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Just installed this plugin. Simple. Sweet. Awesome work +Peadig 
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Holy ... Elephant! That's amazaballs
Amazing Pencil Lead Sculpture by Anil Saxena

Please Follow ->  +Interesting Things 
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How To Use Google Webmaster Tools To Improve Your SEO
(SEO Tip Of The Day)

No matter the size or the business purpose of your website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential if you want to be found online. 

There is a good probability you already know that. What most people don't know or tend to ignore when it comes to #SEO is The Google Webmaster Tools. 

With only some basic configurations you get a lot (and I mean plenty) of technical and SEO feedback about the state of your website. 

1. Most Linked Content Report
2. Search Query Report
3. HTML Improvements
4. International Targeting name a few

In simple words, this wonderful  tool helps you to see your website as Google sees it and make adjustments accordingly. 

Some articles to get you started:

Mobile Usability Feature in Webmaster Tools (or the new mobile reality) by Omi Sido 

How To Use Google Webmaster Tools To Improve Your SEO via +Adam Jones - the inspiration for this SEO Tip Of The Day

How To Identify A Mobile Rankings Demotion Using The New Search Impact Report in Google Webmaster Tools by +Glenn Gabe  (via +William Rock)

Mammoth Guide to Webmaster Tools for SEO by +Silicon Beach Training (via +Mark Traphagen "A Truly Complete Guide to Google Webmaster Tools")

Google Webmaster Tools: Search Traffic by +Michiel Heijmans (via +Tihomir Petrov)

Manual de Google Webmaster Tools via +Sergio Redondo (we do care about the spanish community :-) )

Now like +David Amerland (SEO Help: 20 Semantic Search Steps that Will Help Your Business Grow - may say "Saturdays are for coffee, long reads, deep thoughts and the sugar-fuelled mental connections that only good donuts, croissants and cookies can supply."

Have a lovely weekend guys.

#seo   #seotips  
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Alex Whalley

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Just because 😁
#VR4 #mitsubishi #Legnum
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Alex Whalley

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Easy question (maybe)

Why do some accounts have less than 100 followers but over 2 million views whilst others (mine to be exact) have over 2000 followers but haven't even topped the million mark yet?

Is the answer the obvious one or is there some trick to getting more views without necessarily being followed - or does my following to view ratio simply demonstrate a better ability to engage and stay relevant?

Thanks in advance.
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agreed +Kamal Tailor - thanks for the value add my friend
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Alex Whalley

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if this is anything like the comparison of Google Maps to Apple Maps then.... HELL YES!!! Can't wait

#GoogleCalendar #GoogleforiPhone 
Google Calendar launches for iPhone


Not that I have an iPhone, but those of you who do might be happy campers.

You can download the new app now directly from Apple’s App Store.

#marketingnews   #iphoneapp  


More marketing news:
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Alex Whalley

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Grab a copy today!
Slowly by surely
The Content Warfare book is making its way up the rankings.

Tonight we find ourselves #10 in Business Writing on Amazon. I'll take it... now for more.

Get your own copy of the most amazing book ever written in history right here:

#contentwarfare   #selfpublishing   #writing   #author  
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Alex Whalley

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Paid Search Reveals Audience Intent for Display Advertisers

One of the most powerful of these techniques is the use of audience signals from paid search in display advertising. These signals deliver—in real time—actual indications of consumers’ intent that are based on their engagement with paid search ads.

Research from Boston Consulting Group shows display retargeting from paid search delivers a 40% reduction in CPA. Read more at:
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Alex Whalley

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BAHAHAHAHAHA its "who's on first" for the modern age
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All the old jokes put together with style.
Brilliant posting!
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Alex Whalley

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10 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2015

#SocialMedia is constantly evolving by the week, day, hour, minute, and second. That is why it is crucial to monitor trends in #SMM to stay on top of the game and deliver a great marketing strategy. Your efforts will be rewarded with #business success!

Pin it for later:

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Alex Whalley

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Free YouTube course from YouTube by YouTube Creators: Separate fan-building fiction from fact with the Creator Academy boot camp

That's a lot of 'YouTube' right there, isn't it? And that's a good thing if you are looking to increase your YouTube presence, fan base, and engagement.

There’s no gym clothes or push-ups: it’s a free online course made up of lessons from top creators and YouTube experts, running March 16-27, 2015.

