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Manning was a humanist soldier trapped between the cynical realities of warfare, her youth, and her characteristic earnestness - clinging onto the exigent hope that sanity and common sense would triumph if buttressed by knowledge and deliberation. Whether or not such an ideal is real or a fairytale remains to be seen. An act of mercy by the Executive, might evidence its display in our own imperfect experiment in self government. Manning isn't perfect. Neither is the U.S. Government. Can we all learn from these events and move on now? 

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My latest with Bill Arkin at VICE News.

One out of every 50 PhDs in the intelligence community were obtained from unaccredited schools.

Online for profits dominate the post 9/11 US Intelligence Community.

Since 9/11, there has been a pronounced shift in doctoral degrees in the Intelligence Community away from the humanities, social sciences, hard sciences, and engineering, and toward professional studies like business administration, information technology management, and various homeland security practices.

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Chris Hedges invited me onto his new show on Telesur to discuss William Arkin's and my piece in VICE News on the Most Militarized Universities in America. 

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After months of work with VICE News, Bill Arkin and I have produced a definitive list of American colleges and universities with the greatest number of students who are employed by the Intelligence Community (IC), have the closest relationships with the national security state, and profit the most from American war-waging.

Our research offers unprecedented insight into the makeup of the U.S. Intelligence Community, and the impact of national security on American higher education.

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Below are a few of the questions that I raised in a recent presentation that I gave at The Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) in London (video below):

-- Five years after Manning's leaks are we capable of deliberation and thoughtfulness?

-- Are we capable of human agency in the age of leaks and myriad weak social ties?

-- What happens to society in the absence of an alternative 'counter-narrative' to the national security state?

-- Can we rely on Silicon Valley publishers to groom experts who can provide a counter-narrative to the national security state?

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Key details about the 'bin Laden evidence' in the Manning Court-martial

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Here is the presentation I gave today in Perugia, Italy at the International Journalism Festival about Chelsea Manning.  I revealed 1st time today after Manning's arrest State Dept declassified portions of 44 of 116 cables charged against her w/ Espionage Act

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More on the State Department’s First 'Official' Release of a Hillary Clinton Email resulting from my FOIA lawsuit.
-- Critical new insights into how high-level State Department officials handles Manning's disclosures to WikiLeaks.

-- Despite allegations by Clinton, Crowley, and other high-level State Department officials about serious risk to individuals resulting from WikiLeaks' publication of diplomatic cables, emails and my research indicate that the State Department actually asked the New York Times to hold off on the newspaper's story about persons allegedly at risk, because mechanisms to handle the matter were neither fully established nor operational at the agency.

-- No time limit on National Security Investigations
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