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Alexander Curtis
Animator, Cyclist, Dog.
Animator, Cyclist, Dog.

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Today, as I bonked 55 miles into my ride, an elderly gentleman rode up along side me and said, "You look like you should be faster. Why aren't you faster?" 


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Nobody else even try. This is the best ever. +Andrew Valko +Bo Boghosian 

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Beautiful and ahem powerful commercial by Duracell

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 Ok. Just so everyone knows, the Kyle Lambert "portrait" of Morgan Freeman has been proved to be fake, due to its 100% geometrical match to the original photo.  He is a fraud.  He makes me mad. 

iPad Art - Morgan Freeman Finger Painting

His process video (above) was made by using blurs and painting on top of the original photo, slowly working from small strokes to large broad ones. The footage was then reversed to make it seem like he was building up to the original.

This video (in french) shows the 100% geometric match. Every hair, ever pore, every freckle, down to the pixel. This is impossible to achieve by painting. 

iPad Art Morgan Freeman Finger Painting ***FAKE***

This video shows the original Kyle Lambert video, but played in reverse (which is actually the way it was recorded) It is obvious to see how he blurs and removes details, and then paints broad strokes on top. 

iPad Art - Morgan Freeman Finger Painting!!! FAKE!!! BUSTED!!!

This is someone else using the same fake technique, to show how easy it is. 

This is a fake painting.

Finally, here is a painting from Kyle Lambert's actual portfolio in which he DOES NOT KNOW WHICH SIDE OF THE HAND THE THUMB IS ON.

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One of the most important things we can do for our Veterans is to honor and remember their stories. The Greatest Generation is ending, and our WWII vets are being lost at a staggering rate of 680 per day. Often, their incredible stories are being lost with them. 

If you're interested in helping out, consider backing David Perinchief's Kickstarter campaign to document the jaw-dropping life story of Corporal Robert Forester. 

A WWII Army Veteran, the last surviving member of his unit, and one of the only Americans ever to receive the Ordre de la Legion d'Honneur, his story is one we should not forget.

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Alex has been lying on his couch eating Reese's for 6 weeks. #YOLO  

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If anyone is interested in reading an excessively detailed account of the Lake Tahoe Ironman, I finally posted my Race Report! I might break it up into a few smaller posts for easy reading, but for now enjoy it all at once!

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Kristine!!!!  I didn't get to properly congratulate you! You are amazing!! I know you didn't get the time you wanted, but you did something even more impressive.

Pushing onward through an injury like that is the hardest thing you can face in endurance sports.  Literally the hardest thing. You've got such incredible mental strength, the speed will come with ease. 

Congrats!!!   #unstoppable    #furtureironman  

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Year one. 

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Hey Nate Swinehart and Colin Levy! Look at those beautiful mountains! Clean mountain air! Just two more reasons to come up and visit Lake Tahoe! 

Also, we'd love to see you! :) 
Sunrise swim with +Bharath Sitaraman. It was a chilly 39° at seven o'clock, but at least the whitecaps are gone. Mental note: pack gloves, a vest and a thermos of something warm for the swim-to-bike transition.  #IMTahoe #ironw00t   
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