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Alexa Clark
Content Marketing Strategist, Author & Social Media Enabler.
Content Marketing Strategist, Author & Social Media Enabler.

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Celebrating a snow holiday when it was, well, rainy and warm. Lots of winter adventures in Ontario's Lake Country and Casino Rama even when the weather works against you. 

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It's January and I'm craving Chicken Wings! Where do you go for the best wings in town? Please. #Toronto #wings

What is it about January that makes me crave chicken wings? Sure, we can lay it at the feet of years of annual birthday parties with plates of wings and jugs of beer. But those Public Pickles, filled with great people and silly posing, started because it…

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Reverse Sear Prime Rib on the barbecue is a perfect holiday feast! @ONCornFedBeef #recipe#roast #beef #spon

The reverse sear technique is great in the oven, but even better on the barbecue where you can produce a gently smoked prime rib roast with a perfect finish. SO GOOD!

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Know your beef - what is DNA Traceback for #ONCornFedBeef?

Did you know there is a DNA Traceback program for the Ontario Corn Feed Beef you buy at Loblaws? Find out more about how this protects us and makes for better beef! In fact, all Canadian Beef can be tracked back to its farm of origin using DNA.

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First impressions of the Moto Z Play & MotoMods on #differentisbetter #motomods @Moto_CAN #differentplaysbetter

Recently Motorola sent me a Moto Z Play and a couple of MotoMods to review. As you may know, my last 3 phones have been Motorolas – the Moto X and the Nexus 6.  I’ve been very happy with them, and the Nexus 6 might be my favourite phone, until I dropped…

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Khao Soi #recipe with Ontario Corn Fed Beef on #ONCornFedBeef

This beef Khao Soi recipe has big chunks of beef braised in a fragrant coconut curry broth served over tender egg noodles, garnished with crispy noodles, fresh lime and diced shallots.

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Who Will Be the #RAWF16 Butter Tart Grand Champion? I'm Judging w/ @tedreader @tkocakes @Tartistry1

On Wednesday November 9th, I'll be judging the Grand Champion Butter Tart at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair along with Ted Reader, Lindsey Greflund & Stephen Roberts

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I've teased you for years and now I'm finally sharing my House Bulgogi #recipe using @ONCornFedBeef on #spon @OntarioBeef

As part of the work I’m doing with Ontario Corn-Fed Beef, I’ve been working on recipes to share with you that use the most common cuts of beef available. Then I realised: I still haven’t shared my bulgogi recipe. For years I’ve been teasing and taunting…

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And we are live again! After way too many hiccups and technical issues is live again. It’s not perfect – some images are still missing. But you’ll forgive me since there are over 1700 posts on the site to locate images for again.…

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I'm excited to be a part of this team and to get +dubdub into the hands of content creators! Creating videos is now fast and easy. Seriously!
We are now live on the App Store. We couldn’t be more proud of our team.

Finally, complete video content creation. Entirely on your iPhone. Create up to 90 seconds of video with your photos, videos, text, and even music.

Thank you to all our dubbers.
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