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Alexander Gomer
Das Leben mag manchmal keinen Sinn haben, was aber noch lange nicht heißt das es sinnlos ist.
Das Leben mag manchmal keinen Sinn haben, was aber noch lange nicht heißt das es sinnlos ist.

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Pickled Blizzard
Inspiration needed? Watch this short video tutorial how to use Snapseed's Double Exposure filter and some other tools for putting landscape photos into jars. As a source for more inspiration, you might want to look at the awesome work of +Christoffer Relander Photography who actually inspired me looking into this style. And who seems to work on actual film -- so he's playing in a totally different league. :)
#iPhone #Snapseed #NYC #blizzard

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Get the app! 
Snapseed 2.17 is available for all users on iOS and Android now, so let’s take a look at the new Face Pose tool. This is Snapseed’s second tool that focuses on working with portraits and selfies. Like Face Enhance, it will detect a face in your photo and allow you to interact with it. Face Pose is limited to work on one face only, so give it a try with a selfie or a portrait of one person.

Face Pose can modify the orientation of a head: After mapping the pixels of a face onto a 3D model, Face Pose lets you tilt and pan the face. By tapping the parameter-selector icon at the bottom of the screen, you can modify the size of the pupils, the intensity of a smile, and the photo’s apparent focal length (useful for correcting distortion).

Animated Photo

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Great Update!

Snapseed getting better and better!
What a release! Snapseed 2.17 starts rolling out today and it brings you three new awesome tools: Double Exposure allows you to blend two photos and choose from blending modes that are inspired by analog film techniques as well as digital image processing. Face Pose lets you correct the pose of portraits based on three dimensional models. Expand allows you to increase the size of your canvas and fill up the new space in smart ways with content from your image.

In addition, local looks and QR looks now support the Brush tool and Stacks Brushing.

Photo by +Sven Tiffe

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YouTube Gaming Easter Eggs

I've documented a few of these across both Tiny Teardowns and in Android Police articles, but it seems like time to them all in one place so they're easier to find. I'll keep this list updated as new easter eggs are added/discovered.

For those that may not know, the YouTube Gaming app includes an Easter Egg counter under Settings -> General. Each Easter Egg is a reference to a classic or influential game. There is usually a new Easter Egg added with each minor version bump, though one or two didn't work with until a bug fix update came out later.

v1.0: Asteroids
Open Settings -> About -> tap the app version a few times until the title bar changes.

v1.1: Battletoads
Open the Battletoads (1991) page and tap the PRE-ORDER button.

v1.2: Contra
Open the Contra (1987) page, tap the gamepad icon, enter the code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A).

v1.3: Doom
Open the Doom (1993) page and press the back button to leave it.

v1.4: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Open the Skyrim (2011) page, tap the gamepad, enter the code LAAS, YAH, NIR.

v1.5: Final Fantasy
Open the Final Fantasy II (1988) page and tap the chocobo egg icon.

v1.6: Gauntlet
Open the Gauntlet Legends (1998) or Gauntlet (2014) page and tap on the knife & fork icon.

v1.7: Half-Life
Open a page for any Half-Life game and tap on the logo.

v1.8: Icewind Dale
Open any Icewind Dale game and tap on the die icon.

v1.9: Journey
Just open the page for Journey. No need to do anything else, it registers by just showing up.

v1.91: King's Quest
Search for any King's Quest game, tap on the two people icon.

v1.92: Loom
Search for Loom (1990) and tap on the gamepad symbol. There's no need to tap on any notes.

v1.93: Metal Gear Solid
Search for Metal Gear Solid (any version), tap the gamepad. There's no need to mess with the numbers, but if you set the right number (i.e. 140.85, 140.96, 141.80, 141.52, 140.15, 141.12, or 140.48) and hit the call button, it will put up the message "SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!"

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This photographer created phoenix wings by light painting with real fire:

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That comments 😂😂

cc +Artem Russakovskii​, +Derek Ross​

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Get ready to discover the home screen for you. The #myAndroid Taste Test is here:
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