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Technology Consulting :: startups : SMB
business development, product development, launch strategy and marketing, channel partnerships
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    President, 2003 - present
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Toronto-Born, Technology-Raised, Active-Connector, Passionately-Curated
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Love technology :: mobile :: software :: web :: platforms

A startup mindset :: go get them attitude :: get things done approach

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:: digital, mobile, mulitplayer games
:: ecosystem & platforms

:: business development
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:: marketing and launch strategy
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Co-Founded Canada's Largest Mobile Networking Association -- MobileMonday Toronto
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Alexander Bosika

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Interesting - keep me posted on your progress.  One of the biggest challenges is discovery, quality of reviews or recommendations, and actual deals or time-based offers.  Good luck.  #venues #localmarketing   #apps   #iOS   #dealsandoffers  
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Thanks for the feedback! We've actually adjusted the app to make discovery/search more of a P2P relationship. Any user can respond to a Shout anonymously via chat. So if you're Hungry, Need a Tutor, a Phone Charger or really anything you can Shout it around you and let the info come to you.

We'll keep you in the loop :) 
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Alexander Bosika

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Well, what a surprise.  Limited traction for #mpayments  wonder story since this broke in 2012.  #Mobile #payments is a difficult area - the big picture sell paints a rosy picture of frictionless consumption and transactional activity across the board - yes, the technology isn't the problem.  It's the interlocking points in the entire global network of transactions (in addition to governmental policies) that make this business a difficult one to scale.

It's hard to find current news about #projectoscarUK  because there isn't any...this is it from #TotalTelecom  in June 2014:

>>>> Weve began life as Project Oscar in June 2011. The venture set out with the aim of acting as the go-between for telcos, banks, retailers, and advertisers in the emerging mobile payments sector.

Progress on actually launching an m-payment service has been slow, but in February Weve struck a partnership with MasterCard that will see the payment processor provide integration services for banks and financial institutions that want to use Weve as a platform for contactless payments.  <<<  (Source:

It's no wonder Apple has been "very slow" to develop something quickly -- there's no clearcut "standard" and further, too many options for such an emerging area of business.  A Feb 2014 article from #BusinessInsider  uses "title jerking" to draw readers into oneupmanship with #Samsung #Paypal but I don't see it that way.  (Source:

We have quite a bit more to go on this front.  Apple may likely build a closed-loop ecosystem for their #iOS  / #AppleID  framework but we'll see.  As far as #NFC  is concerned, the only major recent news around this was that #ISIS  was changing their brand due to avoid confusion with an Iraqi militant group known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.  
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Alexander Bosika

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It's interesting to see #WINDMobile   #ARPU has edged up to $31.  Not bad but probably tied to their add-on services like unlimited #US #roaming and data.

That said, it's also a good move to see that their wireless spectrum won't fall into the hands of incumbents.  So #Vimpelcom will need to find a buyer and it may be #videotron with its recent spectrum win outside of #Quebec.

At 702,000 subscribers, this isn't something to sneeze at.  Back in November 2004, Microcell owned the #Fido brand in Canada and had 1,275,094 subscribers before #Rogers acquired them. 

Wind Mobile needs to get into the 1.5 million range to remain viable and a significant competing threat the incumbent providers - #Bell, #Telus and #Rogers.   This was the magic number that Anthony Lacavera shared to our #MobileMonday Toronto audience as being a target within three years of operation.  For our chapter, it was the same week the government gave Wind permission to launch and our first event hosted at #MaRS discovery district.

We must not forget that the incumbents launched aggressively with competing sub-brands in preparation for #WindMobile , #PublicMobile, and #Mobilicity market entry.  These sub-brands included #Chatr (Rogers), #Koodo (Telus) #VirginMobile (Bell) and #SoloMobile (Bell). 

Since then, Mobilicity and Public Mobile have fallen out of the game with Public Mobile being acquired by Telus and Mobilicity continues to operate with granted creditor protection until September 26, 2014, as of this writing. Mobilicity has 155,000 active subscribers according to court documents.

