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Starting Conversations from Search Results
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Today we're introducing a new feature that lets you share directly from Google+ search results, and contribute to a topical Google+ stream. For example, if you search for basketball and then want to make a post about how your favorite team or player is doing, you can share right from the search results.

Just look for the sharebox after searching on Google+, and you'll see an opportunity to "join the discussion" about whatever you've searched for.

When you post from the search results page, it automatically includes a link back to the original search stream. This way others can join the active conversation as it unfolds.
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Hi +Alex Unger.

It's great to be able to post about a topic right from its stream, but I (and some more folks who +1'd my comment on another thread) would like a way to share a post to that stream without forcing it on our followers' streams.

For example, it would be cool to let us leave the share box empty when posting to a topic, so that our post will still be visible to people searching for that topic but all our followers won't have to see it.

This could be useful to post e.g. about local news that might be of great interest in your vicinity, but followers from other countries might find bothersome to read.

Please think about it.
too bad that if I join the conversation everybody who have circled me will get the post in their stream ! That's facebook-spam like
+David Prieto we are on the same wavelength here, I hope G+ will listen to us (and others) and make these changes.
Cool. When I do a Google+ search for "is hanging out" (with the quotes) it shows a stream of people starting hangouts.
I (and others) second +Marcin Ciszewicz.
You should not spam your followers' streams with random posts about random topics (that they might not be interested in).

My idea would be a checkbox in the sharing box at the search page.
Like: "Show this post only in the search, not on my profile/ in others streams)."
I'll second all the opinions expressed about wanting to be able to share publicly, but also be able to choose to not send the post to the stream of various circles. For example, if I'm at a concert or a football game or whatever, I may want to post publicly so I could interact with other people also at the game/concert. But I know that a lot of people in my circles aren't there, and wouldn't care. They could see the posts if they went directly to my profile, but wouldn't have them clogging the stream. There is a difference between what I want people to be able to see and what I wanted pushed out to the stream of people in various circles. It is about keeping posts relevant to the audience. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

If I want to post or to share something there must be an option "exclude my circleRs". So if I post or share it "public" everyone can see the post and find it with a #hashtag but it comes not automatically in the stream of my followers if I use the option "exclude my circleRs" in combination with "public".

+Charles Carrigan suggest a finer classification of excluding circles/circleRs, but from my point the option to "exclude my circleRs" is ok and works easy.

+Thorben Groth Thanks for the correction. I edited this comment because of misspelling...
+Frank Schulz it should be called "exclude my circleRs" since those are the people that would see your post in their streams and not the people that you have circled (if they added you back, they count towards your cirlceRs).
This could have a major pay off and turn google+ into more than just a tech geek gathering.
Hmmmmm. Wouldn't that have a much bigger impact if it were added to Google regular search results, or at least Your World?
it's probably a start headed in that direction.
how is this different from just adding a hashtag?
It's not really any different, other than the tag appears outside the body of the post.
+Karás Hernández let me explain. Imagine there's half a thousand people following you, from all over the World. One day something happens in your town, that is important for your town. However, people from other countries won't find it important at all. For them, it's just noise.

Do you think such a situation is feasible? Well, now imagine that you want to write a post about that thing that took place, and want to make it public so that anyone can see it in the Nearby stream, on their mobiles, but you don't want to force it on your followers' streams because, as we said, it's just noise for them.

How do you do it?
+David Prieto ACK what you mean and make an addition in other words.
+Karás Hernández "off topic" describes the situation:
Followers usually circle someone because off the postings are "in topics" they are interested, that is the normal case.
If you want to post something "off topic" it will be ok to do it not in their stream... so an excluding function makes sense...
Because the post is "public" it is not hidden.
If you post it privately it won't appear on the Nearby stream, so please, would you answer the question: how do you do it?

You can't do it, can you? Well, that's the reason why we want the option to post publicly, so that anyone interested can find, read and comment our post, but without forcing it on our followers. Because we're aware that they may all not be interested.

You may agree, you may disagree. But you can't say you don't understand the reason or that "it doesn't make any sense".
+Karás Hernández I agree that a "Page" must be in topic and should not have the function for excluding followers from postings.
A "Profile" is mostly not specialized in one topic and the topics varying.
+Karás Hernández first off, your followers muting you is not in your hands. So no, you didn't state how you would do it.

Second, your followers can't mute your posts based on topic. If they mute you they will miss all your posts, not just the ones that don't interest them. That's kind of a nuclear solution, and the whole point of keeping irrelevant posts off their stream is precisely that they won't grow tired of your nonsense and decide to mute you.

Third, you're not hiding the post. It's still public, they're still able to see it if they search for that topic or visit your profile. It's just off their stream.

Fourth, Google is already hiding (as, in not showing them in your stream) public posts from people in your circles. That's what the whole volume selector does. So the concept of a public post that doesn't reach your stream is already here and being used.

