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Plot Bunny Prison  - 
Been awhile since I've posted an #imageprompt  

Resolution by BlueRogueVyse
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Alexander Bennett

Plot Bunny Prison  - 
Ooo scary #imageprompt  
Geekscape of the Day: Fearless
Artist: Disse86   Source: .

There would be no contest today...

Download Over 400 Geekscapes From 2014!
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#fantasy #forest #monster #woman #magic
#gsotd #gsotd2015
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I need to write some stories with big monsters like that. Unfortunately my sci-fi adventure doesn't suit them at the moment. I'll get to one eventually 
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Alexander Bennett

Plot Bunny Prison  - 
We are heading into murkier waters of #imageprompt s. I don't have a artist for this one and Google just gives me 'male elf wizard'
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Google images reverse lookup and..... Here you go.
Looks like fanart, or maybe the artist was hired to make it for the game, though I've never heard of the game it's from. (Not that I expected to, mind; far too many out there for one person to have heard of them all. :) )
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My story takes place in the future (the trope in question is Twenty Minutes Into The Future - about 20 years give or take) so every once and awhile I have to make a choice about what the future holds. Like just now I've decided the line "That's already a felony in thirty-five out of fifty-two states" will occur in one of my novels.

Also, since my story is a close replica of the real world, I sometimes change random events. Not sure if I'll ever mention it, but MIchael Jackson had a much different (longer) career in my novel.

What interesting choices have you made for your novels?
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Alexander Bennett

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So, I want this and not enough people are backing it. Back it now! #PathfinderRPG   #Western   #Westbound  
B'omarr Punk is raising funds for Westbound, Steampunk Wild West for Pathfinder on Kickstarter! Go westward in this Steampunk Wild West supplement for Pathfinder. Westbound has new classes, equipment, vehicles, monsters, and more!
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Alexander Bennett

Plot Bunny Prison  - 
you belong to me by aquasixio
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At first I thought, "That looks intentionally like Beauty & The Beast" and then I recalled a recent post about a plot hole regarding the Beast's origin story... And somehow this happened... :)
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Alexander Bennett

Plot Bunny Prison  - 
I'm not even sure what's going on here. Looks painful. #imageprompt  
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Pure Awesome!
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Alexander Bennett

Plot Bunny Prison  - 
Here we are, stuck in the walls again.


Home and the Fairies by zancan
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I have to say, this picture is a LOT like what was going through my head about six years ago when I wrote this scene:
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Alexander Bennett

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Tabletop Sale!
Amazon is having their annual Tabletop Day Sale!
Store Link:
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t occurs to me that we've been here for awhile now and have 125 members but still have the default graphic. Does anyone know how to us MS Paint?
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Hey, don't laugh at my bad art "skills," but I threw together a prototype to get the conversation started on a Nano Colony image. Suggestions welcome!
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First screen of Camp project (NSFW, Would be an R rated movie probably. Full frontal nudity. Maybe PG-13 if the camera just implies it's happening.)

Ecstasy faded and I found myself back in my usual, uncomfortable situation.

I lived most of my life in a large tube these days. I floated in a liquid, well, I thought of it was a liquid, but it was perhaps too gooey to really be considered a liquid. I floated in it, therefore it had to be a liquid.
As the liquid drained, the attachments became more apparent. I wasn't sure if it was the lack of weightlessness or that I was trying to breath and move that made them so painfully there.

Dueling tubes ran down my throat. The feeding tube was shoved into my mouth while my rather small (in my opinion) breathing tubes ran through my sinuses. I was catheterized and... well I don't know what the term for having a tube shoved up one's rectum is. It was there as a back up, since I wasn't really given enough food to shit anymore.
I touched the ground and grabbed hold of my feeding tube and pulled it out, allowing my gag reflex to help it on it's way. As soon as it was out I tore out the breathing tube. Blood poured out of my nose as I coughed and tried to breath in the stale tube air.

I crouched low to the ground and tugged the rectal tube out. It wasn't the bad one and it all had to go quickly, before the benefits of being a human byproduct generator faded.

Finally, I began pulling out the catheter from my penis. I made it without cursing. I liked to do it as calmly and quickly as possible. The bastards behind the glass liked it when I felt pain or discomfort and if I hadn't taken it out myself, they would have done so as violently as possible.

The sides of the tube raised and I stepped out. One of the techs walked over with a flashlight and checked my sinuses and my mouth. Seeing no damage he gestured to the door and I walked out, another tech following behind.

I got to my room and he made sure I was comfortable on my small bed. It didn't take much. After being released I tended to sleep a lot. I'd basically been awake since I'd been put in, even if it felt similar to sleeping.
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Ah, good. He has some pretty severe amnesia with a vague idea he didn't sign up for this and doesn't like any of these people. I like being able to rebuild the character off off his new experiences, then have him confront his old personality as he remembers it.
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