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Search the World (or Your Backyard) on Google+
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Today, we are introducing a new feature that lets you filter Google+ search results by location. On a search results page, select the “From Everywhere” menu, and enter the city or zip code you’re interested in. This way, you can view sunsets from Maui, football in Green Bay, or traffic in London. For posts to appear in location-filtered search results, users must have explicitly added a location to their post, either from desktop or mobile.
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Very cool! I look forward to trying out this feature :)
I request a search box similar to google news or gmail
Thanks, this makes google+ massively more useful.
Hurray! The basic Google Buzz feature is back! +1
what's this ? It just like a penis!
Alex, I made a quick mockup ( showing a way to make this new feature look better with the existing filters, and also to allow saved locations.
Also, I agree. A search box akin to the one in Gmail would be nice.
I love the concept but there is something missing. By default our posts don't have any location data attached to them. It would be cool if by default it was. However I KNOW tons of people would freak out so instead of having the exact location why not use city/state by default and allow people to either remove it or make the location more exact. Without adding something like this I don't think location based posts will take off here. Facebook had already taken these steps a while ago (I'm by no means a facebook fan boy just something I noticed that I wish G+ had)
Nice.. Agree with Chris a lot of posts don't have any location data though... Can we have localised trends as well please? Lists of american 'celebs' and sportsmen noone outside the US has heard of serves little purpose...
My problem with location data is that 99% of the time, my location is not correct. I show up in a different country, even.
Is there a way to correct the automagically detected location ?
+Frederik De Buck my location is always pretty accurate. But if they made my suggestion an option it would work out. I believe they use IP to figure out location so if you are a special case then it's probably not going to be right. With those cases you'd be able to turn it off by default and add it only if the location was accurate.
also, it accepts "uk","england" or "california" as acceptable locations but doesn't actually seem to give any results for anything larger than a city? Country-wide searches will definitely be handy. Then we can talk about our X Factor without getting mixed up with your X Factor ;)
Sean S
I'd like to be able to discover posts nearby but not everyone adds a location when posting from a desktop computer. There should be a setting to enable/disable Google to record location data automatically but without the location being displayed to the public. The location recorded could be vague such as zip code.
Alternatively, in the "About me" section, under Places Lived, there could be a field for place currently living, and this information can be used to yield results for nearby posts.
Sean S
I'd like to be able to see all posts nearby without having to type a search term.
I am looking forward to trying out this feature
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