35 posts now over on the blog I created to replace my G+ activity over on my old TikiWiki platform. Tiki certainly isn't the best choice for blogs (no Trackback/Pingback support, for example), but I didn't want to start off with setting up yet another platform.

It's such a relief to have real text formatting and the ability to embed links right into text, instead of "attaching" them to a post. In that regard, I don't miss G+ in the slightest. Filtering and searching in my RSS reader also works way better than it ever has on here.

I'm still not sure if the missing Trackback thing is a problem or not - I don't expect much interaction anyway. There's also some other technical problems - particularly I haven't been able to create a set of lighttpd rewrites that work with Tiki's "search engine friendly URLs" feature (without breaking other functionality).

RSS feed for all blogs is here:
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