klart bevis :)

@WckdViking / Enlightened.
L10 og holder til i Østfold.
Ofte innom eller via Vestfold grunnet jobb eller reise til hjemtraktene Porsgrunn.

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Bare en "liten" hilsen ;)
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Hannover shōnin xfaction photo

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Follow #Shard24  

Shard 24 had arrived Monument of the Fallen Soliders 01:00 thru a 1500km long link from Vadsø.
We wanted to move it to a even more secure portal,  and 07:00 the Shard jumped to Store Vedøfse.

Team X prepare them self for the hike to Store Vedøfse. Luckily the sun is shining and forecast looks good.

We want to merge #24 with #28 and decides to link to Risør.
We deploy clearingteams in both Risør, Halden and Strømstad. We also have a mobile team coming from down from Oslo to take down any unexpected blockers.

The X-team reports they have arrived Store Vedøfse. 
@PersianPassion demonstrates her skills with getting fire without matches, while the boys fooling around with blue and green balloons :)

Risør confirms they are ready to welcome the Shard
The teams in Strømstad confirms they are on site for flipping two portals. An agent with 'noname' had one heck of a party the night before. Tips: Don't go near the portals before it rains again :)

The team in Halden reports they have cleared the blockers
Strømstad flips two portals
To have a free sight we have to take down out own superlong link.@toHitAcZero is supposed to do that in Vadsø, but we have not succeeded with any communication with him for the last 5 hours.
Only blocker left is our own link.
The X team tries to link continuously. 
Blocker down, they establishes link to Risør and #24 travels immediately!
Close call but we did it!!

X-team prepare them self for the hike home. What a team!!!!

To prove our superiority we put the 1500km long link up again!

+Anne Beuttenmüller 
+Matilde Tusberti 

#Shards   #Shonin   #ingress   #DevraShards  
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