A question for Google+ super front end team ( +Owen Prater +Eric Cattell +Eric W. Barndollar +Andy Hertzfeld +Kelly Ellis +Joseph Smarr )
How in the WORLD did you guys manage to take a snapshot of the page for the feedback mechanism?? I've tried all possible "hacks" I know to apply to that, and nothing seems to apply.
I've moves some elements around with css, and it get's captured. I've deleted a post in another tab after "capturing" the whole page (I assumed you fetch the page on the server side somehow and make a base64 image) and it still appears in the image although this post is already gone.
Nothing comes to mind on this!
Please Please tell us! :D
If it's a secret, maybe just point in the right direction.

Frustrated Front End Developer
(frustrated because the code is obfuscated and there's no way of finding out and learn from it)
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