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A question for Google+ super front end team ( +Owen Prater +Eric Cattell +Eric W. Barndollar +Andy Hertzfeld +Kelly Ellis +Joseph Smarr )
How in the WORLD did you guys manage to take a snapshot of the page for the feedback mechanism?? I've tried all possible "hacks" I know to apply to that, and nothing seems to apply.
I've moves some elements around with css, and it get's captured. I've deleted a post in another tab after "capturing" the whole page (I assumed you fetch the page on the server side somehow and make a base64 image) and it still appears in the image although this post is already gone.
Nothing comes to mind on this!
Please Please tell us! :D
If it's a secret, maybe just point in the right direction.

Frustrated Front End Developer
(frustrated because the code is obfuscated and there's no way of finding out and learn from it)
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Ok so preliminary testing shows :
- Feedback is unified throughout google servies, so not only for Google+ (youtube has this since atleast 2010)
- Works without plugins in Chrome (still no idea how)
- Falls back to flash to some degree in other browsers (I checked FF,flashcanvas.swf is involved)
I think we send gnomes to your house who can travel at the speed of light and use a digital camera to take a pic and send it back to Google. (Actually, I have no idea how it works, but it has to be some form of magic. :))
I could have sworn that I saw a flash that I didn't know how it got there...
Btw adding +Elliott Sprehn (as he's working on the google feedback team) which I have now realized is a totally different product not related to google+
Elliot please shed some light on this!
I like the gnome idea, we should really explore it. We do this with an HTML rendering engine written in JS so it's all client side. Similar in spirit to but of course much more complete. Flash is used to emulate canvas in browsers that have bugs in their HTML5 canvas implementation (or none at all).
Nice script, I am waiting for an open source sample for this feedback magic
Nice discussion. I'm also interested in JS DOM screenshot
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