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Alex Wishard
Just a guy trying to make it in the world.
Just a guy trying to make it in the world.

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What does it generally mean when Location Services can't find my location even though I'm connected via WiFi? Any info is appreciated :)

How on Earth is Kate Middleton "trending" on Google+ ?!?!

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I really need to get an app to post updates. The one that links all accounts together is nice, but it takes about 45 minutes to update each account. Great feat, but still slow. If anyone knows a good app or something let me know!

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Test from Google+ to Twitter... Si o no?

So far I haven't seen any action on this site... fail?

Really don't like how there's no tab for Google+ if you have it... please add that. I don't want to always be connected onto G+ or not at all. Love the look and layout, hate the current function of some of it.
Plus, who wants another similar FB account?!?!?!
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