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Alexander Fu
Android and photography enthusiast
Android and photography enthusiast

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Hey there random skrubs! ... Oh wait wrong person sorry :/
(Sorry for the unoriginal intro, too cliché I know)
Hi everyone, this is Alexander Fu! I am a very enthusiastic Android fan and an avid shooter game player. I have a OnePlus 3 (main device) paired with a Galaxy S6 (dev testing purposes). 

Personal infos: (I don't mind telling my info so why not)
- I'm 14
- I'm in 9th grade
- I live in New York
- I attend Ardsley High School
- I am Asian (some of you didn't know that)
- I hate homework (doesn't everyone lol)

(Side note 1: I also have a slight interest in astronomy, but I don't post much of that on my profile.)
(Side note 2: I hate Qualcomm. Exynos and NVIDIA FTW!)

Honorable mentions
+Griffin Gore​​ one of my first friends on Google+, you are truly amazing. It all started from Droid Life (inside story)

+Mr. Sam​​ the most helpful guy, he taught me a lot of GFX

+Eli F.​​ for being a random skrub

+Angel Zavala​​ for also being a random skrub

+Angelina Meng​​ best cousin ever no kidding

+Andrew Quebe​​ dev friend, very helpful when I still had my site (those memories)

+Zachy​​ because he's +Zachy​​ 

+Sinder5​​ my GFX role model, too bad I will never surpass his skills

+*****​ idk ur just here

+Anas K.​​ for the best Material wallpapers :D

+Tristan Agostino​​ best tech person ever he knows everything about everything

+Richard Hernandez​​ a very helpful person, very good person to talk with

+Jonathan Tang​​ best irl friend

+everyone else I missed

Have a nice day and forget I made this post
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Do you have a mechanical keyboard? How do you feel about them? I currently own a Logitech G910 and it's been nothing but satisfaction.

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I wrote a guide on how to speed up a slow Android phone. It covers multiple reasons. Any more tips that you might have would also be appreciated.

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I discuss the pros and cons of using a controller for gaming. Personally I like the keyboard and mouse more in most applications.

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Weighing the benefits of a 1080p to a 1440p display. Both have their positives and negatives.

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Reasons and factors as to to get a case, or to skip it.
Case Or No Case?
Case Or No Case?

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I wrote this explaining my thoughts on the OnePlus 3 and how it's holding up today.

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Music is a big industry. All around us, it’s being played on the radio, on the television, and on our phones. However, what’s the best way to enjoy music? Over the ear headphones are my favorite device to listen to. I was looking to upgrade my headphones,…
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Which one should I masterwork?
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Better Devils
Nameless Midnight
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