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Now that I see there's some demand for it, I have 5 invites to Google Contributor to give away, as well.  (It's more popular than I expected!)
Anybody want an invite to Google Contributor?
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If you still have some, I would not mind jumping on board +Alex Yuan​! 😊
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Absolutely on point. Philly's behavior has just been nothing but more fuel for the anti-Niantic fire, and for a long time now. Niantic (the real one) needs to address this - the top tier game is totally overshadowed by the RL "players vs Niantic" drama that it has become.
If you followed the Persepolis Lightman Shard game at all you probably heard a thing or two about DS-14, and ENL anchor for a blocking link, which was removed, along with the link. Reasons given ranged from safety to supposed inaccessibility, despite the fact that all the other portals in the same base were left in place. The one that was removed just happened to have hack mods and a blocking link. Lets not talk about how the dancing man below, somehow knew to throw a RES blocking link immediately after our link vanished. 

Then there was Cojo Ranch - also holder of an ENL link, also valuable to the ENL in the shard game, also removed. 

And now Lockheed Martin - ones the ENL used repeatedly for the shard game...gone.

All of the portals that were removed met portal guidelines - and in fact the official Niantic page asks that players NOT report them as none of them were on private residential property. (see

Prior to today I just swallowed the pill. Whatever, I guess, the RES have a "community manager." The ENL do not have an equivalent face. I've tried to explain why this is to the newer players in our area, but I have no real explanation. I don't know. I've tried  to tell them he's technically there for all of us...but then gifs like this are made and portals are removed with his hand of influence, and it becomes really hard to attempt to say with a straight face that Joe is anything but a Resistance player on Niantic's dime who occasionally forgets to flip back to his blue account after being on his green account.

I don't know if he had a hand in Cojo Ranch or LM portal removals, but it is pretty hard not to draw a conclusion from gifs like this. It is pretty hard not to throw your hands up and say "what the hell is the point of sleepless nights and hours of time invested into all of this if Niantic employees are going to openly dance on the stage like this?" The pill is becoming harder and harder to swallow +John Hanke

+Niantic Project +Ingress +Brian Rose +Brandon Downey  


For all those who have had a lot of trouble reading, not once did I ask for Joe to be fired, for him to be tarred and feathered, or for him to be taken out back and beaten. I also specifically stated that I didn't know whether he had anything to do with Cojo or LM, and now, as it appears RES have confirmed that at least one agent bugged LM until LM contacted Niantic for removal, I can accept that explanation (however I disagree with the removal and the behavior of the agent(s?)). I know the number of a good eye doctor if you are having trouble reading the screen. 

Niantic could avoid creating such a frustrating environment for both factions if they took a hard stance on these kinds of portals, and then administered it fairly across the board. I stand by my feeling that a community manager dancing like this is not cool. 
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The top level game is mostly not worth engaging in. 
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Alex Yuan (AySz88)

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PSA: you can unfollow Joe Philley and only follow the Niantic related collections now, finally! No more proud ignorance posts....
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Alex Yuan (AySz88)

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Holy crap. Scary insight into how Apple's "marketing" is doing what they are doing. I thought it was just catchy ads and good PR, but nothing to this horrifyingly manipulative extent.

This is the third instance today where the term oligarchy has come to mind (or explicitly said) and this is the scariest.
This is an almost unbelievable account of what it's like to be a tech journalist at the twin mercy of Apple's banhammer and Applified editors.  Hint: it's probably not the listed writer who decided to give their article such a pro-Apple slant.
"We can start?"  "You can't use my name." "I know." "I would't just get fired and applebanned. I'd probably never work again." "No names. Totally cool." "For the record, I've been drinking." "Noted." ...
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The reason editors would be afraid to be blacklisted and why they would promote Apple positive stories is pretty simple: people like reading about Apple news! It's less likely that people buy Apple products because of the positive news.
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Alex Yuan (AySz88)

