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Misanthrope with a keyboard

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New issue of TNW Magazine has just been published. Subject is #FASHION  and this issue has been moderated by +Sabine de Witte 

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The Brazil Startup Awards are generating a lot buzz so far. Thousands of social media updates (I'll reveal the exact number at the Awards Ceremomy), over 200 people registered for the event (that's a full full house) and already over 20.000 outgoing clicks to nominated startups. Its generating an immense positive vibe for the startup scene here in Brazil, very proud to be part of that and thankful for the warm welcome.

A list of the press that will be attending/covering the Awards Ceremony:
G1, IDGNow!, O Globo,, Reuters, Brasil Econômico, Revista America Economia, Folha de S. Paulo, TechGuru, ConteúdoNerd, Startupi e Revista IstoÉ Dinheiro.

Looking forward to meet all these great companies, their founders and investors! See you at TNW Brazil Startup Awards! 

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I wrote this
+Alex Wilhelm's take on the great, late Christoper Hitchens.


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I never had the opportunity to meet him, but through his words over the years, I feel I got to know him. Christoper Hitchens: author, public speaker, champion for the weak, and a hero. Rest well. 

Coming here makes it feel like Google bought FriendFeed, and not Facebook.

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TNW is now on Google+ - You know what to do:

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Coming soon to TNW.
With us posting 50+ posts a day, this should be helpful no? :)

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It brings me enormous pleasure to welcome on board Mr +Brett Petersel as Director of Business Development at The Next Web!!

Absolutely delighted to have him.

You can follow him on G+ above on on twitter here:

To the future.

(*note:* moustache is not real, I drew it on because i thought it would suit him…BUT it is a condition of his contract that i think he might have missed so expect to see it on him for real soon.(

I am in 11,111 circles, but only have 9,900 Twitter followers. The world is cruel.
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