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When I'm travelling I like to call my family from the Google Voice website on my laptop, but without a phone handy, it's a little hard to use. To make things easier, we've just added Hangouts as an option when making calls from the web. It works even if you aren't using Hangouts in Gmail, and doesn't require a Google+ account. Try it the next time you place a call from the Google Voice website -- I think it's a much easier way to keep in touch with people.
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Any word on moving more of gv in hangouts? 
It loads the hangouts window and after a while asks me to install the hangouts plugin, even though I already have it installed. 😟
Oh I see. But now there are two options: Google talk and Hangouts. That's redundantly redundant. 

+Daniel Cook we're all waiting on that . Pretty much every hangouts post will have complaints about it :D . Google doesn't provide ETAs

+Abhilash Bingi try to restart chrome. Also the new dev builds do not require the plugin so that's going away.
Hope to see this on Android soon, as well as MMS functionality in Google Voice.
Any word on full MMS support for all networks?  Been waiting like 4 years for that.......
I am pleased with the progress in my favorite Google product.
+Victor Lopez You can actually open a Hangouts call in Chrome on Android to make a call. It's a pain, but it works.

+Torben Gundtofte-Bruun I doubt it ever will. Google Voice is expensive to run. Google has to pay a few cents for every single text message sent/received and monthly just for you to keep your phone number. Connecting to the out-dated PSTN is not cheap.
+Mehdi Krit Having both Google Talk and Hangouts listed is not redundant - as +tobby o pointed out, the Google Talk option no longer works (if you've replaced Talk w/ Hangouts). I've been using the call feature in Hangouts inside of Gmail since making the switch, but having it on the Google Voice page is definitely a bit more convenient.
So it seems people can use Hangouts to make a 'phone call' without needing a Google+ account, is that what we have here? If they try to turn it into a video call (if that is even an option) can we safely assume that a google plus account is required?
Called my cell from GV site. I can hear my cell phone in Hangouts, but can't hear hangouts voice in cell phone. Might be a hardware issue for me. Otherwise very cool!
Well, until the quality of calls (skips and pauses/breakup) using Hangouts is better and the speed of connecting to incoming calls/answering them before they go to voicemail is FIXED - I will still be using the old Google calls widget in Gmail. Not sure yet about mobile. Purchasing new phone soon, so will wait.
What +Jake Wilson said x100.   #sorryfortrolling  but at this point we are aging quickly.   #GoogleVoice  
Pretty much the one and only thing I care about is MMS (since the rest of the world still uses it), and I'm still waiting.  Hard to tell people how great Google services are when I miss something as simple as a group text message.
I noticed phone calls option in Hangout in iOS, but its not in Android why?
I will never understand why Google fails to see the benefit of GVoice.

I've used it for years and it's enabled me (less and less so more recently because they don't update it) to import my age old cell number into GVoice and essentially switch between land lines, onstar, cell phones, work phone, you name it seamlessly.

And the problem is ever increasingly Android.

Take android wear for instance. Your own platform, your own service, and still no Wear support. So when I want to send a voice activated text/response I'm SOL and have to use the cell number (and plan, more irritatingly, as it means I have to pay for text messaging on it) powering the phone as opposed to GVoice.

Making a call isn't quite so bad as the phone seems to be the one handling that request (oddly the phone handles calling providers but the watch handles text providers...?).

I would GLADLY pay for GVoice it is that insanely useful. But despite a sizeable base of very engaged users Google seems content to just let it waste away. Even though after all this time there STILL is not a real competitor.
why does the google voice page  still exist? why not just incorporate it into gmail instead of forwarding messages?
Also if could get some love some day that'd be sweet :D
+Jake Wilson I talked to a Google employee who said that there's still some carriers who refuse to send them the MMS data. He did not say which one(s). 
When I travel I use my smartphone more than laptop.. I am sure so do you 😊. When would this be available on Hangouts app? 
I guess the new functionality here is being able to make a call without the plugin? I've been making calls from the Hangouts Chrome app for a while (without a GV account).
Glad to see that Hangouts is slowly getting more features from GV!
does this allow for international calls as well?
Why has it taken so long to add voice calling on Android though?

And why kill third party voice calling using GV on Android without providing an alternative?

I'm unable to make phone calls on my Android tablet anymore. 😭

Even GV on iOS has voice calling. This one is a head scratcher.
T-Mobile USA bounces MMSes sent to Google Voice numbers. On the phone, the message sending will appear to mysteriously fail.

However, T-Mobile does deliver inbound MMSes (by using the text-to-email and replying with an attached picture), but the message shows as <phonenumber> and not just the phone number. This inherently breaks SMS/MMS threading.
Will the google voice chrome extension be updated to allow hangouts to be selected when making calls?
The easiest way to keep in touch with people is with FaceTime ....
+Klaus Schulz as much as it sucks to hear that, that's actually true. You can't exactly start a Hangouts video chat from a running phone call. Hangouts is extremely difficult to use compared to Facetime.
The other fruitcake variety is mobile skype. I've watched the World Cup with friends in Europe from a Vegas sportsbar. Using FaceTime and Skype and wishing, I can just start a video hangout with gvoice mobile.
+Bobbi Jo Woods  said  "until Hangouts call quality is better and the SPEED OF CONNECTING to incoming calls/answering them before they go to voicemail is FIXED - I will still be using the old Google calls widget in Gmail."     I have to agree, I really like using Google Voice in gMail, it is so simple and quick.  Have tried Hangouts and it has a real delay in getting me to live voice after clicking Answer.
I love where Google is going with the whole voice thing, but is terribly confusing right now to 90% of users as to what is happening when, where and what configuration is needed.  A few simple diagrams would go a long way in showing "when to hangout" vs "when to gVoice" vs "when to use gTalk".
I wish everything was handled from Google Voice page itself. If we use google talk option we need to have gmail open. 
Thank you for this service that should never be mothballed!  gV rocks!
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It's been years since Google acquired and extinguished Gizmo5 which enabled dead simple SIP connectivity for Google Voice, and yet that functionality was never revived (and it should have never been killed off). Even more upsetting is the lack of even more basic functionality: MMS. I have no idea how many messages or group texts I have missed because of this. Why aren't there any updates around this?
The best way around this, is to hook up to one of the many SIP trunking companies in europe, get an account and put $10 in it, and then call back to any number and receive to any number, using SIP routing in your home router....
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Yes, I am all set with that, but that's a huge barrier for 99% of users. The fact that Google acquired that service and extinguished it is just like a classic monopolistic Microsoft tactic.

And there is nothing that will solve the lack of MMS support before Google implements it.
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