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Obama: "I have no more campaigns to run."
Republicans: [cheering and applause]
Obama: "I know, because I won both of them.”
This is a list of burn centers in the United States. A burn center or burn care facility is typically a hospital ward which specializes in the treatment of severe burn injuries. As of 2012 there are 123 self-designated burn care facilities in the United States, 54 of which have been designated ...
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Alex Yuan (AySz88)

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Damn.  So much for expanded demographics.  Non-probability sample, though, so maybe there's some hope.
A few months ago, I posted a survey asking a few questions about what other gaming folks do outside of Ingress and their interest in Endgame. Today, I am pleased to release the results of this surv...
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Alex Yuan (AySz88)

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I love this op mascot! :3

[edit] Actually seems to be the character (fursona?) of +花莉露 -
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When I think back to the #nymwars  from 2011, I remember feeling disappointed and saddened by Google's original policy, which in essence cargo culted Facebook's oppressive policy. It took a consistent few years of pressure from inside and outside the company, but Google eventually changed course in favor of allowing any non-abusive name (e.g. no zalgo text glitching, no hate speech, anything else goes). I'm glad to be on the right side of history even if my employer wasn't initially onboard, and am sad that Facebook is still in the stone ages in terms of bleating the "real names make people safer" line. Real names don't make people safer.

Opinions my own, and not Google's.
Despite Facebook's insistence that its "real names" policy keeps its users safe, a new report reveals that Facebook is the least safe place for women onl
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Alex Yuan (AySz88)

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Google+ supremacy?
You spoke. We listened. 
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Alex Yuan (AySz88)

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Go enl!
TLDR: INGRESS is a game that's it, a game with real people playing.  Please remember that a little kindness goes a long way no matter what team someone is on.

On Saturday the 28th Denver was blessed enough to be part of the Shonin anomaly events.   I have now been a team leader of four anomaly's and this is the first event where i felt action must be taken to insure that a player(on the resistance) was treated with respect.

The event started like any other teams formed clusters were tended to, and we were all having fun.  My team had three very low level players on it so questions were being asked at almost every phase of the game.  Questions included how the scoring worked,  what roles do what and why, even how Jarvis's and ADA'a work.  As a team lead i have grown accustom to having such questions asked, and i really dont mind sharing game knowledge with others.  Yes some of the questions are repeated again and again but we were all in that boat at one point and just didnt know how something worked.  So answers were repeated and with a smile, again we were all new at one point.

Clusters one, two, and three went and to my knowledge my team was having a blast when i heard something weird come from the mouth of one of my team members "Really im sorry you should come join us".  At this point i assumed that a player lost his team in the switching of clusters and needed to tag along but i was WAY WRONG.  Come to find out the player we were talking to was resistance!?!?  What had happened is this player is new to Ingress and joined the anomaly last second and was placed on a random team.  From speaking to him i found out that his team of higher level players were to busy playing even between measurements to answer simple questions like "what should i be doing?  What portal should i deploy on? What do i do if i am out of xm?" ect.  His team told him at one point to just do what ever they were bugging him.  ARE YOU F#&%ING KIDDING ME.  At this point i was pissed.  The player was upset and was going to just go home as he had enough and i dont blame him.  Lucky for me my team had other plans.  Within minutes we had him join the enlightened and welcomed him into our team as a level 1 frog.  You could see happiness in his eyes when we asked him to finish the last cluster with us.  By the end of cluster four our new friend hit level 3 and was having fun again.

The reason we all play games is to have fun.  We are all people from every walk of life.  I have played with people that were male, female, black, white, straight, gay, religious, or not, physically handicapped, mental handicapped, but none of that should matter when it comes to how we play the game.  I dont care if your Enlightened or Resistance IT'S JUST A GAME.  were all here to have fun and try to win, just dont forget that winning shouldn't stop you from being at least being tolerant if not kind to others.

