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Not bad for an unfiltered shot #throughglass 
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Alexander Conroy

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Way cool idea. Love this it's like a lil hotel room for each kid. 
Nice Design ♥

Please Follow: +Creative Ideas 
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Alexander Conroy

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#aliens That explains it.
And lo, three days hence the xenomorph did emerge and live again beyond the host, as was prophesized. 
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Alexander Conroy

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Do you really think a pancake is going to fix this, Heather!

#humor   #funny  
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Kinda Judge Dreddish. But pretty awesome idea. Now it is only comes in burst fire, suppression, and frag modes ~

I could see them easily just pairing it via Bluetooth to your phone or something similar. #internetofthings  
No need to be worried if you are in a tense situation l …
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Alexander Conroy

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Would wear. 
Logan Riese Leather jacket with skulls and cross by ~loganriese on deviantART. This is one of the most incredible leather-work pieces I think I've ever seen. WOW.
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Where can I get one? 
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Best damn cupcakes and coffee in #miami. Make sure you give it a try. 
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I can't point fingers bc I was really bad last weekend.... but I do hope you didn't eat all 3 cupcakes. +Alexander Conroy 
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Really Really DUMB idea. Taxing Solar?!
I'm thinking that we really need to encourage more Solar and Wind energy.  But I'm afraid that the Status Qua fossil fuel barons are not going to be happy with their loss of income and, pardon the pun, power.  
Solar power is not just any energy source. It could be the key to saving civilization.
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Yes yes...waste your money. Install the solar panels on your property but then pay up because the gov controls the climate and Sun. #seemsfair #sarcasm
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#science Lets find some #aliens  
Confirmed Earth-sized exoplanet in habitable zone

The +NASA Kepler team just announced the confirmed existence of an Earth-sized planet orbiting in the habitable zone of its host star. 

This planet is about 500 light years away from our solar system in the constellation Cygnus the swan. It's orbiting an M-dwarf star, also known as a red dwarf, which are the most abundant known stars in our Milky Way galaxy.

The planet's orbit is about 130 days, compared to our 365 days, and since the star is much cooler than the Sun, receives about 1/3 of the solar radiation. The warmth of the planet is unknown, because that would depend on composition of its atmosphere, which has not been established at this point. 

Read more here: 

#Kepler186f   #KeplerSpaceTelescope   #Kepler   #Exoplanet   #ScienceEveryday  
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I think it is already in Google's Street view. j/k
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Lead Developer, Coder, Marketer, Consultant & Problem Solver
PHP, mySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, NodeJS, MongoDB, WordPress, Netsuite, Internet Marketing, Technical SEO, Linux Admin, Web Development, MVC Architecture
  • Lead Developer, Marketer, Partner; Esotech Inc.
    Lead Developer, Marketer, Consultant & Partner, 2008 - present
  • VitalOne Health Plans Direct, LLC.
    Internet Marketing and Information Technology Manager, 2009 - 2011
  • Florida International University
    Course Designer, 2007 - 2008
  • Florida International University
    Adjust Professor, 2006 - 2008
  • Florida International University
    Office Assistant, 2008 - 2008
  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools
    Substitute Teacher, 2004 - 2005
  • Winn-Dixie
    Customer Service Representative, 1997 - 2001
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South Miami, FL
Palms Springs North, FL - Little Havana - Downtown Miami - South Miami
Contact Information
786-315-9653, 305-496-2442
6690 SW 54th Lane Miami, FL 33155
786-315-9653, 888-646-9653
6690 SW 54th Lane Miami, FL 33155
PHP/JS Developer, HTML/CSS Coder, Problem Solver. Philosopher, Gamer.

Partner and Lead Developer at Esotech. Web/Database Development, SEO Web Design, Digital Marketing, SMB and Enterprise Tech Consulting.

Our team consists of a solid core of developers and marketers ready to optimize any site and take on any technological task. We are able to analyze businesses in any industry to optimize both online marketing efforts as well as automation, process and  data flow.

At Esotech, I partnered with Bill Grunau to create jobs that people will love and an environment that stimulates brilliant and diligent people to succeed. I believe that the team that grows a business, should be rewarded for their efforts and grow alongside the company. Extravagant living at the cost of employee satisfaction is not an acceptable work ethic.

Find more information about me at my personal blog

Marketing & SEM: Experienced in SEO - Search Engine Optimization, SMO - Social Media Optimization, Digital Marketing Strategies, 

Coding & Development: Advanced PHP/mySQL Programming and WordPress Plugin Development are my forte, which built other advanced skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery.

