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My guest post on . Please read and share. #Forex #currency
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Dear Alex, "A small account size is one of the biggest reasons why traders lose money"... it's completely wrong... May I wonder if you trade yourself? and what is the progress?
The way you interpret leverage, example "1:50 is more safer than 1:100" shows complete misunderstanding of it... and it is basics...
Dear Andrew, everyone has its own opinion. I like 1:50 leverage.
Resume:lesser leverage involves harder marginal requirements. You won’t find any advantages in lesser leverage. In order to reduce risks you shouldn’t reduce your leverage but you should rigidly observe the rules of Money Management.
Thanks for your suggestions. But tell me why US laws restrict using leverage higher than 1:50?
Since when US laws have logic? Anyway... you need to start learning Forex from the start...
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