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Google Voice transcription is one of my favorite features of Google Voice. It makes it easy to read my messages quickly, but sometimes, they're unintentionally hilarious. So, this week we're launching a project to make voicemail transcriptions more useful and accurate for users, and we need your help.

When you log in to Google Voice on the web, we will ask you if you would be willing to anonymously share your voicemail messages to make transcription better. If you accept, your messages will be analyzed only by automated systems. This is completely optional and you can change your settings at any time.

The more people who help, the better we'll be able to make transcription quality for you! 
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I'll help out. I'm also glad to hear Voice is getting some attention :)
I thought this already existed? Or was that just the ability to submit individual messages?
Johnny C
done! Now just between you and me, is GV getting rolled into Hangouts? :)
If it's just machine analysis, how is it different from whatever "machine" is doing the transcription already?
All messages or just new ones after the opt-in?
+Richard Lawler You could donate individual messages, but this is to enable all of your messages (but only for an automated machine analysis)
Question: I've been doing this with individual messages for some time now, is this different?
I'd be more than willing to if you'd just release voice in Australia
Thank you for your work on Google Voice! As a GV user since 7/14/09 it has been quite a ride. I'll miss my Gargle Voice Foistmails.
+Alex Wiesen my life is so lonely without group texts and picture messages. Is Google voice ever going to be brought into the 21st century or should I give up? 
Setting it up now. Happy to help. Voice user since Grand Central days..
+Matt Gross I've used nothing but my GV number for personal and business for 5+ years, but I finally starting giving up b/c of group and pictures last month. I was waiting for i/o to go "all out" just in case something was announced.

Using Hangouts for group txt and mms is like a dream compared to the GV app. I still appreciate the service and will use it as a business number.
+Jeremy Couch I don't know when I will reach that point. My provider does not support porting so I'm going to lose my number I've used for 5 years but I don't have a choice. I thought we were supposed to get integration 1st quarter of 2014, but it seems like nobody is working on it. 
So about that voice --> hangouts integration...
I remember making fun of Apple users for how long it took to get MMS. Now I just sigh while they enjoy Imessage which is really nice and I'm just sitting here with a forgotten Google voice. 
+Thomas Tenkely This is a single opt-in of all of your voicemail messages -- but only for machine analysis. So it's more of your data, but it's anonymized and only computers analyze it.
Sounds like last preparations for merger release update hangouts and voice.
Even if you guys don't merge voice and hangouts, it would be nice to have feature parity with the Google Voice app on iOS. 
Hey did you hear about Elon Musk making all of Tesla's patents free to use? Why don't you do the same for your voice recognition and transcription algorithms? Google won't lose any revenue, since we still need Google for the query interpretation and search aspect. You stand to gain by improvements to the algorithms and the fact that more devices can implement voice recognition. Seriously .. please consider it. Thanks!
Until Google integrates GV with Hangouts, folks might check out Cyanogenmod, which has a Voice+ app that routes SMS traffic through GV. ( In recent CM builds, this is cooked into the OS, not a separate app.

I've been using it for 6 months or so and it is terrific. I'd rather just have Android do this natively, but since it cuts into the carrier's profits, I won't be holding my breath.
Yes please; GV transcription is pretty much useless for me. (A friend of mine named "Chuck Lee" always ends up with his name transcribed as "Truck Lady". At least he got a new nickname out of it...)
+Alex Wiesen Google Voice ==> Hangouts integration? Why is everyone (+Nikhyl Singhal) mum on it after multiple failed deadlines? It's the worst way to treat your most loyal users. And then one of you wakes up to 'ask for more' :-S
+Alex Wiesen Is the other system used to transcribe them more accurately the same system that powers Google Now? That one is way, way more accurate, it seems.
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