Again, you don't agree? Fine with me. Just don't tell us it doesn't make sense because you don't like it.
But you would be able to make that decision! (checkbox?)
And i don't want to be put in a "low level circle" because chances are, i'll stay in it forever.
Dude, you really do not understand what the volume feature does or how it works.

I think this conversation is getting old fast and you probably feel the same, so let's leave it here shall we?
+David Prieto ACK
+Karás Hernández
I agree with 1rst
for 2nd, 3rd, 4rth I give you one explanation more:
Freedom of speech:
Freedom of speech should be regardless of looking if your opinion and posts are "in topic" of your circlers. A "profile" should have the right to publish/post "public" but not to irritate his followers incoming stream.
I come from Germany, if I post something in Germany and do that in a "Germany Circle" it only appears in that circle and is not visible for "public"...
the volume slider does hide things!
not showing all posts = hiding some of them!

so you are saying, that the author doesn't know what kind of content his/her followers want to see from him/her, right?
and therefore, he/she should just give it a try and throw it out there.
is that correct?

if your followers want to find out more about you, they are going to visit your profile, where the post would still show up!
so actually you, as a follower, still have the power. all our suggested "do not show this post in my follower's stream (unless they posted about this topic before, too)"-checkbox would do, is not force it down their throats via their stream.
+Karás Hernández Your Question: "How do you know it will irritate your followers incoming stream? ..."

Nobody knows the interests exactly from his followers. From this point it is the thinking of +Thorben Groth and me that a "public" post will readable for all and if a "Profile" excluding his followers from getting this "public" post in their stream it is only a part of friendly communication.
But it would also cause confusion if you were, let's say a famous photographer whom people follow in order to see your pictures /art. and all of a sudden, you start posting about a local story that they just are not interested in.

that problem isn't new though. encouraging people to post about the topics that you searched for just makes it worse.
we need channels! or public circles!
subscribe to posts tagged with #photography only, in our case for example.
+Karás Hernández good points in your comment. I agree with you in some opinions, but if I post "public" I dont exclude someone... think about

+Thorben Groth good example. But for me there must be no big changes in circle system. An option: "excluding followers/circleRs stream" will be ok if posting "public".
There's a difference (in my mind) between a post which I want to be publicly accessible, and a post which I want to "push" onto other people. For example, if I write a little article about computer programming, I would want it to be indexed by Google, and available to anybody who wants to see it. But I have a lot of friends who aren't programmers. I don't want to be "pushing" or "spamming" the post into their stream when I know they have no interest.

It doesn't seem like such a feature would be that confusing. It could be as simple as, if you make a post public, but you also specify circles, then only "push" the post into the streams of those people in the circles.
+Thomas Albright have you seen the mockups I linked above? Would you find that OK?

Basically, the "Public" chip would have a "don't spam the streams" checkbox which would result in the behaviour you're asking for.
+Thomas Albright thats another good example with "in topic" or "of topic"
+Karás Hernández "public" is for all, excluding "Followers" in a public post is not so bad then posting the same post only for a small group of People in Profils special circles.... The circles concept based mainly on interest groups, not only for grouping people...
+Karás Hernández thank you for your patience. I think it was constructive commenting. Google+ is for all people, from average joe to geeks, 100% Social but mostly "topic" circled. They all have different interests. Thats the main reason why not all "public" posting must come up in followers streams...

Pages should be more "in topic" as Profiles, excluding followers from public post should not be allowed for pages.
+Karás Hernández I know people can filter out the things I post if they want to, by turning down the volume on my circle, or ignoring or muting me. But I think that is exactly what those of us suggesting the feature want to avoid. We don't want to have other people turn down the volume coming from us, just because we post a bunch of stuff that would be of no interest to them, and therefore cause them to miss something from use that would be of interest to them. Google may try its best with the volume slider to try and figure that out, but an algorithm can only go so far. That's one of the main benefits of a social network: we are smart human beings who know which of our friends are interested in which things.

Over the past couple of years, some people have starting ditching RSS feeds, which generally have a ton of stuff you're not interested in, for the slightly "smarter" suggestions of friends on Twitter & other social networks. If you follow someone on Twitter who has the same interests as you, you are probably going to have more interesting things to read than with a straight RSS feed. This is just the next step in that direction. More "signal", less "noise", thanks to smart, thoughtful human beings who probably already know what you consider to be noise.
+Karás Hernández Well, Circles IS the way to do that. I'm sure many people do put people into circles based on their interests. The problem is, now that Google is indexing public posts, if you want a post to get indexed, you can't limit it to your circles. So yeah, I think what we're after here is a way to post only to specific circles, yet still have the post be publicly accessible so that it can be indexed by search engines and visited by people who may not even have a Google+ account.
I don't get it.  What's changed from before?
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