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Somehow it doesn't have the word "polisher".  Once the dictionary is robust enough, and the word prediction smart enough, this really will be a game changer.  I'm on the fence about it as it stands.
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You can add words to the dictionary by sliding up after typing the word and not spacing.
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Nicole Meyer, of Cargo Collective, is creating a logo for one Minnesota lake every day. As a Minnesotan, I'm excited to see all of these lakes get their own logo! I just wish it wouldn't take so many years to complete...
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Super neat!! Thanks for sharing!
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If you've ever wondered how your ear works, and why we generally agree that a chord sounds nice, check out this neat little stop-motion video! I had no idea how we got those little hairs in our ears to jiggle.
What is up with Noises? (The Science and Mathematics of Sound, Frequency, and Pitch)
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Does anybody know the origin of the audio for this Delta commercial parody? I've looked at episode guides for the generally suggested in Living Color and MadTv, but those didn't pan out.
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Just booked my first trip to Vegas! We'll be going over Christmas. Any suggestions for what to do there for a non-gambler?
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I second people watch!
Get free drinks while playing the penny Monopoly machines
Dance - when I was there, a bar across from Caesar's Palace had a band playing all sorts of great 90's hits
Go to that place on Pawn Stars
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This is some awesome from-the-gut editorializing. Read these words carefully, Companies-Who-Are-Named-In-The-Article.
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Anyone know what is the main song being sampled is in this video (the horns and glockenspiel stuff)?
Fatboy Slim - Vol 1 Side 2 Track 2
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I have no idea how you found this thread after 2 years, but I am so grateful you did and that you had the answer! Thank you! 
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Incredible breakfast foods with a delectable twist. Whether it's a Southwestern infusion or a candy bar like take on pancakes, it's all delicious. All of the wait staff we encountered were friendly and knowledgeable. We felt right at home, despite it being our first visit.
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I recently came in for some custom ear plugs, and my entire experience from beginning to end was positive. The receptionist was cheerful. The audiologist (Heidi) was friendly, yet professional. When it came time to choose which type of attenuation filter to buy, she helped steer me in the right direction. Everything felt very up-to-date and clean. Thankfully I don't need hearing-aids (and the plugs will help prevent that), but I would definitely go back there for any future ear needs.
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Amazing fall-off-the-bone dry ribs and a plethora of sauces make for a delicious, and varied meal. The pulled pork sammich (their spelling) is good, and their brisket burgers are very tasty, if a little thin (but quite wide). The sides all nearly all delicious, minus the mac and cheese. My favorite are the beans. Friendly, quick service rounds out an excellent experience.
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