Let's hope WIND Mobile can survive.  As an active subscriber since 2011, I have been impressed and satisfied with the service.  Their unlimited US data / roaming package works flawlessly and WIND's home zone coverage for my needs in Southwestern #Ontario is perfect.  Their self-service and payment tools are quite efficient without the needs to rely on overseas call centre support.

#telecom #mobile  
Wind Mobile has built its Canadian subscriber base by 17 per cent in the past year to 702,000 users but its foreign owner is still looking for a way to sell the small Canadian wireless startup.
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Alexander Bosika

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#Google search results -- the battle for your attention.

Between #SERPS, #PPC ads and Google's new #PLA (product listing ads), your attention is being challenged big-time.

So I ask? Do you click on the #payperclick ads on the top and far-right or do you click on the colourful images listing multiple prices and online #retailers

A recent report from #Marin software (one of the largest #search marketing agencies) suggests that 1/3 of budgets will be switches to product listing ads by Google in December 2014.  At the moment, $5 billion in search spending already happns and 80% of these searches are on the web.

Clearly, this is an all-out war between Google and #Amazon as Amazon hasn't been very keen to play the PPC game for sponsored ads.  From a Jeff Bezos standpoint, this is a huge thread.  Whether they can continue to prevail with organic search engine page results (hard to do with specific products and brand manufacturers who are their own authority content sites for specific product offer).

But there's a LOT of noise in search engine result pages -- click carefully.
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Alexander Bosika

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A special shout-out to my friend +julien blin for his upcoming Wearable Tech LA event to be held at Pasadena Convention Center on July 17th.  It's getting a ton of interest!

The event has a full plate of heavy hitters involved in the #wearables arena and is not to be missed.  More details and registration here:

Hope to also meet up with +julien blin and +Robert Scoble  in Toronto for WEST (Wearable Entertainment Sports Toronto) conference on October 23, 2014. The event will bring together the best of Canada and the Silicon Valley -- event details to follow!

Good luck in LA, Julien!

Here are some relevant YouTube links for past events:

Tel Aviv, May 12
Wearable Tech Israel 2014

Panel with Robert Scoble, Steve Mann, Yobie Benjamin
Wearable Tech Israel- Panel discussion

Keynote with Steve Mann
Steve Mann- Wearable Tech Israel
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For more on Julin Blin, here's a great write-up on his efforts
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Alexander Bosika

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Here's the big report that has been the centre piece for all the news about Facebook, emotions, and feed manipulation.  Enjoy!  Available as a PDF download for your #iOS #android #blackberry devices.

Report: Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional
#contagion through social networks

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I think so too - as soon as you give up your data and your rights to the free flow of information, they'll start playing with it.
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Alexander Bosika

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What are your thoughts, Google+ readers? Are you engaging with #mobileads more often? 

Where do you see mobile ads?
- in apps
- in your Facebook newsfeed (mobile app)

I have found that #Facebook sponsored #mobileads in my #newsfeed are very effective because the engagement is to #like the ad which doesn't take you away from your newsfeed but simply connects you to future communications with this particular advertiser via newsfeed scrolling in the future.

In some cases, I "might" click to #download (or click to #install) and app on my #iOS device ( #iphone or #ipad) because the friction isn't as bad as pre-2007 iPhone launch,   Now, a simply engagement like this is a re-direct to the appstore for a quick download and a quick gesture return to your previous #app or experience.

If you are engaging with mobile ads in different ways not listed, feel free to comment. :D

#searchenginejournal #sej #mobilemarketing #mobile  
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Alexander Bosika

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Special shoutout for +Jennifer Janik, tech industry colleague and past MobileMonday Toronto attendees.

Thanks to her efforts, she was able to convince #Microsoft  to hold their #Kinect2  #hackathon event in #Waterloo  - the only Canadian stop on the world tour.

Great job JJ!

Since the source article's writing, 25 were registered for the event with a maximum capacity of 100 available.  If you're interested in attending, quickly sign-up here: (as a team or individually).