NodeJSMongoDB,Joomla, Drupal and Netsuite are other languages and systems that I have experience coding in and managing. 

Working on marketing and technical solutions with big brands such as Fedex, David's Bridal and United Healthcare has given me insight into both business and data logistics. I can map out and produce a project from concept to deliverable. This has helped me build a team of specialists under my management without losing sight of what goes into each project.

SEO, SMO, and Web Technology make sense to me. My "Absolute Relevancy" approach to SEO has avoided my clients any pitfalls due to Google Algorithm changes. I have come up with solutions for clients both large and small, from complex databases to neatly organized and functional websites.

I am a major Google proponent and now fortunate enough to be a #GlassExplorer; I use Google services including Google Analytics, Adwords/Adsense and webmaster tools daily. I am an avid user, developer and promoter of the Open Source Movement and Open Source Software for businesses. 

I have advanced knowledge of PHP & WordPress letting me do things most developers can't, turning WordPress into a full-fledged and user configurable database management system. I have contributed to the development of many open source plugins that are hosted at Just search for "Simpul" plugins by Esotech.

I have created multiple CRM systems from scratch, mostly relating to health insurance sales. I have been working heavily with Node.JS and MongoDB on a Simple, Scalable CRM solution, as well as working on another PHP powered integrated sales system with integrated Predictive Dialer built on my own MVC Framework. 

I also consult for Netsuite clients as well as design and implement Netsuite Websites. 

Bring me a tech problem and I will find a solution.  

I have a bachelor's in Psychology and was a student and teacher at Florida International University. I completed graduate coursework for the Masters in Religious Studies program as well as taught introductory courses in religion. I am also a fellow of the Program for the Study of Spirituality which is under the care of my Thesis adviser Dr. Nathan Katz. The Masters program has introduced me to academic religious research and publishing. I am intensely interested in mysticism, esotericism and the occult. I am especially interested in Hindu mystical traditions, most notably the tantric concepts found in Kashmir Shaivism. My academic education has given me a professional yet courteous understanding of both local and international clients and employees. 

I speak Spanish fluently, yet mostly retain firm mastery in the English language. I read and write Devanagari and am studying Sanskrit for academic purposes.

I currently play Rift and Ingress. I have played many classic console and PC games, most specifically the Everquest genre and a few shooters such as Counter-Strike and the Battlefield Series. AT 13 I was connecting to KALI DOS via  PPPShare on Prodigy Internet to play my first online game: Mechwarrior 2 - Mercenaries as GB>Prophet which is still a favorite. 

Because of my heavy interest in computers I initially established Esotech as a small business performing computer repair in Miami, Florida. This could not have been done without support and interest from the Cisneros family who has guided me and employed my services for years. Their support of my entrepreneurial endeavors gave me the confidence to keep learning, innovating and pushing forward.

Bragging rights
Glass Explorer, Framework Builder
  • Florida International University
    Religious Studies, 2004 - 2006
  • Florida International University
    Psychology, 2002 - 2004
  • Miami Dade College
    Computer Science, 2000 - 2002
  • School for Advanced Studies - North Campus
  • American Senior High School
  • Miami Lakes Middle School
  • Center for Modern Languages
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This place is the best to go to relax and let the ladies take care of you. Ask them for some brown or white sugar. It's worth it to get a nice hand massage neck massage and haircut.
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One of the best places to have breakfast or lunch in Miami, excellent service. Food is amazing. Clean food, often organic, and never greasy. Pancakes are massive. They also often have gluten free and healthy bakery goods. They have the very best Chili anywhere. My staff and I eat lunch here every weekday and never leave disappointed.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
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Excellent Sailing experience. As promised, no sea sickness was experienced. We had a wonderful trip and even got to see a couple of blue whales. The yacht America is a magnificent boat as well. Highly recommended!
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10 reviews
The best Panang Curry ANYWHERE. Spicy, Sweet, Saucy, Delicious. Get it with Brown Rice.
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Tom Taylor was a pleasure to speak with. He guided us through our first Luxury Yacht Vacation. We spent a week in the Caribbean. The price was right on point, and the quality of the ship and its crew was bar none. Tom has a clear, calm, smooth sounding voice, every conversation with him was a pleasure and we appreciate his help! I hope we can save up enough for another trip soon!
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