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Rock, Rock Rock the nite away!
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Alex Wilson

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Guitars!  I find them to be the easiest to hear, but the toughest to perfect (I am sure you guessed I am a guitarist).  Great tips here!  I would also add trying to change the octaves on each side as well (especially with power chords).  Or even playing the same notes on different strings to get a different timber on each side...  

Thanks for all the great tutorials...  I still go back to your tips on Acoustic guitars from time to time!  
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Alex Wilson

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Happy Birthday, +i Aquino! 
Happy Birthday i Aquino
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Alex Wilson

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Happy 2014 to all. May you meet many new sounds this year!
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Alex Wilson

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Happy father's day fellow dads!  ;)
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Alex Wilson

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Finally made it to Austin! Warm and humid in the middle of the night! LOVE IT HERE! 
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Alex Wilson

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gow do you comment on peoples videos
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Alex Wilson

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Early start on drinks today.  Good times!  :)
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I used to be a regular there.  Loved that place.
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Alex Wilson

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Pro Tools 11!

So I am currently checking out PT11, and I have to say, I really like it. Although, I am surprised at the fact that 3rd party plugin developers are dragging their feet on 64bit aax development. Not like we didn't know this is where Pro Tools was heading since the release of 10.

Anyone else trying it out yet?

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It's both depressing and laughable.  Another Avid screw-up, IMO.  Horribly under-prepared timing.
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Alex Wilson

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Last day in Austin. :(
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Alex Wilson

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I love the weather here! 
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Bar, and being warn enough to hang with all the crazy people I have met! Does it get any better? Have I mentioned that I love AUSTIN TX? 
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My current interests center around Film and Music. I have been a musician for the better part of my life, and more recently interest in film.  I am the owner of Headstring Productions LLC. which is my audio, video and web design company. 

I am also interested in Technology.  I host several websites that are driven by a "site engine" that I developed that allows the end users to manage all of the content with web forms. My strengths in web design are in the code.  I am not terribly strong in making the sites look good though.  As such, I would also like to meet graphic designers who may be interested in working with me to build artistic designs that could be used with my "site engine" driving the site.  

Possibly most importantly, I am looking to meet interesting people.  In my career, I am a bit isolated, so reading what people are up to, and what ideas or thoughts they have is invaluable to me.  
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