I know this is just a mess of text and i shouldn't post when im pissed but people need to know that all it takes to make some ones day is a small act of kindness.  If you are a team leader its you JOB to make sure people on your team are safe and have fun, not just to win. If you are playing the game out and about remember the person on the other side of the scanner is just like you A PERSON not a bot.  

Team Lead of Echo-1 Enlightened Denver,
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Alex Yuan (AySz88)

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Ah, introducing more folks to the joy of the megafield.... Great job to the ops and planners.
#Ingress Operation Green Salmon

#feew (Field Established Excellent Work)
7 layers x 9.18 million MU per layer (total 64 million MU)
Largest Cities Fielded: Boston, MA; Halifax, NS
Other Areas Fielded: New England; Long Island; New Jersey
Longest Link: 1883km
Number of agents with new Longest Link Ever Created: 12
Number of agents with new Largest Control Field: 6
Lasted: 17 minutes
Anchors used:
Atlantic City, NJ
New London, NH
Long Harbour, NL

This field began one week ago, as a collaboration between Enlightened of Boston and Enlightened of New Hampshire. The original target was New England but we decided to go big with it. In the end, we partnered with agents in 7 US states and 3 Canadian provinces to create a field 1883km in length, which covered the target areas, as well as additional territory including almost the entire province of Nova Scotia (thus the name—Green Salmon).

The Op was designed to be a short-lasting field that would hold for one checkpoint. We chose Atlantic City partly as an experiment: to see whether an urban anchor would lead to more MU, which it absolutely did. However, it was a shameless MU grab, and we failed at that portion of the assignment. Long story short: in order to throw a link 1883km long, we needed a P8 with 4xRLA. Therefore, we had planned a farm to coincide with the Op. However, there was a natural obstacle on the Atlantic City Boardwalk (a Fleetwood Mac concert getting out) which caused various problems including delays of our agents and the presence of several RES agents at the concert. Stevie Nicks has to share at least some of the blame for this.

Unique features:
- Newer agents were involved in every aspect of this field. Many first-time megafielders now have insane field/link stats and bragging rights.  

- Newfoundland anchor provided a visually stunning field that shows the curvature of the earth.

- Vermont ENL ran a stellar defense and held back a RES field for the same checkpoint.

- Finally, in the ultimate measure of megafield success, people had fun. Here are some comments from agents who participated.

“What a great time. It was great to get out and meet new players, have some fun and coordinate such a large field. And the show of diversity for a Trout to work on a Salmon misson was something I couldn't resist. One step closer to all fish living and working  together in harmony. “ ~@CyberTrout

“This op was intense down to the last second! We were clearing links in lavelette as the field went up! Even though we took it anyway the field actually went up through a small blue link at first. But once it was up then there were quickly 6 fields layered. The green was so thick you couldn't see the map or portals in the field. Haha solid green! Go Enlightened!” ~@Kneako

“Made the roadtrip with agents SNRAUTOMATOR and SaucyFace1976 to the Newfoundland anchor to enjoy the show.” ~@upsideright

“Had a blast helping out! Our part in NS was pretty straightforward but it's always fun being part of ops like this. Super happy to see the fields made it up! We would gladly take part again.” ~@BlackandTan

“Unfortunately a Fleetwood Mac concert let out and dropped a ton of fans out on the anchor as it was being linked. Very cool though!” ~@edawson29

“For the first op I was a part of I can easily say it won't be the last. I remember down the the last minutes alixbird, kneako, and myself were scrambling trying to clear the last links along the island in New Jersey then pop the biggest field I've ever experienced was keeping my mind safe. I can't wait to be apart of another op!” ~@Peternower

“it was cold and I had to pee.” ~@goodonya

“The boardwalk was icy,  the wind was cold, and I was wearing a dress, but it was all worth it. “ ~@holleeta

FIELD TEAM:Captains:
+Mark Schaub (@Nymble- NH) and +Eric X (@LuckyDragon- MA)

