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Last week +Nikhyl Singhal  announced MMS support is coming to Google Voice. We're happy to announce this week another step towards improving MMS support for Google Voice. T-Mobile has allowed MMS messages from their users to be sent to Google Voice users. Similar to MMS messages from Sprint users, these messages will appear in Gmail, and you can be notified of the message via SMS. We continue to work with other carriers to broaden support for messaging and bring MMS to Hangouts. More good things are coming!
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Awesome!! Thank-you T-Mobile and the Voice team. 
Does this mean Solavei users will also be able to send MMS to GV users since they use the same network?
Johnny C
+AT&T please, please, please make this happen!
Does this include Metropcs customers as well?
Great news.  Can't wait until you're able to wrestle AT&T and Verizon into submission. 
so does this mean Google Voice integration with the Hangouts app for T-Mobile? +Nikhyl Singhal said that the update to Hangouts app from last week only works with Sprint users...
I'm really hoping Verizon will support MMS to Google Voice but I'm not holding my breath. 
As +Eddie Rivera said, will we be able to receive SMS and MMS to our GV number through Hangouts? Thanks for working hard on this and listening to feedback. :)
So the message has to come from a T-mobile user, in addition to the recipient (me) being on T-mobile? Just so I know which of my friends to tell! Thanks guys!
I just tried sending a MMS to myself (from my iPhone to my Gvoice). All I got was a message saying "MMS Received" but no picture… help?
+Eddie Rivera I had someone use their T-Mobile phone to send a picture to my gv number and I received it in my gmail inbox, not sure about sending it yet
+Gary Singh got it. this isn't quite the news i was expecting... was definitely expecting me as a Tmo user to be able to send MMS from my GVoice #
+Michael Bond or anyone else.

Help me get straight because I cannot find a clear answer anywhere.

MMS works if going from T-Mobile to T-Mobile only
Hangouts v2 (on Nexus 5) does not integrate with GV (on T-mobile)

MMS works both directions regardless of the other user's carrier
Handout v2 works with GV

Everyone else:
Nothing works
I recieved the notification message but no message in gmail with the test image...
can someone explain why google voice needs to partner with carriers to receive MMS? What stops them from receiving the pictures sent from Verizon or AT&T?
+Nate Crawford I looked into that a while back when i first went all in with GV(Google Voice). Basically, GV uses web communication standards (i.e. email) while phone companies use a old standard (SMS). On top of that MMS is a hacked together version of SMS. 

Cellular companies need to invest money into their infrastructure in order to communicate MMS information to "the internet". Google has been trying to get them to do just that for years now.
+Amos Lim Thats what it will always do... the picture will be sent to your email as an attachment. This is probably just the first step and then once all carriers get onboard, hangouts integration will make it more seamless.
So I can send MMS from my T-Mobile number to my GV number, but apparently not the other way around (yet?).
Seriously, Google, who cares? It's 2013, anyone still using MMS clearly doesn't have a clue. This is such a useless feature. With Google Voice currently lacking in so many areas, to see you focusing on this is very disturbing.
Uh.... +Ryan Hayle. MMS integration is one of the most requested features. So to answer your question, almost everyone.
Very happy that progress is being made! I absolutely love Google Voice, and I'm so glad to see it's getting the development attention it deserves!
+Derek Rodriguez Maybe by the third-world rapists in India, but the rest of us actually have data plans and send photos via a plethora of much more efficient means... Go back to your fax machine!
+Ryan Hayle Are you drunk or just plain dumb? MMS is a widely used method of communication for the majority of smartphone users. Also, Google Voice is not available outside of the US, so're dumb.
+Derek Rodriguez Nice comeback, buddy. I can't compete with the "you're dumb" argument. You win, enjoy sending your MMS messages for the rest of your life. 
+Ryan Hayle MMS has made a bit of a resurgence as multi user SMS apps tend to send the data over MMS (to preserve the 160 char limit I assume).  The worst part is that neither party knows the message has failed - it just falls into the void.
+Jake Lewis That's certainly a valid problem, and there are countless valid solutions to it. Why try to maintain compatibility with it when it's on its way out anyway?
What I'd like to see is the Hangouts extension for my Windows computer receive the same SMS/MMS messages my #Nexus5 is receiving via the Hangouts app.
+Cory AMay That's the same Google Voice integration we've all been waiting for!
I just received an MMS Received message and I was shocked... My wife sent the message to my google voice and previously with ATT it didnt work but it does now that we switched to T-Mobile.. Now if T-Mobile could only figure out how to get group messaging to work the correct way.
+Ryan Kirk You received it normally, or as an email? I've been able to get them as emails for a while.
+Ryan Hayle I still just want to get it on my PC Hangouts. Couldn't they design a forwarding system that my phone passes the messages to the Hangouts server?
+Ryan Hayle  it went to my email. It may have been working for a while but it was never tested. She did it on accident as previously it did not work on AT&T. As for the group messaging fix, I've switched to Google hangouts app and using it for SMS messages and I can now send and receive group messages correctly.
I'm a T-Mobile user, and MMS picture messages definitely do NOT work. You guys are so full of it.
+Crates McD If T-Mobile users send MMS picture messages to your GV number, you'll get them in your Gmail. Some carriers don't send the messages, so it doesn't matter which carrier you're on.
I'm a T-Mobile user, and I can't send or receive MMS to my own Google Voice number. That's my point!
It's 2014, long past time to retire MMS (and SMS for that matter) once and for all...

Unfortunately Google doesn't like this dream, having eliminated federation from Hangouts, when we were finally starting to get a messaging standard as ubiquitous as MMS!
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