This course will teach you how to:

♨ Develop a strong connection with your viewers in order to build a loyal community of fans 
♨ Understand who your audience is and what they like, so that you can think about videos that appeal to them
♨ Broaden your fanbase and extend your reach beyond YouTube with social media, blogs, and other communities 
♨ Use YouTube Analytics to your advantage in building your subscriber base.

More about the academy:
To sign up in English:
To sign up in other languages:

Looks like a great resource to increase your YouTube presence and effectiveness!

#youtubemarketing   #marketingnews   #videomarketing  

More marketing news:
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thanks +Ana Hoffman - That was Elsa when she was a month old. (She's 10 now so its a rather old image LOL)
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Alex Whalley

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Complete Google+ Checklist! (INFOGRAPHIC)
This really will blow you socks off. The complete list is below, and on the cosmic infographic too...
Read on...
Type of account
Have you made the decision whether to have a Google Apps account?
If you are a business, you may well want to consider a paid account.

Do you have a clear head shot for your profile image? (essential if looking at Google authorship)
And have you tagged that picture with your name?
Do you have an engaging/professional Google+ cover photo? (this will help people relate to you)
Do you have an interesting Google+ ‘About Section’?
Do you have all the websites you are a ‘contributor to’ listed?
Do you have links back from those sites to your profile?

Custom URL
You can choose to accept your offered custom URL or to not accept it?

Is your content displaying ‘well’? (i.e.  think of this like a ‘business card’ as +Stephan Hovnanian calls it).
Do you have a compelling tagline?
Is it giving the ‘right’ impression you want to make?

Have you set up G+ page in your company name/brand? And have you decided if ‘Local’ or ‘Social’ type of Page?
Have you linked it to your website?
Have you request the postcard to verify your physical location?
Have you set up managers on the page?
Are you tracking click throughs on posts and conversions?

This really depends on the person/business.
Are you posting regularly during the day/night?
Are you using hashtags? (these can help set the context of a post, as well as help it to be found later on)
Are you re-sharing other people’s others? (For Profiles, +Guy Kawasaki suggests 80:20 ‘them to you’ as a good rule of thumb)
Do you have a content plan? 
Do you understand how Google+ relates to Google Search? Are you leveraging this in your niche?

Do you have a good ratio of people who you have circled vs. those who have you in circles?
Are you connecting with new people each week? 
Do you have an approach to organizing your circles?
Do you do a Spring Clean once in a while? ( is great for this!) 
Do you focus on the people who are engaging with you? Do you add them to engager/evangelist circles?

Are you building a community around you?
Do you know your brand evangelists?
Are you belonging to communities which are enhancing your life and business?

Do you have a Google+ Profile badge on your site?
If you have a Google+ Page have you added the badge?
If you run a Google+ Community have you added this badge as well?
(Search for: ‘Google+ badges’)
Are they prominently displayed and getting you more connections?
Have you checked that Google Rel=Publisher mark up is working? 
(Search for: ‘Google structured data testing tool’ to check)
Have you added the social sharing buttons, including Google+, to your website blog posts?
(This makes it a lot easier for people to share your content.)

If you are a business...
Are you using Google Adwords alongside Google+?
(Think about using ‘re-marketing’ for visitors to your site.)

Have you aligned your Google+ profile/username to your YouTube channel?

Hope you found this list of my standard questions when I work with people on setting up Google+ out of this world!

#googleplusforbusiness   #socialmediamarketing   #googleplustips  
If you are looking for a consultant to help you with social media then this post will help you skyrocket on Google+
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Specializing in the Customer Journey, from Acquisition to Conversion.

I'll get back to blogging... as soon as I stop engaging here on Google+!

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Mother always told me if you cant say anything nice then just give a one star review and leave it at that ;)
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Corporate Greed and the lack of humanity in business shine through like a beacon of corruption here at Ray White Turramurra. Don't ever rent through these creeps - unless you like your life being made agonising for the next 6 months. If you've got a house to sell they are great - but if there isn't anything substantial in it for them then run.... run far far away.
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Malcolm works with his customers to resolve all issues and provide the beset service possible
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5 reviews
Excellent service, even more impressive product
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Really fantastic team with a family friendly atmosphere that makes the buying experience enjoyable. I wouldn't buy my Jeep, Chrysler or Dodge from anyone else!
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