The event is scheduled for August 8th at 7pm at the #Kitchener Studio Project at Gaukel and Charles streets.  This is your chance to work with Microsoft engineers one-on-one.
The only Canadian stop on Microsoft’s world tour of hackathons for its Kinect 2 motion sensor will take place in downtown Kitchener next month.
Jennifer Janik's profile photo
Thanks so much Alex! Going to be a fun weekend. We have art supplies and easels/flipcharts planned for the creative design activities so we hope to get the arts, tech and biz skills intermixing for this event.
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Alexander Bosika

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#Adaptxt for #iOS8

#anticipation for a smart, intuitive #keyboard-ing on your smartphone.
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Alexander Bosika

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The ultimate blueprint for #google+

Google+ University

With 40+ articles and counting, it occurs to me that there’s quite a bit of information on our favorite social network within my site, but they’re not so easily organized or discovered. So, I’ve put together this resource for you so that you can jump in wherever you need to. Whether you’re at the 101 level or the 501 level, there are articles and resources here for you.

GOOGLE+ 101: Introduction to Google+

01. The Power of the +Plus 
02. Social Media Active Users by Network [INFOGRAPH]
03. Should Google+ Be a Digital Marketing Priority? 
04. Top Google+ Influencers and Educators 
05. Learn About the Benefits of Google+ with Mike Allton [VIDEO]

GOOGLE+ 201: Getting Around The Plus

06. How to make Google+ your favorite Social Network 
07. Guide to Formatting Google+ Posts [INFOGRAPHIC]
08. 6 Ways a Formatted Google+ Post Will Increase Engagement and Interest
09. Secret Tips to Using Google+ Circles 
10. The Complete Social Media Cover Photo Guide
11. How to Save Google Plus Posts for Later Reading 
12. How to Link to a Google Plus Post 

GOOGLE+ 301: Growing Your Business with Google+

13. Manage Google+ Pages from Mobile - 
14. How To Create Google +Post Ads 
15. Are You Mining Google Plus for Gold? 
16. Google+ Releases Gorgeous New Site Badges 
17. Use this Amazing Technique to Increase Blog Engagement on Google+ 
18. Is your brand listening on Google Plus? It should be! 
19. Promoting Content with Google+ 
20. 8 Ways to Get More Google+ Page Followers

GOOGLE+ 401: Advanced Plussing

21. How Not to use Google+ 
22. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Google Plussers
23. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Google Plussers [VIDEO]
24. Should You Plus Your Own Plus Posts? 
25. How To Get Full-Bleed Images on Google+ - 
26. How to Track Google+ Post Impressions 
27. Key to Virality: What's Hot on Google+ 
28. Explore the Benefits of Google+ Ripples 
29. Anatomy of a Viral Post

GOOGLE+ 501: HOAs, Tools & Communities

30. Brand Your HOA to Positively Impact Your Audience 
31. How to Mention a Google+ User or Business with Buffer 
32. How to Mention a Google+ User or Business with HootSuite 
33. Scheduling Google+ Posts, The Complete Guide 
34. How to Create a Google+ Community 
35. Stop the insanity! Keep Google+ Community posts off your profile.
36. The Best Google+ Communities 
37. Cleaning Up Your Google+ Communities 
38. Understand and Monitor your Google+ Followers with CircleCount 

GOOGLE+ 601: Google Authorship

39. Google AuthorRank: Fact or Fiction 
40. Google Authorship - are we there yet? 
41. Is Ranking First on Google All That Matters?

This is a lot to cover, so bookmarking this post would be a good idea. (See #11 & #12 above). You can also pin the post to Pinterest!

If you have any questions, or would like more hands-on help developing a strategy for success on Google+ for your business, circle and private message me and we’ll start a dialogue.

Learn everything you need to know to get started on Google+, and start using the platform to learn and grow!

#GooglePlus #EvanG + #SocialMedia #GooglePlusTips #Business  

The Social Media Hat -
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