+Ben Newfang (@EAKenRea- CT)
+Shaun Stanwood (@Dyssolve- MA)
+Marc Thomas (@Aknarra- ME)
+Steve Johnson  (@BlueSoxSWJ- MA)
+Eddie Kelly, Jr. (@goodonya- NJ)
+Richard Bruce (Newfoundland)
+Jim Maul (NY)

+Jennie P (@PurpleStirFry- MA)
+Christopher McNeil  (@Urungus- NJ)
+Eric Geigle (@Slubgob- CT)
+Ulrich Twothousand (NY)
+j proctor (@oxlahun  - MA)

+Maryanne Cullinan  (@CoopDEtat- NH)
+Meredith MacMartin (@pinesinger)
+Cyber Trout (@CyberTrout- NJ)
+Holly Taylor (@holleeta  - NJ)
+Edawson29 (@edawson29)
+Julie Taylor (@Jtaylor- NJ)
+Andrew Lindner (@AndyTheBomb2- NH)
+Keith Gilbert (@RexHunter- NH)
+grida manin (@maningrida- MA)

Link Clearing
+matt sikorski (@Gablaghah)
+John B (@ColAngus)
+John Lawler (@Blackwind)
+Chuck Norris (@Xkeysc0re)
+Alexandra Partin (@mmam)
+Patrick Murphy (@PMRN)
+Missy Beauregard (@InsatiableOne)
+Ovine Aviation (@OvineAviation)

+jordan goodwin (@Vickvega82)
+Keith Stoddard  (@kmstodd)
+AMANDA Kesseli (@Mandik1271)
+Keith Sawyer (@jeepn1982)
+Malcolm Porter (@ITguruME)
+Tyler Waltz 

+Shaun Miller (@Shadowman890)
+Jesse Hanecak (@SmokedMonkee)
+Patrick Graves (@Pdubs)
+shawn burgen (@psycoklown)


+Jeffrey Drenning (@saxximus)
+Sean Curran (@Scurra12)
+KerryLynn Curran (@Piglet03431)
+dalton stuart (@Shadeslayer132)
+chris vittum (@Cvitt33)
 +Jackie Curran (@silverbullet9)
+ob4war ob4war (@ob4war)
+Xwisit One (@Xwizit1)
+Chris Forstrom (@cfor)

+leigh kieffer (@daskieffer)
+das tamms (@dastamms)
+St Nu (@bebop1065)
+Juliet Miller (@JerseyPirates)
+Nico Landolfi (@Kneako)
+Rick Sooy 

+Ming Zhang (@ZroZue)
+Alex Yuan (@AySz88)
+C. I. Shinzato (@karlashi)
+Alfonso Gutierrez (@Feanor809)

+Shawna Nickerson (@ScarletRose19)
+Kristie Robertson (@BlackandTan)

+Cindy sonjaRe (Montreal)
+Sean Arnold (@GIBson3- NH)
+Kate Bisnaire (@upsideright- Newfoundland)
+Justin Wah Kan (@Khaaan)

VT Defense
+Dan MacMartin (@kyseya)
+Paul Webb (@NoHubBub)

+Jon Luning (@3Dad- CT)

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good work guys and gals!
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Alex Yuan (AySz88)

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Cory Booker tweeted:

Diana, I wrote this at 22. I remember how angry I was. And yes it was more than that. It was pain/hurt. @Diana_Denis

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"Diana, I wrote this at 22. I remember how angry I was. And yes it was more than that. It was pain/hurt. @Diana_Denis"
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The standard ($12.50) car wash service is startlingly poor - the automatic machines seemed to do very little. After going through the wash, I noticed the workers had to wipe dust off the right-side doors of the car by hand with their towels, and a streak of stuck-on dirt looked intact (or maybe was even caused by the wash??). Where the water was let dry instead of wiped off, there are lots of dirty water spots. I feel bad for these employees! They need to renovate the machines, badly. Not worth the money, even with my $2.50 coupon off.
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